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Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Rate Demand Book HRC 00202 1942
Apiti Pound Registers MDC 00398 1936
Kairanga County Council Building Permit Applications PNCC K3/17/5 1973
Application Forms for licence to Store Dangerous Goods TDC 00158 1974
Applications for Motor Driver's Licences RUA 00026 1985
Applications for Motor Drivers Licenses RDC 00159 1964
Applications for Registration of Premises TDC 00156 1965
Appreciation from the NZ Returned Soldiers Association to The Mayor, Borough Councillors and Citizens of Pahiatua TDC 00627 1937
Aramoho Cemetery Transcriptions, Cremation Records, Sexton's Records, Grave Plots Sold and Cashbooks. WDC 00436 1988
Aramoho Motor Camp Registers WDC 00133 1953
Ian Matheson City Archives Management Files PNCC 00075
Army, Navy and Air Force Committee PNCC 11/12/1 1947
Artefacts created for County Centennial HDC 00247 1985
Ashhurst Cemetery Account Forms PNCC O3/16/12 1980
Ashhurst Cemetery Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/10 1969
Ashhurst Cemetery Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/9 1973
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Cash Books PNCC O3/16/4 1974
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Minutes PNCC O3/16/1 1972
Ashhurst Cemetery Warrant Book. PNCC O3/16/16 1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee General Correspondence PNCC O3/20/2 1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee Inward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/4 1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Minutes PNCC O3/20/1 1974
Ashhurst County Town Committee Outward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/5 1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Subject Files PNCC O3/20/3 1970
Ashhurst District Community Council Agendas PNCC O3/21/1 1989
Ashhurst Domain and Cemetery Board Correspondence PNCC O3/16/3 1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Annual Reports PNCC O3/16/6 1974
Ashhurst Domain Board Cash Books PNCC O3/16/5 1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/11 1976
Ashhurst Domain Board Minutes PNCC O3/16/2 1972
Ashhurst Domain Board Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/8 1974
Ashhurst Domain Management Committee Agendas PNCC O3/16/20 1989
Asset Management Plans PNCC 00088
Assets Register TDC 00439 1990
At Your Service Booklets WDC 00385 2002
Audited Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets TDC 00037 1989
Audited Balance Sheets HDC 00330 1955
Audited Statement of Accounts [Balance Sheets] RUA 00052 1979
Avenue Cemetery, Interment Warrants HDC 00275 1989
Awahuri Hall Society Correspondence Files MDC 00452 1984
Awards, Industrial Agreements and Employment Contracts PNCC 00031 1991
Aerial Photographs of Manawatu County Townships MDC 00490 1972-02-17
Aerial Photographs, Contact Prints for Survey SN11757, Mangatainoka River HRC 00418 1990
Aerial Photographs, Contact Prints for Survey SN12070, Lower Manawatu River HRC 00322 1993
Aerial Photographs, Contact Prints for Survey SN179, Manawatu River HRC 00423 1941
Aerial Photographs, Contact Prints for Survey SN3572, Kapiti Island HRC 00442
Aerial Photographs, Contact Prints for Survey SN79, Raurimu Spiral HRC 00434
Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous Taumarunui County Prints RUA 00141 1969-04-17
Aerial Photographs, Mosaic Of Pohangina River HRC 00379
Aerial Photographs, Mosaic of Taumarunui Borough RUA 00135 1949-10-04