Woodville Borough Council, index to minute books

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This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

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Abandoned Lands Transfer of resignation of land to Mrs Jones presented again for signature etc; Transfer of Borough land to W S Lissington - exchange of right of way and sewerage rights; Tenders for abandoned land; Memorandum of transfer - W S Lissington; A K Morris to attend luncheon
Accident Compensation Commission  
Accounts - Debtors Overdue debtors list requested; No serious concern on debtors; Accounts held because of unsatisfactory work - Woodville County Council; Accounts still being held on Station Street; Keep accounts current when purchasing through Sundry Debtors; Hall Account - G Houston written off; Outstanding accounts - D D Walker - Sundry Debtors; Meeting in committee to discuss sundry debt of D D Walker; Voucher number 5959 - $34.20 of D D Walkers written off; All reference to Item 7128 to be written off; Sundry Debt outstanding for 6 months, $14.50 His Worship to approach personally; Community Centre Account - $35 to be written off
Accounts - General Works Accounts from County - breakdown etc; Mr J Byers be approached for help with accounts, also arrangements to meet Greyburn Borough Council; Tui Co-operative Dairy Co requesting to site a fuel tank on Borough Reserve; Woodville School permitted to hold a pavement drawing contest; Town Clerk recommenden introduction of an Imprest Account; Imprest Account to be set up and operate on Town Clerk's signature; Imprest Account to operate from 1 April 1980; Annual accounts be advertised in full; Town Clerk requested meeting Finance and Development Committee; Extension for Town Clerk to prepare Annual Accounts 31 March 1982; Accounts yet to be adopted by Council, Auditors letter dealt with at earlier meeting; Review of annual charges; 28c for Manawatu Auction Co to be written off; Review of annual charges
Acts and Regulations Adoption by Council of the Local Government Accounting Regulations 1979 (SR 1979/42)
Administration - General [A - B] Woodville Forest Service nursery closure; Fire Service Act 1972 - Local Authorities contributions; Closure Woodville Nursery; Unable to balance cash - Auditor asked to assist in matter; Riding of cycles on footpaths; 'Miss Woodville' Beauty Personality Contest; Centennial Committee given free use of Community Centre and permission for a stall; Public meeting - Local Government Bill; Formation of area branch of SPCA; Report sent to County outlining use of fire engine etc, contribution request; County turn down request to help pay Fire Authority expenses; Increased wage oncosts agreed to; Surveying problems and subsequent problems; County to share half of expenses - Civic Reception; Charges for Town Planning discussed; Desirability to keep log on toll calls; Protest against lack of legislation with dog problem; Cost sharing for Manawatu United Council; Oncost increase - Woodville County; Footpath resurfacing charged 20%; Complaints about office making bookings for Member of Parliament; Proposed poisoning of opossums - Ruahine State Forest; Link of cancer with fluoridation; Transporters depositing effluent - Vogel Street; New attempts to provide revenue for Local Authorities imposing surcharge on income tax; J D Watkins appointed County Engineer; Water charges unfair advantage, sewer connection charges should be based on alternatives, cemetery fees should be reviewed every two years; Library charges to be investigated; Availability charge imposed; Extraordinary Supply Agreements before implementing availability charge; Imprisonment of vandals; Invitation to visit Port of Napier; County Clerk wanting to know if Borough interested in hiring bus to Napier; Council subsidise end of term by 50%; Complaints about stock on road; N H Lanham - Queen's Service Medal; Wooden shingles for roof covering not recommended for use; Contribution towards Palmerston North Terminal Building extensions
Administration - General [C - D] Statement of ommission from County re Borough and Regionalisation; Cleaners to strip and polish office floors; World Association for celebrating year 2000 inviting representatives; Sign posting could assist in controlling speeding traffic; End of year dinner; Woodville County Election; End of year dinner with County; Complaint Ramage/Skinner - Ramage going to prosecute Council because Council will not prosecute Skinner; Mrs G Jones given permission to graze east side of Tay Street; Woodville County advising the resignation of C A Fountain, new chairman V S Cammock and deputy J P O'Neil; Council to retain records of the Woodville former fire authority; Subdivision Pt Lot 1 D P 3022 for R B Hayne approved; End of year dinner; Invitation to social evening - Woodville Club; Congratulations to T O Mitchell on birth of daughter; Members and staff to reimburse Council $9.50 per head for dinner; Woodville County Council inviting Borough Council to end of year dinner at Lindauer; Review of fees and charges; Letter from General Manager of Hawkes Bay Harbour Board about representatives; Bowling Club guarantor; Scale of charges in effect from 1 April 1981 - revision; One day seminar for newly elected members (Waipawa District Council); K J McIntyre permitting National Party to erect sign on his property; Members of the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows (MUIOOF) Lodge presenting Borough with park bench; Report on accounts; Closure of clothing factory; Shop day 1 April 1982 (Makora College); Copy of Woodville Book 1875-1975 has been purchased; Mr Knaggs to be thanked for the landscaping job he has done behind TAB; Review of charges from 1 April 1842 to 31 March 1983; Newmans Bus Depot temporary depot behind bakery for one month; Woodville Free Ambulance needing extra cash for service; Concillor Gover stated new ambulance ready for delivery, suggested Council become life members; Councillor Gover stating life membership to Woodville Free Ambulance is $50, Councillors agreed
Administration - General [E - F] Palmerston North City Council - Road Show - referred to Tararua College; Councillor Gover stated new ambulance had arrived; Councillor Lockyer said Newmans Bus Depot in need of access ramp; Councillor Murray purchased rejected timber from Hawkes Bay timber supplier; Christmas Dinner to be held in Railway Hotel; Woodville District Jockey Club's centennial meeting in February 1983 - inviting contribution; Council to donate silver tray, suitcase, trophy for centennial meeting; Makora College selling tickets in town, raising funds for Spirit of Adventure; Scale of charges; Administration error in February 1978, plots in Returned Services' Association (RSA) cemetery charged in error, Town Clerk estimated an egratia payment of $400 to be paid - auditor agreed; Boys Brigade Manawatu Batallion wishing to run through town on road relay; Lieutenant Tony Dewe (Salvation Army) presented charter to Council in their Centennial year; Two County Councillors appointed to discuss Christmas dinner; Financial situation as at 31 October 1983; Manawatu United Council thanking Council for donation toward surf patrols, Foxton; Financial situation as at 31 November 1983; Local Government keeping close watch on swimming pool by-laws; Letter of condolence - the late Sir Keith Holyoake; New Zealand Water Safety Council do not support use of 'Pool Alarms'; Aerial Photograph Co approached Council to photograph residential area, quote $600; $100 sent to Southland flood victims; Borough charges and fees; His Worship was contacted from 'Woodville' (Canada), holding their centennial this year; Local Branch Plunket Society applying for a grant; President Olympic Association asking for donation towards New Zealand team to Los Angeles; Woodville Scout Group applying for a grant and thanking Council for last years grant; Discussion about combined Christmas dinner 13 September 1984; Further to item 9056: dinner to be held Monday 3 December 1983 at Woodville Club; Mount Lees Reserve annual report; Combined Christmas function menu being drawn up; Eastern and Central Trustee Bank acknowledging invitation to start a business in Woodville; Council support Smedley Old Boys Association; Borough and County joint Christmas dinner most enjoyable evening; Councillor Mountfort thanked the committee for their co-operation and wished them compliments of season; Manawatu County Council running life guard service again for Foxton and Himatangi Beaches, $50 donation made; Councillor Murray thanked committee for assistance throughout year wished seasons greetings; Inland Revenue Department (IRD) informing Council some allowances are taxable, recommended Borough Ute and motor bike used for business only
Administration - General [G - H]  Te Ahu A Turanga Marae inviting Council to attend public meeting Councillor Manaia to go; Secretary Federeated Farmers inviting Council to support him in re-establishment of Court Sittings in Pahiatua; Mrs K McCarthy wanting Council to set aside $500 at next estimates as Mayors Relief Fund to assist people in distress; Waiuku Borough Council requesting information on Woodville Police strength; Annual charges review; Constable McAvoy addressed Council on Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Scheme, public meeting called; Discussion on Mrs McCarthy's letter to set up Welfare Trust in Woodville; Hawkes Bay Art Gallery and Museum Society applying to Council for funds; Consideration given to ward responsibility within the Borough; Note 9307: Mrs McCarthy commended on her efforts, Town Clerk to write to Welfare Department and ascertain if Woodville could have an agent; Hawkes Bay Tourism Board promoting 'Bay', requesting financial assistance; Transitional and Training Advisory Committee concerned over lack of programmes, unemployed people; Plans made for combined Christmas dinner at Woodville Club; Council to look at contribution to Plunket Society; Television New Zealand (TVNZ) inviting Woodville to enter this summers 'Top Town' competition; Further to Hawkes Bay Tourism Board, Council agree with their objectives but no money set aside in estimates for financial year; Woodville County Council agreed to annual Christmas dinner on 2 December 1985; Note to item 9722: all permanent staff to be invited; Television New Zealand advising Woodville not chosen as one of competing towns in Top Town; Manawatu County Council who run surf patrol programmes for Foxton and Himatangi requesting donation; New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association requesting assistance to send team to Edinburgh; Christmas greetings extended to everyone; Councillors wished each other seasons greetings; House to House Survey; Council went through Marton Borough questionaire - picked out 17 questions for House to House Survey
Administration - General Miscellaneous New Zealand Milk Board informing Council of the increase in milk; John Stewart requesting permission to play music on run; Milk Board informing Council Mr T M Mitchell taken over Milk Run
ANZAC Returned Services' Association members having difficulty setting up hall; Foreman to assist
Audit - Balance Sheet Adoption of balance sheet 71/72; Surplus of money
Audit - General Audit report received for year ending 31 March 1978 and 31 March 1979, Council to receive deputation from Audit Department; Deputation from Audit Department; Council receive Audit Account; Mistakes in annual accounts; D Ormby enquiring into accounting changes - Town Clerk replied present system adequate; Annual accounts for 1980 adopted; Auditor General be informed Council policy to have four instalments; Listing few technicalities with accounting system; Annual accounts received; His Worship had conferred with Auditor and reported favourably on office accounting; Report from Audit Department including set of audited untaged accounts; Audit report for 1982/83; Audit Department arrived to audit annual accounts; 1983/84 accounts audited and in order; Everything in order for account for year ended 31 March 1985; Signed copy - Audit Report 85/86
Automobile Association Town Clerk apply for membership to Hawkes Bay branch
Awards Change in working hours
Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) Council to be guarantee to Woodville Bowling Club; Request to extend guarantee; Signatures for cheques; Discussion regarding inticing another bank into Woodville; Bowling Club's loan repaid, Council's liability terminated; Increase in cheque lodgement fees from 5c to 7c; Confirming receipt of $20,000 short term investment; Small amounts of revenue placed in short term deposit; Town Clerk outlined large increases in bank charges; Town Clerk informing committee of surplus funds being invested on short term deposit; Councils financial situation to date; Bank overdraft rates; Bank authorities; Statement of funds on hand; Financial situation as at 31 January 1984; Statement of funds; Financial situation as at 29 February 1984; Council guarantor for Woodville Rugby/Football Club to upgrade club; In item 8864: Finance Committee recommended council go guarantor; Financial situation as at 31 March 1984; Bank of New Zealand forms of guarantee for Woodville Rugby Football Club; Surplus funds placed on term deposit for 30 days; Financial situation as at 31 July 1984; Financial situation as at 31 August 1984; Financial situation as at 30 September 1984; Financial situation as at 31 October 1984; Bank reconciliation received; $130,000 invested at 13-25% for 30 days; Council informed of various funds invested;  Financial situation as at 31 January 1985; $115,000 at 17%; Bank reconciliation received; Statement of funds in hand;  Financial situation as at 28 February 1985; Statement of funds on hand; Bank reconciliation received; Town Clerk gave verbal report on financial situation; Verbal report on financial situation
Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) continued Bank informing Council debit interest will be charged  three monthly historically; Bank of New Zealand advising Council interest rate margin to local authorities will be 2.75%; Bank reconciliation received; Financial situation; Overdraft rates; Bank reconciliation; Withdrawal of Caveat; Guarantee on behalf Woodville Rugby has been repaid; Advising a charge of $11.00 per 100 items will be charged for paid cheques uplifted after 1st October
Baths [A - B] Removal of trees round baths; Covered seating for children; Upkeeping of swimming baths; Dangerous grating at baths; Tentative approach proposal to heat baths; Go ahead on heating of baths; Bicycle stand; Official handing over of bicycle stand; Fences need attention; Bicycle stand ready to be handed over - improvement of appearance; Council against any proposal which will commit it to recurring expenditure; Permission granted for Swimming Club to erect a small shed at baths; Council to meet with half cost of paint required to paint shed and fence at baths, Swimming Club to pay other half; Canoe Club requesting permission to hold activities - granted in exchange for labour; Karate Club wanting use of baths during winter - denied; Swimming Club plans solar water heating system; Woodville Karate Club requesting use of baths for training sessions; Woodville Swimming Club stating baths in need of painting; Mrs De Corte stating some organisations not paying for use of pool; Woodville Amateur Swimming Club wanting to hand management back to Council; Swimming Club would like to meet Council to discuss charges, invited to works meetings; Discussion at length at meeting over hours and charges; G Bilton willing to look after baths on public holidays and weekends; Swimming Club stated they feel $300 charge excessive, deferred until next meeting; Opening hours of baths; Counter offer of $200 for 'Clubs' exclusive use on certain hours; A J Crompton pointing out Family Season tickets should be made available; Cubs and Scouts wanting use of baths during February/March; Club wishing to erect shade cloth windbreak; G Bilton suggested installing wire grill doors on changing sheds; Councillor Lockyer offered labour to build wire mesh around baths; Councillor Brunton asked how long baths would be staying open for - until Easter; Karate Club requesting use of baths; Geoff Bilton requesting testimonial stating his custodian work had been voluntary; Woodville Swimming Club requesting use of baths on same basis as last year; Royal Life Saving Society embarking on campaign for baths to be manned by person holding minimum qualification of Bronze Medallion
Baths [C - D] Mr J Bilton offered to be custodian again; Swimming Club asking Coulcil to erect a windbreak; Use of baths for local peoples relay; Amateur Swimming Blub's rental too dear, counter offer $100 accepted; Girl Guides and Amateur Swimming Club wanting to use baths in evenings; Swimming Club enquiring why solar heating plant not working; Mr G Bilton had gone to a lot of personal expense driving to and from baths, recommended he be given $200 worth of petrol vouchers; Letter of thanks from Mr G Bilton; Swimming Club looking at cost of enclosing swimming baths, costing in order however Council not in position to make funds available; Swimming Club to use baths 1984/85 season, also enquired about solar heating system installed but not presently working; Woodville Amateur Swimming Club requesting specified days of use, club allowed to install pump into solar heating system; Vandals damaged lockers in changing rooms, baths need a spruce up; Baths custodian needed, to be advertised in paper; Amateur Swimming Club applying for pool hours; Woodville School want use of baths for 'AquaPass Rescue' session; Admission charges and attendants job; Two applications for attendant: Mrs D Bonny and Mrs R Mabey - Mrs Mabey accepted; Family Season ticket set at $20, single tickets available at $12.50; Request for key outside of public hours; Amateur Swimming Club - permission for a new or extended existing storage shed; Recommended advertise for Custodian for swimming baths; Request from Number One Locating Troup Royal New Zealand Army Waiouru for use of baths in January 87; New charges for 86/87 season; Woodville Amateur Swimming Club requesting use of pool 86/87 season; Ruahine District Scout Jamboree requesting use of baths 23 November 1986; Swim Club requesting permission to remove one section of seats to store new lanes; Woodville Playcentre requesting use of baths
Board and Other Authorities and Government Departments [A - B] New Zealand Crippled Children's Society - attention to Welfare Act regarding new public buildings; Possibility of change of Anniversary Day; Council's decision to become financial member of Waireka Home Committee; Material for Labour Party Manifesto; Letter from Putaruru (Mayor) seeking support for opposition to Cinematograph Film amendment Bill; Contribution required by Palmerston North Town Clerk to Milson Airport; Councillor Gover outlined new idea for a Rural Educations Programme for adults; New Zealand Police Department, Bruce Hutton thanking Council for assistance; Palmerston North City Corporation thanking Council for intended contribution towards maintenance of Milson Airport Runway and Apron; Foundation for first wing (Waireka Home) laid, Councillor Snelling said money to be set aside for 1982/83; Councillor Snelling gave report on Waireka Home meeting; Progress report - Waireka Home; Progress well underway - first residence should be in by May 'Waireka Home'; 'Waireka Home' project short $200,000; Woodville Swimming Clubs annual statement; Woodville Domain Board Administration; Councillor Snelling requesting donation of $100 be sent to Waireka Home; Land which trees had been felled in a mess - Domain Board Property, leasee made a complaint; Woodville Amateur Swimming Club requesting various days for carnival meetings; Mr Carruthers, chairman 'Waireka Home' thanking Council for their support; Councillor Snelling reported 19 beds books, three of which were Woodville people for 'Waireka Home'; His Worship and Councillors inspected Centennial Sports Stadium in Pahiatua; Public Trust Office - Smedley Station calling for nominations for the board; Invitation to official opening of 'Waireka Home'; 30 beds filled in Waireka Home, some are Woodville Residence; Waireka Home fully occupied, change from diesel to natural gas; First annual report from Waireka Home; Note of thanks to be sent to Eketahuna Minstrels; Hawkes Bay Harbour Board requesting donation to new vessel M V Hawkes Bay; Manawatu County Council writing regarding Surf Lifesaving Patrols - $40 donated; Hawkes Bay Harbour Board writing a letter of thanks for Council's donation; Ruahine Ranges Protection Petition asking Council to sign petition to save large area of native forestry
Board and Other Authorities and Government Departments [C - D] Waireka Home now functioning with 34 residents; Councillor Snelling presented annual report on running of Waireka Home; Palmerston North City Council requesting a contribution towards showgrounds grandstand; Chairman Dannevirke County Council requesting Council support for nomination Hawkes Bay Forestry course; Dannevirke County Council applied to become members Hawkes Bay Regional Development Council; Woodville Returned Services' Association, Woodville County Council and Borough Council to meet and discuss future of Returned Services' Association Hall; Arts Council requesting a donation; Milk Board informing Mr T M Mitchell taken over milk run; Pahiatua Passenger Services asking for contribution to running costs of Workers Bus, Council has policy of user pays; Federated Farmers Pahiatua stating a bill of nearly $1,000 incurred in forwarding submissions to Parliament; Breif report on Waireka Home; Plunket Society requesting financial assistance; Survey of Borough - unemployment related; Bush Charitable Trust requesting donation towards Medical Centre Pahiatua; Mr A Johansen reporting on recent meeting of Forestry Working Party; Southern Hawkes Bay Federated Farmers requesting consideration holding rates at present level; Dr R Howell, Hawkes Bay United Council regarding revenue sharing; Hawkes Bay Regional Development Committee requesting Council's support for a Forestry Research study for Hawkes Bay; An invitation from Ministry of Transport to attend farewell for Sargeant R Glass in Masterton 14 September 1986
Borough History City of Woodville, South Australia sending copy of their booklet on history; Borough Centennial 1987 - Dinner; Woodville Little Theatre declining invitation to entertain at Centennial Dinner; Ministry of Internal Affairs - Honorable P Tapsell declining Council invite to be guest speaker at Centennial Dinner; Minister of Local Government Honorable Doctor Basset declining invitation to be guest speaker at Centennial Dinner; Ombudsmen Mr J Robertson accepting invitation to speak at Centennial Dinner; Invitations sent out, cake ordered and entertainment booked
Borough Solicitor Carruthers and Leather slow at dealing with legal matters; Certain work to be given to Dodson and Gartrell
Boundary Roads Agreement County Council after considering Borough Councils suggestion resolved that matter be held over for County Engineers report; County suggesting meeting to discuss Roads Agreement would be advantageous - Council considered meeting of doubtful value; County advising Council on certain point in Roads Maintenance Agreement/Reconstruction Station Street - also Council to provide street lighting and verge mowing parts of county - controlled boundary roads - Also meeting to be arranged to finalise plans for drainage on Sowry Road
Building Permit Statistics Approval to enable statistics available for research and statistical purposes; Alterations and Additions figures continuing to fall; Building Permit Statistics
Building Permits [A - B] No permit and substandard work - Hansens Building Movers; Mr Skinner granted dispensation from Fire Prevention by-law Requirements; Permission to move Manse and renovate - certain conditions; Schedule of average costs of building inspections; Scale of fees; Fees set by figures and costs over an average year; W C Harris wanting permit to built house in Gordon Street - Inspector not keen due to no sewerage; Fees excessive and to be reviewed; Whether permits required for radio aerials; New category created for fees; New category; Deputation expressing concern over fees; Basis for fees; D H Power permission to erect roof proviso for upgrading; Review of fees - building, plumbing, health regulations; Chief Building Inspector's suggestions regarding the revocation of the by-law; Chief Building Inspector to be invited to address the September Meeting Item 6793; Mr R K Beale requesting refund of Building Permit Fees; Request from Tui Dairy Co to erect Cool Sotre before subdivision and conditional use approval are finalised; Council to adopt Chimney Permit submitted by Health/Building Inspector; Charges for chimney permit; A K Morris applying to build office on Weber Street land - granted; Demolition of Post Office - A Morris to use explosives at own risk; T J Davidson applying for dispensation - allow use of garage for bedroom; Councillors wishng to inspect all building permits being issued; Permit to build hay shed in residential zone not allowed; Training Stables changed hands, Hay shed erected in residential zone, Council approve tie-up stalls no further expansion permitted; Garage built for Mr Manaia by R Hayne not up to standard, steel truss altered; Health Inspector writing regarding permit for sign on chemist shop verandah; His Worship had discussion with Health Inspector over erection signs or notice boards atop verandahs; D Anderson reporting on Woodville Maternity Annexe, and necessary requirements to be brought up to Old Folks Home standard; D Anderson had discussion with Fire Prevention Officer over 'Woodville House'; Woodville Club to extend building - dispensation from by-laws as it is to be built on boundary
Building Permits [C] D Anderson informing Council Mr L Beer wishes to open food takeaway bar; B Smith, Engineer, had designed free standing verandah for seven metre frontage, many shop frontages in need of new verandahs in Vogel Street; Report: recommended Councillors consider if permit required for small garden sheds, tool sheds, etc - permits not issued for buildings under 40m squared; Building Inspector stated rate payer wishing to convert garage into house; Discussion over minimum size for building permits, recommended: size for which permits apply is 20m squared; 12m squared more realistic for a minimum size; D G Anderson did not mean to mislead Council by mentioning 40m squared as minimum; Amendment 8997: recommendation now to read "Building Permits be required for buildings over 12m squared only, and be sited in accordance with District Scheme"; Mr Morris wanted dispensation for proposed TAB over gib board and windows; Fowl house of suspect construction, still meeting Town Planning requirements; Mrs S Mills - McLean Street home to be demolished, family to live in garage; Inspector recommends relocated house fees be on value of completed house; T Mitchell, Fergusson Street wishing to extend his car shed; Chief Building and Health Inspector reporting the difficulties on issuing building permits due to the substandard quality og plans and specifications
Building Research Levy  
Businessmen's Association Purchase of Hayter Mower; Associations activities etc; Promotion of Woodville Awareness week; Woodville Businessmen Association requesting permission to distribute sweets on Christmas Eve; Discussion on cleanliness of Main Street, shops days and lack of information regarding works at Oringi; Businessmen's Association changed name to Progressive Association, requesting $20 subscription; Progressive Association: wishing to put 24 flower boxes outside shops; Councillor Mountfort spoke out about proposed flower boxes - cut down to 12; Requesting permission to close off Ormond from Vogel Street to Pollen Street
By-Laws Waitangi Day; Dog - by-law to be reviewed; Special Order - by-law - Woodville Lawn Cemetery; Signing of by-law; Drafting of by-law; Adoption of Dog by-law; Adoption of Fire Prevention by-law; Special Building by-law; Building by-law amendment; Noxious Weed by-law amendment; Restriction for use of Gin-traps; New Zealand Water Safety Council by-law; by-law to be signed and sealed - Noxious Weeds; Fletcher Timber approval to be given for mechanically stress graded timber; Building by-laws - permits, residential buildings, fire risk areas; Dog control by-law; Fire risk area - building by-law; Special order - Dog by-law; Special order - Building by-law; Chief Building Inspectors suggestions regarding the relocation of the by-law; Carruthers and Leather - G J Walker - Pig Farming; Signs in Fountaine Square "Dogs on Leashes only", no dogs allowed in paddling pool, further advertising of Dog by-laws; Amendment to dog control by-law - words "other than Guide Dogs" be added, all dogs other than Guide Dogs be banned from Vogel Street between McLean Street and Ross Street; Updating of Building by-law; Making of Building by-law 1986; Adoption of Building by-law 1986
Catchment Board and Ruahine Range Control Scheme [A - B] Classification of rivers in Manawatu Region; Manga-a-tua Stream - prevention of flooding; Metal build up and finance; Rates for current year; Advising Palmerston North City Council withdrawn application for valuation equalisation; Requesting clause to go into new District Scheme referring watercourses etc; Some reconstruction required for stream off Tay Street; $800 estimated cost for Borough towards scheme; Mr Appleton elected to represent Boroughs on Manawatu Catchment Board; Annual contribution of $1,500 in lieu of rates; Catchment Board requesting information on flooding at Masonic; Conclusions following investigation regarding Masonic; Annual contribution of $1,500 in lieu of rates; Invitation to participate in interim Ruahine United Council; Case for a Ruahine Region; Copy of Ruahine United Council minutes; Levy increased to $6,190 plus $2,120 for South Eastern Ruahine Scheme (SERS); Manawatu Catchment Board acknowledging 5% collection fee; Manawatu Catchment Baord and South East Ruahine Lodge - rates; Collecting administration rates; Administration rate; Manawatu Catchment Board rate of Capital Value for 1981/82; Equalised valuation; Boards area expanded, but they wish to have same number of reps, therefore some areas need enlarging including Woodville County; Councillor Murray reported on the merits of equalised valuation for charge out purposes on administration running costs; Councillor Murray reported he had attended a recent meeting where member authorities voted in payment of idministrations charge; Equalised valuation; Administration rate decrease and works rate increase; Review of Board representation; Applying to Valuer General for equalised valuation 84/85; Borough's capital value $19,400,000; Forwarding annual accounts ending December 83; Meeting with three objectors to Council's water-right application; Annual report; Application number 840132 to discharge Sewer Ponds had been granted
Catchment Board and Ruahine Range Control Scheme [C] Received Valuation Certificate supplied by Valuer General; Administration rate this year will be $6,105 and South Ruahine Scheme $5,522; Mr Liddington will be Council's rep on Catchment Board; Appeal against granting of water right number 840131, write to Board with details; H C Liddington thanking Council for allowing him to be representative on Board; Informing Council the equalised Capital Value of Borough; Ministry of Works and Development seeking Council's permission to enter Council land to realign Mangapapa Stream; Town Clerk advised Mr H Liddington would not be seeking re-election; Dannevirke Borough Council advising one nomination Mr G Gerrie had been received; Borough Foreman mentioned willows going in a stream west side of Range Road Bridge
Cemetery - Returned Services' Association (RSA) Control granted for control of cemetery; Foreman expressed concern aboutdigging graves to double depth - ground not stable enough; Councillor Murray said still waiting for Town Clerk to report on fencing behind cemetery; Secretary Returned Services' Association (RSA) wishing to meet Council to discuss financing of cemetery; Returned Services' Association addressed meeting, club unable to maintain cemetery anymore; Amendment 8987: Meeting between County Council, Returned Services' Association and Borough represetnatives; Discussion over maintenance of cemetery, Returned Services' Association to do minor work, County Council also has responsibility to upkeep; Special meeting - Returned Services' Cemetery: moved Councillor Snelling/Councillor Currie minutes of special meeting be confirmed; County Council will pay half cost of mowing
Chambers - General - Office [A - B] Justice Department request to use Council Chambers for interviewing probationers; Details from Justice Department regarding use of chambers rent etc; Review of charges; Town Clerk advising that cleaning was not up to standard; Rotary Club requesting permission to use Borough Chambers; C L B Solomon resigning from office cleaning, Miss Morton to be approached to do it; Miss Morton - Borough cleaner requesting polishing pads for Council's floor polisher; State Services Committee agreeing with increase in Traffic Officer's office rental of $260.00 per annum to $360.00 per annum; Resignation of Miss D Morton as Borough Cleaner; New front desk entry way; Taxation Advisory Agency regarding use of chambers; J Falloon Member of Parliament (MP) wishing to use chambers for interviews with constituents; Councillor Brunton said Borough Chamber needed to be spruced up inside and out; Councillor Snelling made a donation of a portrait of 'Her Majesty', was hung behind His Worship's chair; Councillor Mountfort instructed Town Clerk to have plate engraved and fitted below Queen's picture; Health Inspector said hot water required in hand basins both toilets in chambers; Calling for tenders for painting chambers; Brunskill and Ladd offering quote $988 to butynol tray in roof of chamber, asked to redesign; His Worship stated office floor and decor needed attention; Mr Brunskill spoke on redesigning of chamber roof, submitted quote $4,951.98; Amendment 8889: all local builders be approached for quotes for redesigning and rebuilding chamber roof; Two quotes for redesigning chamber roof (A Wallace and Brunskill and Ladd); Country Women's Institute wishing to take care of flower boxes in front of chambers - granted; Item 8976L Country Women's Institute to be thanked for their kind offer; Top soil needed for flower boxes in front of chambers; Community lights on Borough Chamber need attention; Businessmen's Association inviting Council to bring chambers up to a better standard; Quote from Les Fryer for painting Borough Chambers of $1,700; Fire Brigade tendering price of $1,000 without including paint; Councillor Smelling suggested both chairmans of meetings be given keys to chambers; Town Clerk suggested alternative colour scheme to cream and tan, staff to organise colour scheme; Office cleaner requesting a rise in hourly rate for cleaning from $5 to $7
Chambers - General - Office [C] Quote $1,000 for new name plate for chamber; Chamber painting contractor Mr L Fryer attended meeting, problem with coating of building; His Worship asked that letters be removed from outside building as some are missing; Ministry of Transport accepting increase charges on rental of office; Good job by Country Women's Institute with the gardens in front of Council Chambers; Woodville-Pahiatua Racecourse enquiring about office buildings after amalgamation; Ministry of Works replying to Council's letter regarding increase in rental for Ministry of Transport office; His Worship commented on excellent job Country Women's Institute ladies done on gardens
Charitable Organisation - General $10 to be donated to New Zealand Crippled Children's Association; Inter Church Committee on Immigration and Refuge Settlement requesting donation; Councillor Snelling - Waireka representative; Woodville Plunket Society requesting grant towards their running cost; Manawatu Crippled Children requesting grant towards building project; Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind asking for grant towards replacing Talking Book Machines
Civil Defence - General New Zealand Post Office asking Council to remove the two channels not used, to ask County any objection to removal of third mobile unit from Civil Defence Controller's vehicle; E D Vowell tendering resignation as Civil Defence Controller; Discussion of appointment of new district controller; Removal of radio mobile from retiring Controller's ute; Report received - Councillor Mountfort commended Mr Bly on taking the job; Outlining conference - new Deputy Controller; Woodville Organisation to hold meeting on 20 May and Controller would like to address Council 21 May; Woodville County Council advising the purchase of a Telepager requesting half cost; Woodville County Council advising Controller's allowance had gone up requesting half cost
Civil Defence - Headquarters and Communication Assistance from army in test and repairing Civil Defence equipment; Installation of radio/Telephone units; The cost to equip the council with radio/telephone units; Mr Tony Brown, New Zealand Post Office radio inspector, gave an enlightening address on radio telephones; Brochures from Manawatu Television and Sound and Barlow Electronics; The council purchase two AWA permitting one set to be used as a base station, tuned to enable contact for Civil Defence, His Worship to ask the County Chairman if Council will pay the full renumeration of the Civil Defence Controller
Civil Defence - Medical Role of Pharmacists be refer to chemists
Civil Defence - Newsheets  
Civil Defence - Plans - General Manawatu United Council advising approval of Woodville District Civil Defence Plan on 5 September 1986
Civil Defence - Rescue  
Civil Defence - Supplies  
Civil Defence - Wardens  
Civil Defence - Welfare  
Committee Meeting Notices Meeting to strike rates; Smoking prohibited at meetings; Delay in delivery of meeting notices; Times of meetings; First January meeting 19 January 1983; Times of Committee meetings; Next month's (December) meeting to be joint; Starting time for Committee meetings be changed back to 7.00pm, Council meetings stay at 7.30; Works and Finance Committee meetings be held on 7th and 9th April as Town Clerk and Mayor at Municipal Conference
Committee Reports - Civil Defence Written report from Civil Defence Organiser; Meagre report - indicated general state of organisation; Report by Civil Defence Organiser to Woodville County Council to defer financial support for Borough's proposal to buy radio telephones suitable for use in civil emergency
Community Centre [A - B] Complaint regarding the toilets - unjustified; Query due to hall hire rates; Bond for hall hire; Lions enquiring about upgrading of Community Hall costs etc; Engineers opinion - no cost; Lands and Survey advising hall owned by Crown - insurance would be made available to Council; Showing of films; Lands and Survey advising if Council wants ownership transferred - formal application be made and thought given to price; Vandals smashing conveniences; Roof in need of attention; Condition of Community Centre - suggestion for new building; Lands and Survey laying no claim to hall - Council should also have better title to land; Land which Community Centre is on - to be recommended as Crown Reserve; Consent regarding Community Centre and attached land; Proposed new building; Rentals - revised; Amended charge; Proposed new building; No subsidy available for project; Deferment to replace Community Centre; Borough will assist in any project that pursues matter; Toilets in Centre unsuitable; Unlawful entry - no compensation; Toilets not cleaned on regular basis - cobwebs a problem; Hire of Community Centre waived for school dancing sessions; Broken window at Community Centre; Restitution for vandalism; Lower panes at rear of Community Centre be replaced with ply wood; Another window broken - debris dislodged from roof by wind; Money spent on centre to 'buy time' - conditions be improved; Piano needs tuning at Community Centre; Rentals be reviewed - extra income be spent on hall maintenance; $15 cost of tuning piano; Indoor basketball inquiring about plans for Community Centre; Woodville Basketball Club will paint Community Centre if Council supplies paint
Community Centre [C - D] Operation and upkeep halls and corresponding details; Requirements for hall after inspection; Delay in handing over funds from Top Town; Money being held until Council gives details on plans and expenditure; Rotary completed preliminary work - will approach Council; Rotary to be invited to advise of plans; Review of charges; Investigation into electrical wiring and switches; Fence of reserve at Community Centre needs attention; Proposed Committee representing a number of organisations to assist in replacing Community Centre; Fencing to be done to satisfaction of Works Committee Chairman; Badminton request reduction in fees; Draft Constitution submitted by Woodville Rotary - to be discussed; Points made in respect of draft constitution for replacement of Community Centre; Legal Agreement be drawn up - detail precisely relationship between Council and Hall Replacement Society; Woodville Badminton Club reduction of fees - check to see they are paying practice rates; Concern at apparent slowing of impetus with regard to proposed replacement of Community Centre, Rotary Club pursuing matter; Rose Society wanting deduction in Hall Hire fee off their account; Lock-up cupboard to be installed, Woodville Electrical Ltd to supply missing stove parts; Invoice number 420 - J Rossiter - Community Centre account to be written off; Mrs P Patterson offering to clean Community Centre; Mrs Patterson to be reimbursed for cleaning Community Centre; Door catch to be put on ladies toilet; Electric zip maintenance; Councillor Murray said second-hand iron available - may be suitable for Centre; Council to ask Building Inspector to give an opinion on structure of hall; Lights in hall need attention; Centre beyond repair - Mr MacDonald suggested a plastic shell for $80,000, money raising ideas to be checked out for new hall; County Council bringing forward deputation for replacement of Centre; Lions Club have been double booked with Basketball practices; Karate Club wishing to use Centre for displays in aid of Telethon; Community Centre car park needs to be resealed; Woodville Skating Club donation $20.84 (in recess) in aid of Community Centre
Community Centre [E - F] Woodville Karate Club expressing thanks for use of Centre in aid of Telethon; Woodville County Council informing they have appointed two new Councillors to represent committee for replacement of old Community Centre; P Brunskill to draw up plans for new Centre, Town Clerk advised still no word from R Dudley regarding sale property adjacent; No reply from R Dudley Town Clerk to contact again; Community Centre piano lent to New Zealand Teachers Educational Institute for function at racecourse; R Dudley requests purchase agreement be drawn up 60-62 Ross Street; B Dodson regarding need for purchase agreement to be signed by Councillors; Measurements taken for new Centre, floor plan drawn up; Woodville Playcentre querying hire charging; Signing of memorials related to purchase of land adjacent Community Centre; Councillor Mountfoot outlining a few delays; Town Clerk report on proposed Centre; Top Town Committee made $11,755 available for Hall funds; Mr B Smith structural engineer commissioned to do plans; Internal Affairs Department acknowledging Council's application; Councillor Snelling asked what progress has been made, trees felled by end of month; Maori Marae Committee run skating day in Centre, recommended their hire be $5; Discussion on Insurance for new centre storage; Purchasing of sections adjacent Community Centre; Lions Club of Woodville decline job of co-ordinating fundraising activities; Discussion with Brunskill and Ladd regarding timber for Centre, gauging etc; Councillor Murray suggested surplus of timber from trees could be used for reservoir roofs and dressing rooms for Community Centre, Councillor Snelling suggested Football Stand in Recreation Ground; Brunskill and Ladd have acceptable quote for roofing iron, reservoir roofs need replacing; Clearing of section adjacent Community Centre - G Hall asked for quote; Meeting held to appoint Community Centre co-ordinator; A G Hall quoting $620 to clear two sections adjacent Community Centre; Minister of Internal Affairs stating a subsidy of $30,000 towards new hall approved; Woodville County Council agreeing to pay $8,000 per year for three years towards hall; P Brunskill quoting for iron roof on Reservoir and Hall, storage fee for materials also; Section adjacent Hall needs cleaning up; Mayor of Pahiatua stating Mr J Frazer did a good job of demolishing town's hall, recommended him for Community Centre job; R W Smith informing Council structural details now available; Lengthy discussion on financial situation and date for tenders
Community Centre [G - H] Rotary donation - funds for Community Centre; Report from co-ordinator on fundraising; Councillor Lockyer would like his renumeration given to the project; Letter of intent should be sent to Woodville County Council stating when centre will be built; P Brunskill addressed meeting with quotations for materials; Councillor Mountfort asked if Rotary would pay fee for use of old hall for 'last dance'; Mr Fraser (Project Manager) offered to demolish hall, Mr Fraser and P Brunskill joined meeting, the point of Public Liability Insurance and need for crane was raised, totara beam at back of hall to be given to Woodville Marae Committee, piece of hall to be set aside for museum, surplus materials to be auctioned; P Brunskill spoke on proposed flooring, B Bly gave update on fundraising activities, spoke about raffle tickets and progress to date; Councillor Lockyer had donated his renumeration, Young Farmers $100, His Worship and Mayoress $500; Discussion at length on type of flooring to be used, B Bly reported on progress of varnishing, engineering timber not satisfactory, milling at half-way stage; Councillor Mountfort took opportunity to thank B Bly for fundraising efforts; Constable Smith to be present when lucky number drawn for lucky square foot; On behalf of the Lion's Club, Noel Pinfold presented a donation of $9,457 - raised through the sale of a square footage of the hall; Mr Frazer confirmed demolition of old Hall; His Worship stated grass at Community Centre needs cutting; Milling charges - non useful logs to be sold to G Murray; B Smith leasee of Domain Board site not happy with state of land after felling, A G Hall contractor hired to windrow and $50 in compensation; Lions wishing to use flooring for hall for dancing at convention at Racecourse; Rowden's Electrical have reconditioned stove for sale for $100; Hall demolition under way, treatment of new timber progressing; Auction off old timber from demolished centre; Registration for tenders to be advertised; Old centre material auctioned off; Hawkes Bay Farmers - Dalgety said material from old hall auctioned off; Housing Corporation be informed fences already being upgraded with Douglas Fir; An application for registration in doubt, Waipukurau Construction late application; Marking of Community Centre floor for sports events; Item 8429: good sale of materials; Six sets of contract documents and specifications sent out to interested parties registered for building new hall, two firms tendered: Brunskill and Ladd, Morris and Bailey
Community Centre [I - J] H B F Dalgety's auction for old materials plus Fergusson tractor brought in $4,847; Woodville County Council stating remainder of $24,000 will be available end September 1983; Signing of Community Centre Contract, discussion with Lottery Board; New Zealand Lottery Board received Council's application for financial assistance for hall; Mr and Mrs Liddicoat paid $100 towards boundary fence; Carter Holt unable to act as guarantor for Brunskill and Ladd; Amendment to item 8551, whole item deleted, Following substituted: "The Town Clerk advised a guarantor was being arranged"; Woodville School staging concert, funds in aid of Community Centre; Carruthers and Leather, with signed letter from Mr E D Vowell as guarantor for Centre; Woodville Junior School held a concert and raised funds for Centre; R W Smith (Engineer) giving report on progress to date, forwarding account for servicesrendered; Information due from Internal Affairs Department about money granted towards Centre; Excess cut timber to be auctioned off in December; School pupils raised $250 and junior school same amount wanting to make a presentation; Minister of Internal Affairs said $5,000 granted to project - Town Clerk to request Public Information Act 1982 report; His Worship mentioned in Item 8620 the school had presented $271.98; Amendment Item 8627: Council felt New Zealand Lottery Board treated Council harshly, Council to re-apply; Building ahead of schedule, extra cost to put woodtex under purlins; Excess Centre timber approximately five bundles ready for auction; Brunskill and Ladd quoting $3,656 for woodtex under purlins; Note to item 8676: Auction of timber 3 December, change from five bundles to 15 plus four part bundles; Power Board approached about putting underground reticulation; Lottery Board funds received were the maximum - no further applications to be made; Councillor Mountfort reported on Centre and Contractor short of 4x3 for flooring; Discussion over official opening plans; Dannevirke Power Board offering donation to put underground reticulation into Community Centre; Town Clerk sought permission to purchase one pack 100x75 timber costing $448.42 from Carter Holt; Basketball Club wishing to erect small stage; Charges to be set, need for custodian to be discussed; Official opening new centre, Mr John Falloon Member of Parliament be approached to open it; Note to item 8744: quote on floor markings, sports clubs to be approached on voluntary basis; Concern over escalating costs, Maori Marae Club offered $800 quote, surplus timber auction $4,200; Note to item 8751: Renegotiated cost, new quote $500; No charge for hire on New Years Eve; Note to item 8761: Town Clerk to invite Mr J Falloon Member of Parliament to open Community Centre 29 February 1984 
Community Centre [K - L] Toilet air vent on the supper room needs replacing; Town Clerk to price drapes for supper room, look into electric money meters, T Calton approached as custodian; Order of ceremony for official opening; Honorable J Falloon Member of Parliament will be able to officiate at opening, Councillor Mountfort holding small function afterwards; Brunskill and Ladd quoting $292.10 for chubb locks; Two quotes for seating received, zip commercial received; Account Brunskill and Ladd for extras to Community Centre $3,168.25; Lions Club to be informed of possible seating for Centre; Discussion on Community Centre charges - held over until next works meeting; Mrs A Morris requesting use of Borough piano; Fundraising co-ordination Bill Bly - thanking Council for their presentation; Refuse to be removed from site; Copy of charges circulated to members; Three more sets of keys ordered; Councillor and Mrs Snelling agreed to act as custodians at $30 per week; Four letters relating to Centre: Mrs S Beagley stating a telephone needed in Centre plus streetlight - Town Clerk contact Post Office regarding coin phone box, Constable K W McAvoy suggested telephone and street light, Mrs L Smith be informed now there is a custodian, problems with toilets etc would not reoccur, fourth letter from Blood Transfusion Centre; Woodville Rose Society Floral Art Group donating $50 towards furnishings; Woodville Indoor Club secretary requesting permission to hold a set of keys - turned down; Need for improved facilities in ladies toilet - new mirror installed, hand dryer options looked at; Improvements to ladies toilets installed, bigger zip heater required; During large function smoke was a big problem, extractor fan to be priced; Amendment item 8966: Councillor Snelling to use discretion in solving draft problem in ladies toilets; New seats specially made - some delay; Discussion over new seating, eight seats mounted, cost of set $310, old seats go to supper room; New Zealand Fire Service stating some minor modifications need to be made to bring Centre up to standard code; Breakdance Club wishing to rollerskate , denied but possibility outdoor rink to be built; Price for showers, look into coin operated ones, half foyer to be covered with matting; Request for telephone in centre turned down; Light accidentally broken during basketball game, replacement cost $100; Town Clerk thought Councillor should consider putting a bond on advance bookings; Power Board informing Council no immediate tariff for non-commercial users, hence Council pay commercial rate at Community Centre
Community Centre [M - N] Mrs Snelling (custodian) experiencing difficulty with cleaning gear, two mops to be hired on behalf of Council at $3.78 a week; County Council informing Council its application for $880 from Sport and Recreation Fund has now been accepted; New seats fitted possible old forms could be sold; P Brunskill submitted quote for 6 showers, cost of $12,000, plans requested to be perused with members Basketball Club and Badminton Club; Further to item 9065 - six old forms to be sold; Further to item 9072 - Councillor Brunton hoped to meet with sports clubs over showers; Tap to be placed outside of centre, a deep stainless steel sink more suitable; Foreman to inspect Gully Trap at Community Centre; Lions Club intend to make a contribution towards seating; Emergency lighting system not functioning, recommended two low loss six volt batteries be purchased; Old forms from supper room to be sold for $5 each; Centre floor to be revarnished, sporting clubs possibly supply labour; Jaycees donating $364.72 towards set of eight seats; Differnece of opinion over heritage $6 New Zealand Electricity Department and Woodville Youth Club $18, written; Slight leak under flashing on Nova light; Corner Brunton had informal discussions with sports clubs over re-varnishing floor; Meeting with sporting groups to discuss re-varnishing floor; Matting for entrance way; Old piano needs overhaul; Woodville Scouts seeking approval to hand a helicopter behind during promotions 1985; Floor could not be re-varnished, insufficient time before basketball season; In relation 9292 - Community Centre charges revised; Impertinent letter from Woodville Playcentre Secretary regarding removal of paddling pool; Mrs J McIntyre pointing out need for ventilation; Soccer Club wanting old forms from Centre, Councillor Snelling said five left, sold for $2 each; Plastic floor mat increased size, piano tuned $85; Quote to be obtained for painting of roof; Councillor Snelling concluded there is adequate ventilation in Hall; Toilets need sprucing up, quote $1500 from Brunskill, ablution block could be needed by kitchen; Rotary Club donated $200 toward facilities for Community Centre; List of requirements for Community Centre; Letter received from Woodville Playcentre regarding Fountaine Square beautification; Three quotes for toilet and new zip, to seek advice from P Brunskill on type of ventilation
Community Centre [O - P] To ask Building Inspector for information regarding number of people allowed in hall at one time; Age limit should be set down for hiring hall, possible age limit of 20 or letter of guarantee from responsible person; Emergency lighting doesn't seem to be functioning, to be inspected; Brunskill and Ladd quoted $1,654 for ventilation, varnishing of floor before Christmas; Fire Services recommended occupancy figure set at 780; Mr and Mrs T Snelling resigning as Custodians of Community Centre; Woodville Little Theatre wanting telephone connected by them for recent function, remain there; Woodville Little Theatre requesting permission to site storage shed behind Community Centre; Two applicants for Custodian: Mrs D Bonny and Mrs R Mabey - Mrs Mabey accepted; Brunskill and Ladd to sand and varnish floor in new year; D Timmins on behalf Lions Club and Orion Motor Cycle Club requesting use of hall and outside grassed area for Motor Cycle Show; Karate Club requesting key and storage; Painting line markings; Bond for out of town bookings; New Zealand Railways Resident request Council to pay half the cost of Boundary Fence; Town Clerk advising cleaner had finished and Indoor Basketball Team were willing to do it; New Zealand Railways informing prepared to pay $562.11 towards boundary fence; Councillor Mountfort suggesting when finance permits the name be put on the Community Centre; Mr M McDonald advising the fire safety inspection had been carried out; A light in Community Centre had been replaced, concern it may have been deliberate; Cost of replacing light $115.00 - Custodian needed for Community Centre; Still approximately 90 sheets of Woodtex in storage; The ever increasing cost of repairs and replacement of lights discussed again; Councillor advised bird netting needed over louvres to stop birds getting in; Recommended advertise for Custodian; Mr and Mrs R Fryer appointed custodian; Quote for painting Community Centre roof; Estimated price for sign; Quote from R B Hayne and K R White for painting be accepted; Maintenance sink and doors; Lions request - Hall free; New panelling on doors, new sign - new main doors; Complaint from cleaners - rules for hall users - extra payment cleaners; Quote for new main doors
Conditional Uses and Specified Department [A - B] Proposed motel and restaurant complex - A B Dawson; B J Golder selling section subject to covenant; Application for consent to a departure from Council's District Planning Scheme for erection of multiple residential accommodation on land zoned commercial; No objection to specified departure - erection of multiple residential accommodation on land zoned commercial; All requirements carried out - M A F James; Consent granted for motels - Ormond Street M L Cresswell; Flood protection zone instead of industrial C; Zonings to be changed; Verandahs set back half metre; W and M Lissington application building dwelling on rural property subject to conditions; Request by Donalds Garage for permission to see new and used cars; Approval for Donalds Garage to site a car dealers yard in McLean Street; R H Burling seeking dispensation for a radio mast; Planning consent (Horse shelters Miss S Lupton), recommended conditions; M Cresswell applying to erect four additional motel units in Ormond Street, approval granted subject to conditions; Mr B Hutton requesting dispensation from Council's District Scheme yard requirement; Mr and Mrs Thompson applying to build 7.3 metre by 3.7 metre workshop rural land; BCNZ applied 'conditional use' to build transmission base in Vogel Street; Older house relocated in Borough; No objection to Wainwrights relocated house - McLean Street; No objection to J O'Neils relocated house - Tay Street; Resident complaining about damage to lawn from waste from Coopercraft; Mr Anderson advising work on relocated house had not been done in time allowed; Planning application hearing on behalf Coopercraft; Mr Cooper applying for consent to carry on his business of Furniture Restoration; Residents in Upper McLean Street complaining of a Horse Training Compplex in Residential Area; Mr J McKenzie - complaint about noise from Coopercraft; Council Solicitors advising they letter to Mr Martin, 115 McLean Street, advising him any breach of the District Scheme would result in proceedings; Mr D Anderson reporting on noise level from Coopercraft
Conditional Uses and Specified Department [C] Woodville Old Folks requirement of Conditional Use application be waived; Consultant Town Planner with copy of notice for a hearing for injunction on Coopercraft; Woodville Bowling Club application approved; Mr Dodson asking Council's intention in regard to injunction hearing; Palmerston North Deputy City Planner explaining number of difficulties encountered over the planning matter of Coopercraft; Chemical fumes compplaints - Coopercraft; Application and approval - D and C Leese - relocate buildings
Council Meeting Notices and Others Redesignation of Finance Committee - change of workload; Smoking prohibited at meetings; Meeting times during daylight saving; Notices of meetings - delay in delivery; J McKinlay requesting meeting with Council to discuss bottle drive; Agendas to be sent out five days in advance with duplicate at meeting; Council meeting to fall on night of School Fancy Dress, meeting postponed a week; Minutes of special meeting held on 13 February 1984; Minutes of special meeting held be adopted; Council meeting to clash with Woodville Club A G M so meeting to be held 24 September 1986
Councillors [A - B] Resignation Councillor Burnett; Election of Councillor; Councillors renumeration; Councillors renumeration - fee increased; Councillor Menzies retiring; New allowances set up by outgoing council, Deputy Mayor may be paid up to 10% of Mayors rates; Deputy Mayor's honorarium; Deputy Mayor's honorarium; Councillor Dawson - Leave of absence; Leave of absence granted; Councillor Snelling representative on Waireka Home Committee; Confirmation of appointment - Waireka Home; Report on Waireka Home; Councillor Snelling requesting leave of absence; Councillor Snelling requesting leave of absence on 12 and 19 December 1979; Chairman Mountfort's address to Borough Foreman; Chairman Mountfort expresses thanks to Works Committee for past three years; Councillor's and Chairman's Honorarias increased; Coungratulations to Councillor McIntyre and Councillor Dawson on births; Councillors thank Mayor and fellow Councillors for efforts throughout term; Councillor Murray (Deputy Mayor) replies to Mayors final address; Councillor Mountfort - Chairman Works Committee; Councillor Murray - Chairman Finance Committee, who's who on Committee; Councillor Murray - Deputy Mayor; Letters of thanks; Councillor Murray - Chairman Water Committee; Swearing in - Councillor Currie; Councillor Gover thanked Chairman for assistance received over the past six years; Committee delegation; Appointment of Liason offices; Christmas Greeting; Council wished Councillor Murray all the best for his operation; Apology from Councillor Lockyer; Higher Salaries Commission had set new rates of renumeration - back dated to 1 April 1985
Councillors [C] Swearing in to be Tuesday 14 October 1986 at 7.30pm; Councillor Mountfort thanked all Councillors for their attendance and support over the last three years; Finance and Development Committee set renumeration and Honoraria for incoming Council; Councillor Murray thanked all Councillors for their support during last three years - also wished His Worship well in his retirement
Creditors Annual grants Plunket society etc
Creditors - Charitable Organisations Financial assistance for centennial committee; Boys Brigade appeal; House to house collections and street appeals; Annual grant - Woodville Free Ambulance; New Zealand Electricity - Bunnythorpe applying to sell raffles; Donation to Rahiri Home; Requesting permission for Mystery Envelope Appeal; Thanks for donation to Rahiri Home; $100 donation to Rotary for windbreak; Donation to Basketball club for painting
Creditors - General  
Dangerous Goods and MSL Authority Corrective Action regarding dangerous goods; Review of fees; New Zealand Army using ammunition on tree stumps on Noel Squires property; Department of Labour (Palmerston North) waiting for reply as to whether it can take over this authorities licencing; Department of Labour informing Council they will not accept inspection job at present, Napier office will do; Report from D Anderson (Health Inspector) Dangerous Goods Seminar
Dannevirke Electric Power Board Meeting for Local Government discussions; Amalgamation meeting; Regional Council; Voluntary re-organisation; Regional Council; Difficult to arrive at anything definite; Power shut downs to be discussed; Shut downs to be held in Woodville - days resolved; E E Beale representative for Council; Large sign poles to be left for publicising; Plans for underground reticulation of Main Street lighting system; Financial statement 31 March 1981; Proposed new workshop and showroom; Cost of power poles to be ascertained - poles to be used for wave bands; Underground reticulation propositions; $1,000 from shop owners for power line connection; Writing for clarification that Council will pay $4,600 to upgrade Main Street lighting; Board adopted policy of gradual replacement of twin 20 watt Fluorescent light fittings; Councillor Mountfort unsuccessful in his challenge for seat on board; Chairmans report; Outlining reconstruction of Electrical Reticulation in McLean Street; Intend carrying out reconstruction of electrical reticulation, Burgoyne Street 86/87 year
Dannevirke Hospital Board Rumours regarding Maternity Hospital; Housing of elderly; Meeting regarding housing elderly; E E Beale representative for Council; Council to review sewer rights for former maternity annexe; Sewer Rights - Hospital Board authorised by Department of Health to pay only $2.00 per water connection or slop hopper; Hospital Board not complied with Conditions of Closure of annexe, Town Clerk to write to Health Department stating that $2.00 is insufficient; Notification that IHC are unable to continue with the Woodville Maternity Annexe; Letter from Minister of Health regarding Maternity Annexe; Alternatives available for re-opening Maternity Annexe; Amendment to Item number 7318; County Borough Sub-Committee formed regarding Maternity Annexe; Van den Berk's wishing to lease annexe as boarding house; Meeting held regarding Maternity Annexe, decided to sell annexe by Public Tender; Requesting designation for Maternity Annexe to be uplifting; District Health Board to test Borough water every month; Maternity Annexe up for tender - several interested parties; Confirmation of Resolution: District Health Board written to with Council's comments favouring two proposals; Seeking permission to erect day clinic in Ormond Street; Proposed Medical Centre discussion; Hospital Board informing Council of latest news over proposed Medical Centre; Boards section in Ormond Street overgrown with weeds; Town Clerk to write to Dannevirke Hospital Board to ascertain when proposed Medical Centre to be built; Woodville Medical Centre possibly coming to fruition, progree slow but sure; Letter of thanks from District Health Board for submission; Press release covering submissions on draft service development plan; Enquiries regarding new Medical Centre; Plans for Medical Centre were back from Wellington; Health Board advising Council representation to remain the same; Report from Representative; Advising an Alcohol and Drug Committee is to set up - offering Association Membership
Department of Labour PEP Workers and Student Comp** Programme Department of Labour have person available for two weeks; Informing of Government changes to schemes - asking for Council's comments
Derelict Buildings Mr D Power building at 60-62 Vogel Street structurally dangerous; Demolition order recommended by Mr Power; Demolition order - Mr Power; Mr Knoggs house to be demolished; Mr Burgess not complied to with notice; Necessary steps to have house demolished alongside Community Centre; Building corner of McLean and Station Street to be inspected; Town Clerk to obtain demolition order for building on corner of Station and McLean Street; Building Inspector states Miss Watt's (late) bakery in worse state; Report on sub-standard building; Local ratepayer to dismantle two sheds that appeared to be unsafe; Old garage relocated, brought up to an acceptable standard; Dilapidated house on State Highway 3, first house in Adele Street; Item 8473: should read Mabel Street; Councillor Gover brought up Mabel Street house demolition; Item 8512: demolition of house in Baker Town should have provision that it may be renovated; R Mudford's fence Vogel Street in dilapidated state, instructed to clean up; Inspector to consult shop owner about shop frontage that is in disrepair; Report on two buildings in Burgoyne Street and Woodville firefighters; Unsuitable housing of family in McLean Street; Letter to Maori affairs over plight of family living in a shed at 27 McLean Street
District Fund  
Dog Pound (Including Dog Ranger) [A - B] R S Fairbrother appointed pound keeper at 2.50 each dog; Dog Ranger requesting renumeration; Resignation of keeper; Pound charges - fines not made; R S Fairbrother appointed to vacated positions; Dilapidation of dog cages and non issue of receipts; Increase in allowance; Increase in impounding fees; Rangers renumeration - impounding charges; Impounded dogs to be held for no longer than seven days; Dogs fouling shopping area; On death of Mr R S Fairbrother - no dog ranger; Dog causing nuisance - L J Wilson; Basis for renumeration - to be considered; Mr Malton - Dog Ranger - renumeration; Dog complaint - C R Hawkes; Dog complaint - J D Watkins; Review of fees; If no improvement in wandering dog - penalty should be doubled; Dog owned by Mr de Mosso given rise to complaints; Council reviews situation; Bush hydatids seeking comments on their proposal to subsidise losses on dog pounds within its area; Mrs Henderson owning too many dogs on her property; Dog ranger to report quarterly, discussion of offal pit; Rangers Permit for Dog Rangers wife; Recommendation number five; Inspect Herlihy's housing for four dogs - if sufficient; Complaint from Mr Clements regarding removal of his dogs; Poundage fee increase; Verbal complaint received that Ranger seldom available; Businessmans Association regarding problem with dogs in Main Street; Report; Resident not paid full amount of poundage; Ranger working in County at Borough's expense; Woodville County Council informing Council their dog ranger is F Benton, Pahiatua; Report from Ranger; Councillor Mountfort would speak to the Ranger about there being too many dogs
Dog Pound (Including Dog Ranger) [C - D] Recommended Town Clerk inform Ranger does not have to wait to report six monthly; Ammendment: Ranger and Foreman to inspect Pound with view to enlarging; G L Malton's resignation as Ranger effective from 30 September 83, recommended T A W Calton be offered job; Further to previous item Pound to be moved to Sowry Road, new kennel to be built; Further to item 8618 it meant whole Pound to be moved to State Highway 3; Applicants for dog ranger, E Ireland to be put on six months trial; Councillor Currie commented dog ranger making an impression on dogs and owners; New gate and fencing for Pound; E Ireland to be retained further six months as dog ranger; Concern over number of dogs in Main Street - referred to ranger; Need for better dog control; Concern over local dog population, Ranger's fee paid increased to $5.00, $1.00 sustenance for first day in Pound; Ranger asking if G Beale had permission to keep three dogs on Fox Street property; Complaints regarding dogs attacking people and animals; Mrs J K Jordan enquiring about buying old Dog Pound on Vogel Street; Ranger E Ireland forwarding six monthly report; Enquiries about old Dog Pound - left until Tui Dairy lease of adjacent property expires in two years time; E Ireland forwarding his report; Councillor Currie wanted to fence off part of Sowry Road pound; Dog and Stock Ranger's report; Complaints from residents about the noise in the area of the Pound; Another dog cut out of Pound - and complaints about noise; Wandering dogs in Borough becoming problem again - daytime ranging needed; Position of Dog and Stock Ranger was discussed; Application for Dog Ranger discussed - D Walsh appointed six month trial; Dog Ranger requesting pipes be welded around Dog Pound; Noxious weeds at Pound; Old Dog Pound - Vogel Street included in leased land; Quote to rebuild Dog Pound
Dog Registrar Increase in dog registration fees; Increase in fees; Registered dog owners list to be made available by office; Mrs L C Brown and L H Hand applying to keep 2 dogs; Woodville County Council worried about cost to dog owners by staying in Bush Organisation; Resident complaining about dogs running loose in streets
Dosing Reports Report on dog dosing; Report on dog dosing; Suggestions for six weekly dosing; Akitio County elected to join Dannevirke Organisation to handle reduced number of dogs
Drivers Licence Lowering of age for taxi licence; Review of fees; R Hauraki applying for Passenger Service Vehicle Licence; Changes to transport amendment; Ministry of Transport wanting Council to receive testing fee $15, deduct 10% commission, forward balance; Ministry of Transport accept Councils offer to handle testing fees; Ministry of Transport will not pay postage on monthly returns of licence fees; Ministry of Transport confirming Council will act as their agent for collection of Drivers Licence testing fees
Elections - General By election; Method of election for Local Authorities; 1980 Triennial Council shall elect a Mayor and seven members from the district; Local Body Elections 1983; Special order on Saturday 11 October 1986 Council shall comprise seven members who shall be elected; Letter from Mayor of Riccarton Borough urging Local Authorities see local Member of Parliament regarding Poll Provision - reorganisations; Territorial Local Government Council informing Council of amendment, single enrolment for resident electors; Town Clerk advising a timetable of elections in October; Councillor Mountfort expressed his opinion on Local Authorities Electors Polls and Voting Bill; Swearing in of Mayor and Councillors - Election of Deputy Mayor, Chairman of Committee etc; Cancellation District Council election
Elections - General continued Concern Electors List may be outdated; Resolution to elect members of Council from Borough at large for 1986 Elections
Elections and Rolls - Amendments  
Elections and Rolls - Application  
Elections and Rolls - General  
Elections and Rolls - Nominated Occupiers - General  
Elections and Rolls - Nominated Occupiers - Rolls  
Elections and Rolls - Nominations Jaycees organise a "Meet the Candidates" evening for 1 October 1980; Nomination fee refund - polled under 25% of success candidate; Nominations close for District Council election on 9 February 1987; Nomination closed for District Council election on 9 February 1987
Elections and Rolls - Notices  
Elections and Rolls - Parliament  
Elections and Rolls - Procedures  
Elections and Rolls - Rolls  
Elections and Rolls - Special Votes  
Elections and Rolls - Valuation Department  
Employers Association Letter Wellington Employers Association advising wage calculation seminar in Palmerston North - Town Clerk's assistant to attend
Erection of Signs Alter notice board; Construction of sign at Bonny Brothers; Construction of sign at Eddie Stewart Motors; Directional Sign - Spinnets Garage; Erection of sign on pole instead of verandah roof - Eddie Stewart Motors; Street signs to be erected where necessary - Richardson Street; Mrs M Murray wishing to erect temporary sign on Catholic Church section, further recommended street signs be re-erected on Tay and Grant Streets
Estimates Estimates draft; Estimates 1974/75 year; Several amendments for 75/76 estimates - refuse tip, gasworks etc, water charge increase; Estimates to be approved; Rates increase of 16.7%; Estimates adjusted and finalised; Some draught estimates require trimming - Council defers reseals and sewer extensions if necessary; Estimates discussed and altered; Rate rise at 27.2 necessary to cover inflation and all works; Finalised estimates rise 15.5%, discount increased to 5%; General rate increase of 21.28%; Estimates draft; Second review of estimates; Estimates draft, increase 9.19%; Revised estimates 1983/84; 4.8% increase; Draft estimates 1984/85, rates struck and levied 23 May 1984; Town Clerk presented 1985/86 estimates for first time, increase 7.53% agreed to, yield total $268,000; Preliminary look at 1986/87 estimates; Town Clerk presented 1986/87 estimates - minor adjustments, increase 20.38% agreed to, yield $321,000
Fire Board Annual inspections of places of Assembly; Proposed three-man Commission; Fire Service Commission dissolved 31 December 1974; Request for direct credit transfers to bank account ; Fire Board will cease from 31 December 1974; Last meeting and report from Fire Board; Objection to report by Fire Safety Officer - Whariti Motels; Disagreement over fire safety officers requirements; Requirements at Motel have been met; New Zealand Fire service requesting Council to either hold records in perpetuity or make suitable arrangements; Council to retain records of Woodville Former Fire Authority; Woodville Fire Brigade informing Woodville Borough Council that they have painted 192 fire hydrants in Borough; New Zealand Fire Service advising not possible to fit hydrants into two inch main for fire appliance, two alternatives suggested; Recommended old fire hydrants be replaced; Invoice from Fire Brigade for painting of hydrants; Mr J Beale resigning from Fire Brigade after 38 years service, thanking Foreman and staff for their assistance; Copy of Fire Service Report on Old Woodville Maternity Annexe; Inspection report of Community Centre; Woodville Fire Brigade suggesting increase in charges for painting hydrants
Floridation Check  
Footpaths [A - B] Heavy vehicles using footpath - Post Office; Post Office footpath need as crossing; Quote for reseal of footpaths; Footpath resealing funds short; Footpath damaged during erection of new pavilion; Weeds encroaching on footpaths; Spilt concrete outside bowling pavilion; Damage to footpath at restaurant; Damage to crossing Hawkes Bay Farmers; Inspection to be arranged; Roadway and Mr M James workshop, Pollen Street to be tar sealed; Vehicle crossing - Butcher's shop - approach County Council for metal; Path outside Liddicoats residence Amelia Street badly potholed; His worhsip requested that sump at Bank corner be raised to road level; Councillor Currie remrked new footpath needed Gordon Street to Tui Dairy Co; Ministry of Works responsible for replacing footpath in Tay Street; Item 7826 read Tay/Vogel Street corner; Ministry of Works to seal paths corner State Highway 2 and Tay Street, to inform Catholic Church; Breaking edge of road - Ruahine Lodge; Foreman said need for reinstatement of footpath outside new Post Office and Power Board; Reinstatement of footpath in front of Post Office not high standard; New paths outside new Post Office raised; Councillor Currie said footpath outside dairy factory needs spraying; Post Office making $450 available for footpath outside Post Office; Paths on Vogel Street repaired soon as possible now street lighting in operation; Town Clerk presented municipal newsletter saying some areas safer to ride on paths, recommended words 'No Cycling' be stencilled on paths in commercial area of town; Councillor Gover said need to fix footpaths in Main Street Aerial Reticulation area have sunk; Path outside plumbers - Pollen Street to be continued to path in McLean Street; Footpath in Upper Fergusson Street to be finished; Footpaths Grey and Ormond Street breaking due to path being undermined; Lower Ormond Street footpath needs patching; Paths Upper McLean and Burgoyne Street damaged by heavy trucks, recommended Mr J Hutchings and Mr F McKinlay asked to contribute toward repair footpath outside their properties; Councillor Snelling raised matter of paths from Richardon Street East to Upper McLean Street, tabled a drawing, path along Vogel Street to Tui Dairy Co do with load of metal; Footpath corner McLean/Pollen Street in need of repair; Path in Pollen Street from Martyn James workshop west to I Skinners to be completed
Footpaths [C - D] Item 8922: was actually a recommendation; Footpaths outside Mr Donaldson's property (Ormond Street) needed attention; Reverend Felderhof's driveway needed lifting; Footpaths Vogel Street in commercial area needed attention; Old Folks Association concerned over Government discussion to allow under 12's to ride bikes on footpaths; Plum tree overhanging footpath Amelia Street; Footpaths in commercial area need resealing; From Burgoyne to Tay on Vogel needs replacing urgently; Cost of resealing commercial area $12,000, Foreman to look at replacing old water connections; Path outside Tui Dairy Factory house needs attention; National Roads Board to be informed of bad state of Vogel Street, ascertain if likely to come under their jurisdiction in near future; Concern over new legislation possibly being brought in regarding bikes on footpaths; Grey Street to be patched; Work done outside Dairy Factory houses improved path; Footpath outside G Bilton's McLean Street needed repairs, front of Mr Wilks lower McLean Street the same; Gap between Gunn Transport office and footpath, to be remedied; Path outside 11 Ross Street needed patching; Mr and Mrs J Agnew requesting new seal on Upper McLean Street after underground reticulation; Hedge overhanging footpath corner Pollen and McLean Street was discussed; Mayor mentioned problem of teenagers riding their bikes on footpath in Vogel Street; Mr J Gooding requesting permission to excavate footpaath to erect neon sign; Ministry of Transport replying to problem of pushbikes on footpath in Vogel Street; Councillor Leese advised there was a rough area outside Christie Bookshop in Vogel Street; New footpath to be laid in Pollen Street - Fergusson to Normanby on south side; Councillor Currie mentioned cars parking on footpath outside simming baths
Gasworks - Disposable - Historical Councillor Snelling approached by party interested in buying gasworks; Gasworks to be disposed of by tender; Tenders on gasworks not accepted - property to be released
Gasworks - Rental, Office, Garage Hawkes Bay Farmers accepting rental increase; Hawkes Bay Farmers lease to be changed to Hawkes Bay Farmers Dalgety; Councillor Snelling asked if lease could be extended for longer than three years; Hawkes Bay Farmers requesting 10 year lease, proposal drawn up; Hawkes Bay Farmers to install silo at gas works site; Buddle Findlay - Solicitor for Crown Group with an assignment of lease to Wright N M A who have taken over the Crown Group
Gorge Cemetery Private access road to cemetery; Construction at cemetery entrance; Road to cemetery still not repaired; Cemetery Road work completed - Councillors disagreed; Access Road not been maintained excessive growth; Untidy groves - cemetery has been tidied up; Dead trees at cemetery may collapse - to be used for firewood; Dead trees at Gorge to be felled by Mr G Hall for firewood; Efforts to be renewed to have wood removed; Erection of signs - Lindauer Grave; Slip appeared following earthworks; Weeds to be sprayed as soon as possible; The area at the cemetery to be tidied; Jaycees requesting to tidy cemetery as part of "Pride in Your Nation"; Removal of headstones from Kumeroa Cemetery; Mrs C Kinane - ashes plot; Four tenders for land - B Needham; Mr Needham wishes to start fencing the leased land - trustees of land in limbo; Councillor Mountfort would like to see cemetery cleaned up by PEP gang; Councillor Mountfort concerned over lack of lease on Gorge Road Cemetery, recommended Mr Needham not pay for fencing - he supplies labour; T Bolton agreed to graze cemetery land for $100, providing fences stock proof; Lands a