Woodville County Council Index Cards to Minute Books

TDC 00431:1:1
Descriptive Note

This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

Card Title Notes
Accounting Register Council Requirements
Accounts Christmas; 0/5 31/3/75; payment of
Additional Staff  
Air Freighting Invest  
Amalgamations and Regions etc Poll; Borough; Borough; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Akitio; Dannevirke County Council; Woodville Borough Council - Union; Dannevirke County Council; Local Government Commission; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Local Government Commission; Union; Union; Union; Woodville Borough Council; Union; Union; Union; Union; Union;Union; Manawatu United Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Public meeting; 
J W J Anderson Appoint; First meeting; Resigned; Appointed; Salary; Appointment as CEO
Annual Accounts 1974/75; 1975/76; 1976/77; 31/3/78; Publishing; 31/3/84
Annual Dinner  
Annual Meeting 1970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 1975; 1976; 1977; 1978
Annual Salary Review  
Audit and Audit Fees Inspection; Audit office; Audit fees; 79/80; 80/81; 31/3/82; Interest paid on deposits; 84/85
A Miscellaneous A Analysis Machine; Accretion - Jackson Road; Anderson G J; Adrian Oleen Mrs; Airport Palmerston North; Art Gallery; Automobile Association; Annual Report; Army Memorial Museum; Abbotsford Appeal; Ash J S; Anderson D G; Administration Assistant; Alarm Systems; Accident Compensation; Accounting Machine; Axle Loadings; Appeals; Awards; Armistead C J A; Avery G A; Ashburton Borough/County Councils; Aveling-Barford; Alden- Webb P W and M R; Arends K; Australian High Commission; Andrews and Beaven; Anderson Auto Services; Accommodation - Staff; Alexander R C; Annual Salary Review; Allowances; Aitchison J M; Additional Staff (Transferred to separate card); Auckland University; Arends Mr G J; Aveling Barford Grader
Badger Hill  
Balance Sheet 66/67; 67/68; 68/69; 69/70; 70/71; 71/72; 72/73; 73/74; 74/75; 75/76; 76/77
Balance Bridge  
Bank Authority  
Bank of New Zealand  
Barrons Bend  
Beagley Bridge and Road  
Beagley D E First meeting 7/3/75; R H Loan; Membership Manawatu Licencing Committee
Beattie A J H  
Belshaw Road  
Bishop K C and M A Subdivision
Bluff Road Cows; Rivers; Cows; Race; Rivers; Flood damage
Boundry Roads - County/Borough Woodville Borough Council; Sowry; Meeting
Bridges Design fees; Mangamanaia; Grainger; Grainger; Makairo; Makairo; Cottons; Troup Road; Hope Road; Edwards; Erosion; Valley Road; Belshaw Road; Belshaw Road; Belshaw Road; Belshaw Road; McKays; School and Stubbings; Dodd; Old Main Highway; Sandblasting Bridges; Dodd Road; Hardings; Dodd Road; Stubbings; Dodd; Sandblasting; Report; Klein's and Boydens; Klein's; Inspection Report; Condoit Road; Delineators; Boydens; near Mr Bradleys; Sturdee Road, Factory Bridge and McKays Bridge; Charmleys Bridge; Factory Bridge; McKays; Bridge Decking Materials; Charmleys; McKay's - Bridge Timber Quotes; CHarmley's Bridge; McKays; Sandblasting and painting; Carboline coating; Charmley's; Hopelands
Bridges Mrs I M  
Broomfield Road Floods; Railway Crossing; Sign; Railway Crossing; Floods; Lowering of road for floodway; Tree planting complaint; Trees
Building By-laws W25/900; Insulation, Insulation; Insulation
Building Committee Report; Appointment of Councillors; Report
Building Inspector and Fees Letterhead; Toilets, Patterson Bush; Fees; Shed Racecourse; Stylemaster garages; Stylemaster garages; Geling; New car; Fees; Mr Clegg
Building Permits Lockyer; Mills; General; Mills; Fees; Fees; Fees; Special Order; Worboys; Alexander; Terry; Anderson; Worboys; Mr Clegg
Bush Hydatids Control Annual Meeting; Droncit; 83/84 Fees; Why bush fees higher than Dannevirke; Meeting 23/5/84; 85/86 estimate; Meeting 28/11/84; meeting report
Bushmill Road  
Bus Stops and Bus Shelter Troup Road; Ngawapurua; Valley Road; Troup and Range Roads
By-laws - General Fire by-law adopted, confirmed; NZS-1800 adopted; Water safety; Insulation adopted; Insulation; Insulation; Pigs; General; General; Building; Building
B Miscellaneous B [1 and 2] Brunton M E; Break-up Christmas - outside; Bilton M L and M J; Beale G R; Bank Requirements and Fees; Ball Road; Burnett K; Burlace F G; Bushmill Road; R A Broadhead; Bonus: $10, $10/1969; Bergen A M: Appointed, Resignation; Beagley K; Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand; Barbed Wire; Building Research Levy; Buildings Dilapidated: Sinclair; Bitumen; Bobby Calf Pens; Blatchford W E; Blatchford A F; Busch K; Bradley J; By Election; Boarding Kennels; Borlase R C; Boyden C C: $10 Noxious weeds; Barnes D R: Pipe; Bradley G S; Boundy J H; Beatson G; Bridge Timber: Used; Bell K J; Barrow C P: Litter control; Bulk Loan; Brown A T and T K
B Miscellaneous B [3 and 4] Bolton J and J Ltd: Electric Fence; Brownell Mr; Beveridge M; Brandon F G; Brunskill and Ladd; Bradley A: Motel signs; Broadcasting Council; Brunton M E; Brindle R E: Australian Road Research Board; Brass G: Road Reserve; Building Permits; Burroughs Ltd; Barnes M; Bank of New Zealand (continued on separte card); Boyce W L R and K; Bulk Buying; Boyden's Bridge; Bush Mrs R C; Boyce W L R; Bly W M: Elected as Councillor; Bayley M C; Bowman Road; Bradley E D; Board of Managers; C Burt; Blackman Construction; Barlow Electronics Ltd: Radio telephones; Brown A T; Bradley K W; Beach Patrol; Bartley J
Car Rally Methodist Church; Youth Club; International
Carruthers and Leather Lockyer; Reserves; Purchase of Hayne Property; Vowell; Hermansen; G Beale; G Beale; Jackson Road, Road Reserve; Stopped cheque; Closure of Jackson Road; Skyline Garages; Statutory land charge (Mr Stratford); Brown; Young Farmers Club; Mabey; Mr Carruthers leaving
Cattle Loading Ramps Brass; Paulik; Paulik
Cemetery - Pinfold Rd  
Cemetery Road - Kumeroa Perry; Perry; Perry; Loading Bank
Central and Southern Hawkes Bay Community Arts Council  
Chairman Chairman and Deputy Chairman; $1850
Chairman's Allowance and Deputy Chairman's Allowance $500; $500; $500; $500; $500; $500; $700; $700; $749; $1,000; $1,250; $1,250; $125; $185; Deputy $125
Chairman's Annual Report  
Charmley R B  
Christmas Dinner  
Civil Defence Communications Meeting; Training Programme; Communications; Radios; Radios; Woodville Borough Council; Conference; Radios; Radio; Radio
Classification of Rivers  
Classification of Roads Broomfield, Class I; Heretaunga, Class I; Elimination Class II
Committees 1968; 1977; 1978; 1978; 1979
Complaints Wilton; Foley Road; Foley Road; Foley Road; Way; Way; Way; Pigs; Way; Fraser; Graham; Sturdee Road Harris; Eraser; Pryde and Rutten; Fountaine; Piggeries; Kendrick; Car Wrecks; Plumbing Work; Grass on Hopelands Road; Ragwort and using road reserve for sheep dip; Piggery; D A Lean; Lean; Higginson; Mrs Cunningham; Arends; Shotter
Condoit Road Bridge; Flood Damage
Condolences N Hunt; Hutton; Mrs Menzies; Perry; O'Neil; W Galloway; Smith's Step-son; Sargent; Mills; Harding; McKinlay; Appleton; Foster
Conferences etc Engineer; Counties; Counties; Counties; Counties; Roading Symposium; Counties; Counties; Watkins; Counties; Watkins; Counties; Counties; Rotorua - Counties; Counties; Counties
Consulting Engineers  
Contracts Dannevirke Electric Power Board - Charmley's Bridge
Contract of Services (County Clerk and County Engineer/Work Superintendent)  
Cooper, Ropley Bennett and Thompson Town Planning Appeal; District Scheme; Hawkes Bay Farmers' Meat; Hawkes Bay Farmers' Meat
Council Chambers Lions; Heaters; Heaters; Power Board; Soundproofing; Noise problem; Use by Ranger Guides; Double glazing; Window frames and long grass; Dampness; Benchtop, lighting and new fence; Benchtop; Bench; Hot water
Council Yard or Depot Papatawa
Counties Association Thorn Apple; Rural housing interest rates; Wages on cost; Thorn Apple; Ward 8; Ward 8
County Clerk Determination; Determination; Report; Salary; Assistance to borough; Department of Labour; Salary review; Stopped cheque; Higher Salaries Commission; Accumulated annual leave; Salary review; Returning Officer; Annual Leave; Annual Leave
County Engineer - Works Superintendent J D Watkins; Alternative accommodation; Sturdees Bridge; Salary; Salary; Scouring Old Main Road; Congratulations; Tourl Salary Review; Watkins - Resignation; Interviews for new Works Superintendent; Appointment of S L T Hirst; Transferred to Works Superintendent card
Crushed Basecourse and Crushed Metal Quotes
Culverts Armistead; Manawatu Catchment Board; Manawatu Catchment Board; Bluff Road; Mabey; Priest Road; Valley Road; Valley Road; J Bradley; Pahaheke Track; New culvert near mail boxes; Oxford Road; Oxford Road and Graham Road; Condoit Road; Valley Road; Range Road and Valley Road; Priest Road; Sinclairs Creek; Peebles; Last Little Road
C Miscellaneous C [1 + 2] Cleghorn A: First meeting, Deputy Chairman, Deceased; Chain of Office; Clean Air Act; Councillor Renumerations: $5; Councillors: Retirement present, course; Commission of the Peace; Cumming J D; Charter Club; Chapman Subdivision; Centennial - Woodville Fire Brigade; Crime Prevention Seminar; Commonwealth Games; Coppermine Road; Cuttanack Bridge; Coe B; Coats C H; Charmley W C and A H; Cudby W B; Custom Killing Licence; Cresswell R G: Complaint; Crompton A; Contracts of Service; County Lease of Land; Council Photograph; Court House; Coull R; Channing F; Charmley R B: Wasteland Kiritaki, transferred to separate card; Community Centre: see card "Woodvilel Community Centre"; Coalition for Open Government; Compton A; Cody Brothers: Lease; Conference Report; Chimney Permits; Carpeting; Cresswell M L; Counties Insurance Co Ltd; 
C Miscellaneous C [3 + 4] Cheque Signing; Carruthers and Leather: Stylemaster Garage, transferred to separate card; Carppe I: Fencing; Connors C and E M; Counties Amendment Act; Cook Rod; Clematis Vitalba; Central Regional Arts Council; Census: 1981; County Valuations; Christian J A and J C; Chip Cartage; County Council Conference; Council Meeting: Time; Conditional Use: Vowell, Fees; Closing Roads; Cammock V S: District Roads Council; Computer: Seminar; Carter B B; Committees of Council; Christian J A; Cunningham W B; Cunningham Mrs B C; Cammock A D; Compacting Equipment Ltd; Christchurch Mayor of; Caltex Oil; Carter Holts Central Ltd; Carr S R; Christmas Cake; Culph A; Corrigan L P; Council Insurance Cover; Corby Road; Cortina Car; Cow Race on Road Verge; Community Recreation; Cammock M and A Mill
C Miscellaneous C [5] Clyde Industries (New Zealand) Ltd; Councillors Responsibilities; Chief Executive Officer; Carter Hotts Central Ltd; Clegg - Building Permits; Cable Price Equipment Ltd; Centennials; Consultants; Coppermine Picnic Area; County Revaluation; Christmas/New Year Holidays; Charmley's Bridge; Court Sittings, Pahiatua; County Clerk's Institute; Court Sitting; Certificate of Titles
Dannevirke Borough Council Arts; Housing Corporation Closure; United Ruahine Regions; Community Recreation; Community Recreation
Dannevirke County Council Car for Building Inspector; Impounding fees; Dannevirke County Council Engineer; Noxious Plants on railway land; Hydatids Control; District Noxious Plants Authorities; Health Inspector car; PEP Training; District Noxious Plants Authorities; Health and Building Inspection
Dannevirke Hospital Board Domiciliary Grant; Chapel Appeal; Chapel Appeal
Dannevirke Power Board Corby Road; Corby Road; Availability Fee; Fence; Fence and Power Pole - Oringi
Davey Road Bridge mishap
De La Haye A D and M G Rural housing loan; Election as Councillor
Department of Lands and Survey Woodville Domain; Paper Roads; Paewaia; Police Reserve; Accretion Jacksons Road; Jacksons Road; Kumeroa; Domain Boards; Road names; Kumeroa Domain; Unformed Legal Road; SO 8342; Pattison's Bush; Pattison's Bush; Kumeroa Road; Kumeroa; Bushmill Road
Depreciation Rate Backhoe; Car; Chainsaw; Truck
Directional Signs M L Cresswell; M L Cresswell
Dispensations Hawkes Bay Education Board; Muldoon; Armistead; Duncan; S Cammock; Ellwood; McDowell; Doorey; Doorey; Doorey; Maharahara Milk
District Roads Council Tour; Representatives; Fountaine Executive; Maharahara Road and Foley Road; Report on meeting
District Schemes 1968; $8 per copy; Dannevirke; Dannevirke; Review; Dannevirke; Review; Oroua; Dannevirke; Review; Review; Review; Oroua; Recommend; $5 and $1; Objection; Approval; Dannevirke Oroua; Woodville Borough; Oroua County Council; Change number 1; Change number 1; Review number 2; Woodville Borough Council number 2; Woodville County Council Pre-review; Number 2 Pre-review statement; Oroua County Council; Pre-review statmement; Oroua; Statutory Declaration; Approve change number 1; Rural planning; Planning Consulatants; Objections; Oroua; Kairanga County Council; Oroua; Objections; Objections
Dodd Road Bridge Transferred from "D" Miscellaneous
Dog Registration Collars; Deficit; Deficit; Pounds
Donations Ambulance; Ambulance and Plunket
Dorrington and Poole Walker Subdivision; Karaitiana; Estate J Little; I C Fountaine
Dosing Strips Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council; Maharahara
Drainage Waituna Druce; Knight, Valley; Valley Road; Knight, Valley; Sowry Road; Woodville Jockey Club; Woodville Jockey Club; Sowry Road; Bluff Road; Drainage, Kearney Road; Brass; Oxford Road; Hopelands Road
Drains E Bradley; Mrs Little; Ross; Sowry Road; Foley Road; Armistead; Brown; Dunford; Hutchinson; Suisted; Grimblett; Whibley; Whibley; Armistead; Armistead; Grimblett; Whibley; Armistead; Beale; Beale; Manawatu Catchment Board; Harris; Harris; Beattie; Harris; General; Henson; Valley Road; Otawhao and Totara Roads; Valley Road; E Bradley; Franklin Road; Sturdee Road, Harris; Woodville Borough Council Woodlands Road; Ngawapurua; Brownell; Cleaning Contract; Bushmill Road
Druce Road Bridge; Manawatu Catchment Board
D Miscellaneous D [1 + 2] Dean W T: Last meeting; Deposits; Dannevirke Centennial Baths; Dress at Meetings; District Auditor; Deputations: Rotary; District Committee of Works Visit; Department of Health: Maharahara Tip; Disabled Persons; Debtors Sundry; Decentralisation; Driveways: Barnes; Dannevirke Anglers; Domiciliary Services; Drivers Award; Drainage and Plumbing Fees; Domain Road; Dalrachrie Stud; Department of Lands and Survey: Kumeroa, Road name, transferred to separate card; Davey Road; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research: Hoarding; Rubbish; Tender for Private Work; Department of Internal Affairs; Dunford Mrs E M; D'Ath M; Driver Training Course; Duncan Mr N; Decorative Fence Woodville Borough Council; Druce D M; Druce J D; Department of Labour; Drain Cleaning; Department of Statistics; Domett Fruehauf; Droving of Stock; Department of Trade and Industry; Dairy Products Co-operative (NZ) Ltd
D Miscellaneous D [3] Duley and Devine; Dodson B R; Duty Staff; Dunlop (NZ) Ltd; Druce J D; District Noxious Plants Authority; Deer Fences: On road boundaries; Department of Social Welfare; Domtrac Equipment; Dividend, Bonuses and Rebates; Deans Security Services
East Coast Gas Supply  
Effluent Ponds S Graham
Elections 1968; By-election Manga-atua; By-election Manga-atua; Postal Voting; Chairman and Deputy Chairman and Committee; Chairman and Deputy Chairman and Committee; Basis of
Electric Fences Boundary; Boundary; Mains
Employers Union and Association  
Engineering Advisor  
Estimates 1970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 73/74; 74/75; 75/76; 76/77; 77/78; 78/79; Recommendation; Adopted; 79/80; 80/81; 80/81; Subsidised Works; Forward 81/84; Receipts and expenditure; Receipts and expenditure; 81/82; 81/82; 81/82; 82/83; 1983/84; 83/84; 84/85; 85/86; 85/86
E Miscellaneous E Ex Gratia Payments: J Richards; East Coast Local Authorities Association; Expenditure Trends; Environmental Plan - Manawatu River; Edwards Bridge; Energy Minister; Elwood B G; Executive Officer: Meeting; East Lane; Eyesight Testing; Evans R E: Tararua College; Education - Tararua College; Electoral Roll: Charge; Engineer; Emergency Committee; Excavator - Hire; Ekeslea Home; Evening Standard: Stylemaster Garage; Elliotts Road; Electrified Boundary Fences; Election Signs; Emandem Industries
Fairbrother Road Aplin
Falloon J H (M P) Manawatu Gorge; Closure Housing Corporation; Hawkes Bay Health Board; Waiaruhe level crossing; Release of state forest land
Federated Farmers Fouling roads; Manawatu Region; Pahiatua Court closure; Maharahara Graham Road; Ruahine region; District scheme; Wild oats; Court sittings
Fences on Road Reserves [1] Bridges; Harding; Hutching; Whibley; Ramsden; Whibley Hutchinson; Ramsden; General; Bradley; Morris; McNicol; R W Last; Brown; T D Martin; Hutching; McGregor; Ramsden; Lockyer; Brown; Holland; Burlace; Stewart; Griffiths; T P Martin; Griffiths; J T Martin; O Neill; J T Martin; Stewart; Barnes; Power; Griffiths; J T Martin; Hammond; Goldsworthy; Beatson; Boundy; Ramsden; Walker; H Last; R Last; Stratford; Armistead; Hutchinson; Morgan; Harding; Knight; Papatawa School; W P Harding; Holland; Codlin; Holland; P Barron; General; Last; Inglis; Last; Stubbing; Last; Stubbing; Graham; A Bradley; Inglis; Hermansen; Last; A Bradley; Hermansen; Maharahara Milk Co; Paterson; Maharahara Milk Co; Black; A Bradley; Clark; Stewart; Stubbing; Stewart; G Bradley; Dunford; Fountaine; McGregor; J T Martin; Beagley; R Mabey; Wolland; Trail; Mitchell; Klein; R W Last; S Charmley; Hermansen; Currie; Knight; Jockey Club; Grimblett; Boundy; Boyden; Fountaine
Fences on Road Reserves [2] Hutchinson; O'Neil; Ramsden; Walker; O'Neil; Hutching; Graham; Goldsworthy; Kumeroa Domain; Simpson; Bradley; Wren; Jockey Club; Graham; Goldsworthy; Poulton; Beagley; Morgan; Vowell; Ramsden; Johnstone; Johnstone; Bradley; Coe; Galloway; Fraser; Simpson; Herbert; Beattie; Brown; Hetariki; Kemp; Last; Hermansen; Holland; Herrick; Beale; Hutching; Power; L Worboys; G Beale; Richards; Coats; Beattie; Perry; Terry; Perry; Terry; Boundy; K Beagley; K Beagley; Fountaine; K Beagley; Vowell; Vowell; N Galloway; Fountaine; N Galloway; Gorrie; Gorrie; Galloway; Gorrie; Blatchford; Blatchford; Gorrie; Gorrie; Racing Club; Little; Gorrie; Little; Revell; D R Last; Jackson Road; Revell; Mills; Genet; Beattie; Miscellaneous - Rivers; Genet; Beattie; Lovell and Davy Roads; Beattie; G F Ramsden; Compton; Sandbrook; Mabey; Hermansen; K Bishop; Nicholls; Inglis; Brass; Ramsden; Ramsden; Fountaine; Murray; Murray; Graham; Mabey & Martin; M Poulton; Carr
Fences on Road Reserves [3] Arends; N Pinfold; Franklin Road; Simpson Road; Coppermine Road; Heretaunga and Maharahara; Township Road; Little and Potter Road; Kumeroa; Martin Road; Top Grass Road; Priest Road - O Rivers; Loveday Road; Old Main Highway; Franklin Road - I M Bridges; Corby Road; Franklin Road; Troup Road; Franklin Road; Kumeroa Road; Township, Cemetery, Potter Road; Cemetery Road; Troup Road; E Wade
Finance and Work Meetings Recommendations to Ordinary Meeting; Share responsibility; K R Perry Chairman; Pacific Freezing; Health and Building Inspection; Stylemaster Garages
Fire Officer and Fire By-laws and Fire Safety Officer; Fire Safety
Flood Damage  
Flooding Broom Road; McLean Street; Broom Road; Sowry Road; Franklin Road; G Bradley; G Bradley; Allen; Peebles
Foley Road Sealing
Ford Trucks (2, 3, 6)  
Ford Digger (Number 9) Plant costs; Sale
Forestry Committee  
Forestry and Forestry Service - Forestry Project Troup Road; Roading Finance; Conference; P W T Poulton - Kumeroa Land; Forestry Grant; New Zealand Counties Grant; Wharite Road; Worboys
Fountaine C A First Meeting 6/3/64 Chairman; Re-elected; Jubilee Medal; Nominal Occupier; Fountaine C A and Son: Pattison's Bush
Fountaine I C Rural housing loan
Franklin Road Bridge; Bridge; Bridge; Bridge; Bridge; Railway Crossing; K Nicholls; I Bridges
Frederick Sheppard and Partners Wharite Road Access; Wharite Road
Free Ambulance Association $10; $10; $20; $10; $15
Freezing Works Representatives meeting; Joint submission
Fuels Waipa County Council; Alternative Fuels Convention
F Miscellaneous F [1 + 2] Feirabend A; Fixed deposits; Fireworks; Financial Reports; Farm Management Proposal; Finance - Council: Payment of accounts; Flooding: McLean Street and Oxford Road; Front End Loader (New); Fairhurst Joinery Ltd; Forecast National Road Board; Fines; Frederick Sheppard and Partners - Access: Whariti Road Access Transferred to separate card; Fraser A; Field Tiles: Theft, Theft; Ford Truck: N-1317 Number 3; Fountaine I C; Fuel Tanks; Faulkner W J; Fibreglass Spray Tank; Fitch Farming; Forestry; Fringe Benefit Tax; Folders for Meeting; Fencing of Swimming Pools
Gabites Porter and Partners Reserve Policy and Contributions
Gaisford Road Drain clearing
Galloway W and Galloway N Galloway W: OBE
Gates on Roads Foley Road; Simpson-Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Griffith; Walker; Perry; Perry; Graham; Rivers; Rivers; Corby Road
Genet M J  
Gorrie Mrs M  
Grader - Aveline Barford (Old 10 and New number 5) Wairewa County Council; Sale of A B grader number 10; Insurance claim
Grader Repairs and Grader Operators Repairs; Hire
S Graham Effluent Pond; Rural Housing
Grainger Road Bridge; Bridge; Bridge
Gratuities $181 - McPherson; $346 - Burnett; $192 - Fawns; $50 - Liddicoat; $3,592-59 Ash
Grey Street House (continued from "G" Miscellaneous  
G Rural Housing Graham S H: Loan, stock, fence road reserve; loan; Galloway A N: Loan
G Miscellaneous G [1 + 2] Give Way Signs; Gin Traps; Griffiths N; Griffiths D G; Gas Distribution Organisation; Graham Road; Gilmore G; Girl Guides Association; Geling T; Grants: Ambulance, ambulance; General By-laws; Grey Street House: continued on separate card; Gifford, Devine and Partners; Glendining D: County Representative; Gallon RG Esq Q C; Gavel: Presentation of; Garth J; Gisborne City Council; Gilmore Mr G B; Goatsrue; Gartrell E W; GST; Gates across roads; Gimblett G F: Member southern Hawkes Bay Pest Destruction Board; Gravel Reserves; Gough, Gough and Hamer
Halls Papatawa; Maharahara
Hare A E G Metal Pit Agreement
Harris D H Water right
Harris Road Beardmore; Beardmore; Gates
Hawkes Bay Drivers Union  
Hawkes Bay Farmers Meat Co Ltd Meat works; Decision; Objection meeting and decision; Withdrawal
Hawkes Bay Harbour Board New ship
Health and Building Inspector Assistant; Letterhead; Purchase of car; Noise Control Act; Piggery effluent; Car; Offensive Trade Licence; Offensive Trade Licence; Arands/Waterman; Cowshed effluent; Offensive Trade Licence; Drainage disposal; Keeping of animals
Heretaunga Road potholes; Railway crossing; Stock; Stock; Geret, Stock; Railway crossing; Power pole repositioning
Higher Salaries Commission  County Clerk and Work Superintendent; Work Superintendent; 3.5%; County Clerk; County Clerk and County Engineer; County Engineer and County Clerk; County Engineer; 4%; County Clerk and County Engineer; Work Superintendent; Work Superintendent; County Clerk and Work Superintendent; Work Superintendent; County Clerk and Work Superintendent
Higginson R H  
Hirst S L T Appointment to Works Superintendent; First meeting; Salary review; Appointment as Stock Ranger
Hoardings New Zealand Railways; Motels; Motels; Hawkes Bay Farmers Co-operative Association Ltd; Barnett; Otawa Farm; New Zealand Railways; McLeod; New Zealand Railways; Castle's; Social Credit Political League Inc; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; National Party
Hopelands Bridge Opening
Hopelands Road Badgers Hill; Armistead; Subsidy; Shape correction; Railway crossing; Drains; Railway crossing; Goatsrue; Planting and drainage
Hope Road Currie; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Logging Operations; Subdivision Approval
Houses - McLean Street and Grey Street McClean Street: Painting; Section sale; Stove; Subdivision; Blinds; Paint; Chimney; Linoleum and Stove; Kitchen sink; Kitchen sink; Visorfire; Rentals; Grey Street: Shower; Internal paint; Internal paint; Repaper; Painting; Painting; Painting; Linoleum; Rentals
Housing Corporation Rural housing loan; Interest rates; Rural housing loan; Rural housing loan; Rural housing loan; Repay notice; Rural housing loan; Rural housing loan; Dannevirke closure; Dannevirke closure; Application for planning consent; Rural housing loan
Hydatid Control Fees
H Rural Housing H Herdman R H and J E; Hermansen W P; Hutchinson J R; Hebert S C
H Miscellaneous H [1 + 2] Hutchinson I R: First meeting; Historic Places Trust; Howard Estate Advisory Board; Heatway Motor Rally; Holding Paddock; Holidays; Hall Rates; Hawkers Licence: Wall; Home for elderly; Harding W P: Deputy Chairman, last meeting; Half Yearly Review; Hawkes Bay Car Club; Hawkes Bay Development; Hawkes Bay Acclimatisation Society: Manawatu River; Hardwood; Heaters: Trucks, Trucks; Hopelands Road Culvert; Harding R B; House Fire - Valley Road; Housing - County E; Hastings Regional Noxious Plants Commission; Harding K A and O L; Hadfield F W; Haines E S; Hawkes Bay Art Gallery and Museum; Hopelands Picnic Area; Hopelands School; Health Care Plan; Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day Hawkes Bay Trust Board; Health Inspector: Fraser; Headstone - Kumeroa Cemetery; Hardings Road: Bridge; Hawkes Bay District Walkways; Hawkes Bay Regional Development Council
H Miscellaneous H [3 + 4] Honararia; Hire of Excavator; Hawkes Bat Provincial Patriotic Council; Hawkes Bay County Council; Hutchinson Farms Ltd; Hetariki W; Hutchinson N; Halford Mr; Hickey Mr M: Rural housing loan; Hedge on Roads: Pinfold and Oxford, Maharahara; Heco Heater; Herrick P; Herrick F P; Higginson R: Transferred to separate card; Hutching K D and J S; H B F Dalgety Ltd; Happy Tum Catering; Houston Mr R; Houston Mr G R; Hermansen W P; Horne Mrs H P (E C); Heraldry Ivanhoe: Coat of Arms; Holt Mrs R; Hetariki Mr: Fencing Old Main Highway Road Reserve; D Higgins and Sons Ltd; Hawkes Bay Milk Producers Co-operative Ltd; Hare A: Metal pit; Hire Purchase Finance
Ingersoll Rand Vibratory Roller (Number 11) Trailer
Inglis J Complaint; Reserve; Rural housing loan; Subdivision
Insurance Public Liability; Public Liability; General; Personal; Councillors; First week; Third liability; Third liability; Third liability; Loss; Bonuses - Rebates; Slander or libelcover; Accident and health; Motor vehicle; Replacement value insurance certificates; Cortina
Internal Affairs Department  
I Miscellaneous I Institute of County Clerks; International Motor Rally; International Year of Disabled; Insurance Cover; Intersections; Impounding; Inspection: South East Ruahine Control Scheme; Interco-op of Authority; Invercargill City Council; Industrial Union
Jackson Road Bridge; Accretion/Mabey; Accretion/Mabey; Department of Lands and Survey; Fencing
Job Evaluation  
Joint Council for Local Authorities  
J Miscellaneous J  Jackson R L: Last meeting; Jet Boat Association: Manawatu Catchment Board; Japanese Clematis; Job Evaluation: transferred to separate card; Judd G; Joint Clerk's Meeting; Justice of the Peace; Jubilee Medal Queen Elizabeth II; Joint Council Local Authorities Services: transferred to separate card; Joint Meeting, Woodville and Pahiatua: Co-operation; Job Creation: Seminar; Joint Allocation Committee: Woodville Borough Council - Community Centre
Kearney Road Inspection; Removal of trees; Fencing of road reserve
Klein's Bridge  
Kiritaki and Kiritaki Road Waste land; Kiritaki Road - pothole; Culvert
Knight A E and E L Rural housing loan; Maternity Annexe [Building]; Bridge sign
Kumeroa Cemetery Headstones
Kumeroa Road Carlsons cutting; Carlsons cutting; Carlsons cutting; Tree planting; Potholes
K Miscellaneous K Kemps Cutting; Knight Road; Kumeroa Riding: car wrecks; Kumeroa School Committee: reserve; Kumeroa Rubbish Dump; Kumeroa Domain; Kumeroa/Hopelands Playgroup; Karaitiana Estate A H; Kumeroa Treatment Strip; Kiritaki-Maharahara Hall Committee; Kumeroa Dog Trial Club; Kendrick G D; Kumeroa School and District Centennial; Kemp Motors (Woodville) Ltd
Land Transfer Johnstone; Worboys; Hammond; Worboys; Council and J Pryde; Crown
Lawn Cemetery  
Leather Dodson Higginson; Mabey; Ormond Road Property
Leases and Leased Land - County A Compton; Tour; Tour of county reserves; Noxious weeds; Ormond Road; Little Estate; Mabey; Ball Road; Ormond Road, Reserves; River Road; River Road; Oulaghan, Mollision
Leith Road Closure; Verges
Letter of Thanks Anderson; Isaacs, Ministry of Transport; Norman; Waterman; to R Terry
Licence Fees Motor vehicle
Licensing Committee - Manawatu Appleton
Lloyd Dodson and Gartrell Transferred from "L" Miscellaneous; Gilmore; Hermansen
Loading Races  T P Martin; K Bradley; Martin; Travers; Travers; Travers; Martin; McPeak; Mabey; Kemp; Kemp; Beatson; Beatson; Blatchford; Blatchford; G Bradley; K Bishop
Loans Number 1 and 2 bridge; Bank of New Zealand; $50,000
Local Government Bill and Act  
Local Government Commission Area scheme; Area scheme; Regional Government; Union Woodville Borough Council; Union Woodville Borough Council; Manawatu Region; Manawatu Region; Union; Union; Manawatu Region; Union; Manawatu Region Provisional Scheme; Manawatu Region; Hawkes Bay Region; Manawatu Region; Manawatu/Southern Hawkes Bay Provisional Scheme; Manawatu/Southern Hawkes Bay Provisional Scheme; Manawatu/Southern Hawkes Bay Provisional Scheme; Southern Hawkes Bay Federation Submission; Submission; Manawatu/Southern Hawkes Bay Provisional Scheme; Boundaries, Functions and Powers review, visit by Chairman; Review information
Lowe Miss Y M  
Lowe C Application for rural housing loan
L Miscellaneous L [1 + 2] N Lanham; Loveday Road: siting of pump shed; Land Compensation Law; Litter Council; Lovell Road; Little A; Little J; Local Government and Regional Government and Law; Local Body Officers' Award; Legal Counsel; Litter Prevention Officers; Limited Access Roads; Library: Country, Woodville Borough Council, Woodville Borough Council, Transferred to separate card (Woodville Public Library); Last H P; Litter on Roads; Local Authority Loans Board: staff housing; Levying of Rates; Labour Department; Local Body Drivers Award; Land [Use] Advisory Council; Legal Access: Fairbrother Road Aplin; Letterboxes - Resiting; Lions Club; Lowe Miss Y M: transferred to separate card; Litter Control: warden; Lime Stabilisation; Local Authority Amalgamations; Local Bodies Officers Union; Local Authorities Subsidised Works: (1980/83); Leather G E: Bilton; Lowe Mrs M E; Lloyd Dodson and Gartrell: transferred to separate card; Local Authority Services; Last D; Late Correspondence; Loadlift Equipment Ltd; L G Training Board
L Miscellaneous L [3] Leading Hand; Lowe G R: access to his water pump and water intake; D Lange; Little Road; Local Government Training
Machinery - Parts and Replacements  
Maharahara and Maharahara Road Stock on road; Culvert; Genet; Road reserve; Road reserve; Earthmoving; Hall; Hall; Hall and Hermansen Estate
Maharahara Rubbish Dump Litter wardens
Manawatu Car Club  
Manawatu Catchment Board Shingle fees; Fees etc; Rates; Shingle permits; Valuation Equalisation; Valuation Equalisation; Barrons Bend; Manawatu River; Manawatu River; Harris Water Rights; Harris; Grainger Bridge; Bluff Road; Harris; Subsidy; Metal; Metal; Metal; Stanley Street Drain; Metal; Waituna and Druce Road Drain; Shingle; Administration rates; Busch; Possible meeting; Saddle Road; News report; Pre-review; Bluff Road; Saddle Road; Administration rates; Flooding McLean Street; Administration rates; Kearney Road; Administration rates; Administration rates; Kleins Bridge and Druce Bridge; Kleins Bridge; Range Road Bridge and Section 34 Notice; Broomfield Road flooding; M Woods; Planning aspects; Broomfield Road; Administration rate; Broomfield/Troup Road; Shingle returns; Privates works accounts
Manawatu County Council  
Manawatu Gorge Bailey Bridge
Manawatu Region Pahiatua County and Borough; Federated Farmers
Manawatu Regional Development Council Resigned
Manawatu River  
Manawatu Orion Motorcycle Club  
Manawatu United Council Injunction; Petrol rationing
Margam Farming Co Ltd  
Martin TP  
Materials Used etc  
Maternity Annexe  
Meat Amendment Bill  
Meat Industry Authority  
Metal Crushed and Metal Extraction 75c
Mineral Prospecting   
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries  
Ministry of Transport Engineer Visit; Hopelands Road; Kearney - Top Grass Road; J Garth - Licence; Intersections
Ministry of Works 76/77 - Estimates; 76/77 - Estimates; Roads Vote; 76/77 Allocation; Gorge Road; Job; Roads Vote; District Roads Council; Gorge; Manawatu Urban Growth; 78/81 - Forecast; Urban Growth; Road User charges; Subsidy; Supervisors [Updating] course; 79/80 Roads Vote Estimates; Saddle Road - Free grant; 80/81; District Roads Council; Saddle Road; Oringi Road intersection; Additional allocations; Oringi Road; Flood damage and Saddle Road; Number 5 District Council; Review; Inspection; Gas pipeline; 82/83 - Flood damage; State Highway 2; Road Vote Subsidy; Waiaruhe; 82/83; Oringi intersection and natural  gas pipeline; Orinigi Road; National Roads Board budget and estimate; Natural gas; Ballance Bridge; Saddle Road; Class of Local Authorities Roads; Flood Damage;  Class of Local Authorities Roads; Beautiful New Zealand; Flood damage; Roads Council meeting, Hawkes Bay natural gas pipeline; Natural gas; 1983/84 review; National Roads Board subsidy; J Garth; District Roads Council Meeting; Supplementary claims 83/84; National Roads Board subsidy check; District Roads Council meeting; Test check of National Roads Board records; 85/86 Subsidised works; Road crossing, gas pipeline; Pipeline; Road maintenance training course; Emulsion sprayer; Gas pipeline, 86/87 Subsidised Works Programme; Flood damage; Bridge closure; Surplus National Roads Board funds; 85/86 National Roads Board budget and estimates; Road markings; 85/86 estimates
Mollard and Sawers Land Transfer Plan; E D Vowell; Beale; Druce; Beale; Last; New Zealand Pig Development Co [Ltd]; Kearney Road; New Zealand Pig Development [Co Ltd] and right of way and Mrs B C Cunningham; Mrs B C Cunningham; Right of way, Murray, and Mrs B C Cunningham; Mrs B C Cunningham; Mrs B C Cunningham and H P Horne; Woodville Borough Council
Morris and Bailey Grainger Bridge; Oxford Road Bridge; Charmley's Bridge
Morrison, Cooper and Partners Pahaheke Bridge; Inspection Report; Waituna Road Culvert; National Roads Board; Waiaruhe Intersection; Klein's Bridge; Klein's Bridge; Heretaunga Road; Report on Subsidised Works Programme; Inspection of county; Kleins Bridge; Lowering Broomfield Road
Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover  
M Rural Housing M [1 + 2] Mills R J and M E; Mills H: shed, shed, rural housing loan; Mudford R H; Morgan G R; Meech M E R; Miller G O; Mabey M C
M Miscellaneous M [1 + 2] Marginal Lands; Maharahara Milk Co: pipeline; Massey University; Martin J T Estate; Meeting Day: second Friday, Ruahine United Council; Members Renumeration: $9, $12; Manual of Instructions - [New Zealand Institute of County] Engineers; Martins Road; Motor Rally; M S D - Speirs Ltd; Mortuary Fees; Mabey's Bridge, Culvert; Metal Royalty: Wright estate; Manga-atua Stream; Metal Supplies; Meal Allowance; Makairo Track; Morris and Bailey Ltd: Grainger Brdige, transferred to separate card; Marlborough County; McNicol H I: 50th wedding anniversary; Mulvaney A K; Mill A M; Mail Box - Siting of; Martin Estate; Minister Energy: East Coast gas; Muldoon R D; Martin R L; Motor Vehicle Registration and Licence Fees; Ministry of Internal Affiars: Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day; Manawatu Asphalts; Meeting Papers; Moore M - MP: Regional Development; Mollard and Sawyer: Druce, Beale, Last, transferred to separate card; Manawatu Association of Small Farms; Marks, Stiles and Sedcole; Museum Society: Bridge stringers; MP for Pahiatua
M Miscellaneous M [3 + 4] Milk Tankers; Murray G: Boxthorn; Meetings Informal; Maharahara Road; Micro-Computer; Metal Patches; Management Accounts; Marae - Meeting House; Manawatu Crippled Childrens Society; Manawatu Evening Standard; Minor Works: sealing; Mabey A; Meat Amendment Bill; Mudford P R: rodeo; Martin Road; Ministry of Energy; Mabey Mr R R; Morgan Road; Miscellaneous Work; McLean T; Morgan G R: Woodville Borough Council water rights; County Maps; Ministry of Regional Development; Machinery - Use of; Mollison I R: valuer; Motor Holdings (Machinery) Ltd; Maharahara Hall
McKinlay Road  
McLean Street House Section; Electrical work; Visor fire; Redecorating
Mc Miscellaneous Mc and Mac McPherson G A: resign; MacKay; McClean Street: section, section; McCool P A; MacLean B: fencing; McIntyre C R: rural housing loan; McPeak J A; McLaren V M; McNeil B W; McCormack R F and C M: rural housing loan; McKays Bridge; McNicol H I: 50th wedding anniversary; 
National Register of Drivers Licences (Continued from N Misc)
National Roads Board 68 Tour; Tour; Meeting with borough; County tour; Forecast; 15% carryover; 5% cut; Forecast; Transfers; Programme; Forecast; 1979 Roading Symposium; Subsidised 1980/83 Works Programme; New Zealand Counties; Saddle Road subsidy; Subsidy; Campaign; Tour; Tour; Workshop; Surplus funds; Budget and estimates; subsidy; estimates
National Roads Board - Expenditure Trends Wages on cost; Tour; Tour; Meeting; $5:$1; $5:$1; $5:$1
Natural Gas  
Ngawapurua Hall  
Noise Control and Noise Control Officer  
Noxious Weeds Committee - District Noxious Plants Authorities New Zealand Counties Association; Joint Committee; Report on meeting; Report; Meeting 18/5/84; Franklin Road fence; Regional; Meeting 2/8/85
Noxious Weeds and Noxious Plant Scheme Milfoil; Grants; Grants received; Inspection; Judd; General; Ransom; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Broom; Broom; Broom; Hopeland; General; Broom; Hemlock; Ragwort; Ragwort; Nodding Thistle; New Zealand Railways; New Zealand Railways; Nodding Thistle; New Zealand Railways; Martin; 25%; New Zealand Railways; New Zealand Railways $300; New Zealand Railways; Ragwort; Beardmore; New Zealand Railways $400; New Zealand Railways; $20; McKay; McKay; Thorn Apple; Joint Committee; New Zealand Railways; Joint Committee; Joint Committee; New Zealand Railways; Subsidy; New Zealand Counties Association; Seminar; Dog Daisy; PEP; Ragwort; Roadsides; Ragwort; Meeting; Appointment of Officer; Noxious plants on road reserves; "Stink weed"; Noxious plants on railway reserves; Spraying of roadside; Whariti Road reserve; Balance Domain; New Zealand Railways; Appointment Chief Noxious Plants Officer
Nuisances Graham; Fraser; Fraser; Fraser; Graham; Fraser
New Zealand Counties Association [New Zealand Institute of County] Engineers Manual [of Instructions]; Circular Number 1592; Circular Number 1662; Ward B, Noxious plants; Circular Number 1715; Circular Number 1723; Noxious weeds; Noxious weeds; National Development Bill; Ward; Ward; Com'd Use seminar; Conference; Notice [of] ward meeting; Ward 8; Ward 8; Ward dinner; Report on Ward 8; Ward 8; Ward 8; Circular number 2002; Ward 8; Ward 8; National Roads Board; Ward 8; Ward 8; Drivers Licences; Roller; Report on Conference; Frontend Loader; Noise Control Act; Conference, Christchurch; Drivers Licences; Notice of Meeting; Hire Purchase Agreement; Forestry Encouragement Grant Scheme
New Zealand Counties Insurance Co Ltd (Transferred from N Misc)
New Zealand Institute of County Clerks (Transferred from N Misc)
New Zealand Institute of County Councils Staff training; Staff training; Job evaluation; Town Clerks staff training; Town Clerks
New Zealand Institute of Public and Local Authority Administration Membership
New Zealand Jet Boat Association Manawatu Catchment Board
New Zealand Railways Level crossing survey; Broomfield Road; Waiaruhe
N Miscellaneous N [1 + 2] Norman E W: MBE, retire; New Zealand Litter Control Council; New Zealand Water Safety Council; New Zealand Forest Service; Nicholls B: dispensation; New Zealand Post Office; Napier City Council; New Zealand Institute of County Engineers; Ngawapurua: metal site; Nominal Occupier: Vowell, Vowell and Anderson; Non-Rateable Properties: two halls, Woodville Borough Cemetery; Noxious Weed Inspector; New Zealand Olympic Appeal; New Zealand Crippled Childrens Society; New Zealand Counties Insurance Co Ltd: transferred to separate card; National Development Bill; New Zealand Ports Authority; Nicholls K A and C A: boarding kennels, fencing road reserve; New Zealand Ensign; New Zealand Electricity Department; Naming of Roads: Johnstone and Victoria Roads; National Register of Drivers Licences: continued on a separate card; New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering; New Zealand Aerial Mapping; Newman, Mollison, Brown and Partners; New Zealand County Councils Industrial Union of Employees; New Zealand Institute of County Clerks: transferred to separate card; National Union of Railwaymen; Nuclear Weapons; National Provident Fund; News Report; Noxious Weeds
Office Building Painting; Painting; Painting; Roof; Roof; Blinds; Blinds; Expelair; Expelair; Damage; Damage; Damage; Damage; Expenses; Batts; Kitchen cupboards; Effluorescence; Roof painting
Office Equipment Typewriter; Adding machine; Vacuum cleaner; Calculator; Adding machine; Mini-computer; Photocopier; Reserve; Typewriter
Oldfields Asphalts Ltd, Masterton Roadbroom
Old Main Road - Old State Highway (Transferred from [O] Miscellaneous)
O'Neill L D and P N  
Oringi Road Car rally; Race meeting; Race meeting; Race meeting; Cow; Cow; Cow; Road intersection; Pothole in road; Resiting powerpole
Otawhao Road Willows; Fences; Fence
Outside Work Operations Cost of; Bitumen sprayer
Overweight Permits  
Oxford Road and Bridge Bridge; Bridge; Water rights; Harris; Problem with stumps; Flooding; Drains
O Miscellaneous O [1 + 2] Ormond Trust; Open road speed limit; Otawhao Station; Old Gorge Road; Oringi Works; O'Neil Mrs P M D; Oulaghan M K; Old Main Road/Old State Highway: closure, transferred to separate card; Objections: District Scheme; Office Hours; Off Road Dairy Farm Races; Olsen Miss D; Overexpenditure: Subsidised Works Programme; C O'Leary Engineer Co Ltd
Pacific Freezing Representatives meeting; Joint submission; Objection meeting and decision; Legal counsel; Rumours; Reserves Contribution; Mr Lowe and Mr Branigan; Road; Amount outstanding
Pahaheke Track Road closed signs; M Revell; Culverts; Bridge; Bridge
Pahiatua County Council Joint Machine Co-operation; Report; Manawatu region; Clematis Vitalba; Joint District Scheme; Proposed meeting; Goatsrue; Stock droving
Pahiatua Magistrates Court  
Palmerston North City Council Water test, Pinfold Road; Showgrounds
Palmerston North Harrier Club  
Pattisons Bush Toilets
PEP Project Employment Scheme Termination; Road verge clearing; Termination
Perry K R Deputy Chairman
Petroleum Tax Penalty; Penalty
Photo - Council and Past Chairmen  
Pinfold Road McCurdy Hill; Road verges; Road verges; pothole; Road verges; Road verges; Corner Pinfold and Oxford [Roads]; Culverts; Narrow section; Graham; Forestry block fencing
Pinfold Road Cemetery  
Pipes Under Roads etc Barnes; Cammock; Gimblett; Gimblett; Takawa; Armistead; Fraser; Fraser; Barnes; Last; Lowe; Genet; Genet; Gas pipeline
Planning Consent Mulvaney; Vowell; Johnstone; Harris; Ramsden; Pacific Freezing; Housing Corporation/New Zealand Electricity Department; Hearing notice; Planning appeal
Plant Renewal Account Ford Cortina; Roller; New grader; Tandem axle trailer; Additional truck
Plant Purchases and Surplus Plant Items Loader cab; Heater; Chainsaw; Truck; Tenders; Trucks; Ex Woodville Borough Council; Ex Woodville Borough Council; New tractor; Backhoe; Car; Car; Mower; Aveling Burford grader; Aveling Burford; Motor Cat922B; Heco heater; Deck and hoist; New truck; Water pump motor; Tar patching equipment; Surplus tyre stocks; Cover for roller; Tyres, new/old Aveling Burford grader; Repairs backhoe; New digger; Trailer for roller; Sale of Ford digger number 9; Tandem axle trailer; Wheeled hydraulic excavator; Ringfeder brake and light equipment; Mitsubishi wheeled excavator; Excavator; Tandem axle trailer, Ford digger, Aveling Burford grader; Truck cab and chassis, tipping body for truck; New truck; Loader bucket; Air compressor; Truck; Air compressor, excavator; New truck; Excavator warranty; Number 2, number 12 and number 21
Plant Costs and Hire Rates etc.  
Plant Operation Account  
Planting Hopelands Road; Saddle Road; Oxford Road; Top Grass/Ross Road Intersection; Council Office
Plunket Society $8.50; $8.50; $8.50; $8.50; $8.50; $8.50; $8.50; $10.00; $10.00; $10.00
Porter and Martin Change; Pre-Review; Pohangina District Scheme review; Oroua County District Scheme
Pre-Review Statement Ministry of Works; Conference; Conference
Private Work Dairy products; Speedy
Prosecutions Beale; Beatson; Martin; Martin; Martin; Martin; McKay; Lockyer; Lockyer; Lockyer
P Miscellaneous P [1 + 2] Painting Houses: McLean Street; Population; Pollution; Purchasing Limit: $400 County Clerk; Payment of Rates: penalty; Plant Operator Training; Powdrell R D G: first meeting, presentation, ranger; Peebles Culvert; Pahiatua Hydatids Organisation; Pound - Papatawa; Public Bodies Leases Act; Picnic Areas: drums, Hopelands; Penalty on Rates: Matamata, uniform date; Protection of Bush and Trees; Petrol Price; Palmerston North Harrier Club: transferred to separate card; Public Bodies Meeting Act; Powdrell Road; Power Board - Dannevirke; Public Account Expenditure Trends; Public Toilets Hopelands; Payroll Tax; Priest Road Culvert; Pohangina County: review; Private School; Parking of Milk Tankers; Paulik J P: rural housing loan; Pentland Mrs Beverly; Pahiatua Borough Council: Manawatu; Paparua County; Perry K R: Deputy Chairman; Plant Depreciation Rate: backhoe; Permit Fees: review, review; Presentation: Richards, O'Neill and Vowell; Power M P; Pig Farming
P Miscellaneous P [3 + 4] Pork Industry Council; Project Employment Scheme PEP: transferred to separate card; Palmerston North Airport Building Extensions; Potter Road; Property Purchase: Hayne property; Policy Statement; Pit Metal; Patriotic Welfare; Paterson Mrs P: lunches; Pugh G B; Poulton M A; Pryde J A; Patching; Petition; Petition: housing County Engineer; Porter D G: pre-review statement; Plant Charges; Partial Release; Photographs - Council and Past Chairmen: council, separate card; Planning Tribunal; Pathways (Manawatu) Ltd: increase; Public Administration Seminar; Pensioner Housing; Primary Base Course; Printing - Agenda; Plant Report; Permit Fees; Priest Road; Pickett J W: Temporary Employment Programme, Temporary Employment Programme; Poulton P W T: fencing Otawhao Road, forestry project; Powell T; Plain Copier; Papatawa Yard; Palmerston North City Council: airport, transferred to separate card; Pavement Rehabilitation Workshop; Pohangina County Council; Photocopying Equipment
P Miscellaneous P [5 + 6] Passenger Service Licences; Perry Mrs J; Piggery Effluent; Papakura City Council; Planning Services; Pahiatua Shingle Co; Piert Road; Planting - Hopelands Road; Papatawa Hall: car park, sealing; Proposed Expenditure: 83/86; Picnic Day for Drivers; Poulan Chainsaw; Public Relations; Petrol Rationing; Palmerston North Airport Authority; Plant Replacement; Pratt Contractors Ltd; potholes; Pahiatua Hospital; Policing; Parliament: jobs for school leavers
Queen's Birthday Honours Lanham; Nolan
Railway Crossings Heretaunga Road
Range Road  
Ranger Beatson; Charging; Temporary Overseer; W Herman; W Herman; R D G Powdrell; Holding paddock; Franklin Road
Rates 1969; 1970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 1974; 74/75; To Solicitors; 75/76; 76/77; Arrears; Arrears; 77/78; 77/78; Written off; To Solicitor; Signing rate book; Penalty; To Solicitor; 80/81; Rates written off; Rate increase; 81/82; Ridings; Striking 82/83; Amounts written off; Roberts; Written off; Striking 83/84; Arrears; Arrears; Signing 83/84 rate book; Arrears; Written off; 84/85; Arrears; Written off; 1985/86; Write off
Recreation and Sport Subsidy refund; Subsidy; Subsidy; Subsidy 83/84; Subsidy; 85/86
Refund of Rates Two halls; Woodville Borough Council
Regionalisation Local Government Commission; Dannevirke City Council
Representatives Territorial Authority New Zealand Ports Authority; New Zealand Ports Authority; Hawkes Bay Harbour; County
Reserves - Road Coats; Inspection; Papatawa; Kumeroa; Houston; Kumeroa; Papatawa; Inglis; Papatawa; Inspection; Whariti; Inspection; Houston; Renewals; Renewals; Martin; Martin, Boyden; Leases; Noxious weeds; Mitchell; Kumeroa; Fairbrother Road; Fairbrother Road; Compton; Klein, Mabey; Leases; Lease renewals; Worboys; Compton; Clerk's report; Davey to Coats; Worboys; General; General; General; General; General; General; Beattie; Graham; S Graham; R Terry; A Mabey; Inglis; Judd Beale; Morris Ellwood; Troup Road, William Road; Charmley; Short, Connors; Short, Connors; Bluff Road; Maharahara Road; Nicholls; Bluff Road; D Last and Jackson Road; Heretaunga Road; Dodd Road; Bluff Road; Jackson and Hopelands Road; Bluff and Priest Roads; Totara Road; Bluff Road; Carr; Otawhao Road; Temporary permits and permanent permits; Orme; Young Farmers Club; Jackson Road and Old Kearney Road; Pinfold Road; Kearney Road; Potter Road; Totara Road; Kiritaki Road; Totara Road; Kiritaki Road; Troup Road; Heretaunga Road; Blatchford; Graham; Electric Fences; Mrs Terry, Loveday Road; School Road, Kumeroa; Loveday Road; Kearney and Range Road and Bushmill Road; Whariti Road (PEP); Leasing; Leasehold, Whariti Road clearing; Township Road; Range Road; Corby Road; Wharite Road; Heretaunga Road; Ross Road; Corby Road; Wharite Road; Corby Road; Corby Road; Top grass road; River Road; Water pipeline Condoit/Pinfold Road; Kumeroa Road; Township Road; Cemetery Road; Potter Road; River Road; Cemetery Road; Valley Road; River Road Lease; Cemetery Road
Riding Boundaries and Inspections Inspection; Inspection
Riding Representation 1968; 1971; 1974; 1977; 1983
Rivers J G Transferred from "R" Miscellaneous
Roadbroom Verge work; Verge work
Road closures Manawatu Car Club; Manawatu Car Club; Davey and Coppermine Bridge; Manawatu Car Club; New Zealand Railways; Saddle Road; River Road; Otawhao Road; Saddle Road; Saddle Road; Saddle Road; Saddle Road; Saddle Road; Mangatainoka Bridge; Manawatu Gorge
Roading Report  
Road Signs/Markings Pahaheke Track; Theft
Roading Symposium etc  
Rossiter J S and M R Rural housing insurance; Cow race
Ruahine East Ranges Control Scheme  
Ruahine Forest Park and Advisory Committee Unformed Legal oad
Ruahine Region and Ruahine United Council Southern Hawkes Bay Federated Farmers; Notice Meeting; Meeting; Gartrell - Chairman
Rubbish and Rubbish Dumps Borough; Kumeroa; Maharahara; Maharahara; Maharahara; Maharahara; Maharahara; Range Road; Saddle Road and Maharahara; Saddle Road; Saddle Road; Kumeroa
Rural Housing Loans Alexander; $50,000; Johnstone; Johnstone; Rossiter; Alexander; Houston; Judd; $55,000; Hermansen; Hartstone; Hermansen; Hartstone; Dacey; Armistead; Bulk; Beagley, Mills; Bulk; Boyden; Brown; Mills; Bulk; Bulk; Transfer; Bulk; Boyden; Brown; Graham; Interest rates; Knight; Bilton; Mudford; Bulk; Bulk; Mudford; Bulk; Vowell; Bulk; 8% Penalty; Morgan; Morgan; Herdman; Bulk; Bulk; Bulk; Paulik; Bolton; Bulk; Mills; Vowell; Galloway; Simpson; $75,000; $60,000; O'Neil; Bilton; Brunton; Meech; Beale; Webb; Bulk - $90,000; $60,000; J and J Christian; Rivers; Stratford; $60,000; Special order; $90,000; Worboys; $50,000; Miller; Hutchinson; Ormond Trust; Stratford; Inglis; Christian to Culph;McCormack and Mabey; Christian; Brown; De La Haye; Charmley and 1983 Loan; $75,000 (83); Charmley; Last; Special Order; C Lowe; Revell; McIntyre; Hickey; Fountaine; Rural housing loan; Boyden; A D De La Haye; Druce; J D Druce; Act; Webb, Rossiter
R Miscellaneous R [1 + 2] Remits Conference; Riding Accounts; Road Safety Association Dannevirke; Road Classifications; Retiring Age: 65; Rating; Roading Symposium; Road Culverts: Whariti, Peebles; Ritchie J B; Returning Officer; Ruahine Dairy Co; Rural Fire Officers; Reorganisation of County; Royal Humane Society; Recreation Leave; Radio Telephone; Residential Home for Elderly; Ruahine Branch - Federated Farmers: Fouling Road; Round the Ranges Relay; Reseals; Road User Charges; Road Safety; Ramsden G F; Refugees - Indo-Chinese; Reserves Act (1977): seminar; Reports; Reports; Responsibility - Share; Radio New Zealand Motor Rally; Right of Ways; Ramsden R; Rivers J: transferred to separate card; Resignations: Ash, Ash; Ranging Pigs; Rating Forum Proceedings; Rural Depopulation; Re-Siting Letterboxes
R Miscellaneous R [3 + 4] Rural Bank; Reserves Contribution: Pacific; Roads General: white painted rail, E Bradley, Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps (RNZAC); Rural Housing Loan Repayments: estate M Bilton; Recreation and Sport: subsidy refund, transferred to separate card; Road Reserves: see card named 'Reserves - Road'; Rivers J: wandering stock; transferred to separate card; Ratebook: signing; Rawhiti Earthmovers Ltd; Roadside Stabilisation; Roads Vote: estimate Ministry of Works, 79/80; Roading Finance; Regional Development; Royal Humane Society; Road User Licences; Rutten A P and P W; Rural Fire Plans; Road Transport Industry; River Road; Range Road: transferred to separate card; Roadshow; Ross Road; Ragwort; Rock Overhang; Riding Members; Ramsden G F; Rangitikei County Council: CNG; Reserve Fund; Radio Telephones; Road Maintenance Course; Revell Mr M C: rural housing loan; Re-Refined Oil; Race Relations Conciliator; Recycling; Radio Telephones; Roading Statistics
R Miscellaneous R [5] Reserve Rentals: Ormond Road, Kumeroa Gravel Reserve, Ball Road; RSA [Returned Services' Association]; Roadside Structure
Saddle Road Manawatu Catchment Board; Flood damage; Road closure; Road closure; Road stabilisation; Tree planting; Manawatu Catchment Board and road closure; Road closure; Gas pipeline; Metal pit; Planting; Metal pit agreement; Metal pit; Metal pit; Road closed; Re-classification; Flood damage
Saddle Road Dump  
Salary and Wages Review and Scales etc 3%; Wilton; 4.8%; 9.1%; 12.5%; 2.7%; Colbeck; County Clerk and Works Superintendent; County Clerk and County Engineer; 4%; Annual review; McNeil
Sealing Programme Tar; Manawatu asphalt; 79/80; 80/81; Tenders; Speedy; Speedy; Spraying of sealed services; First coat 1984/85; Otawhao Road; 85/86
Sealing Tenders 75/76; 75/76; 76/77; 76/77; 77/78; 80/81; 80/81; 80/81; 81/82; 84/85; 85/86; 85/86
Seminars and Courses Continued from "S" Miscellaneous; Local Authorities and Housing; Zero based budgeting; Rural plan; Job evaluation; Drivers Training; Industrial relations; Seal design
Service Charges and Discount Anderson Auto Electric Ltd
Shape Correction 1984/85
Signs Wharite Road; Five finger cross roads; Motel; Powell; Waipawa District Council; Speedy; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; E D Vowell; Pacific Freezing
Southern Cross Medical Care Society  
Sowry Road Allen; Allen; Allen
Special Orders Rural housing; Confirmation; Building permit; Confirmation; Rural housing 1978; Building permit form; Rural housing form; Rural housing loan; Confirmation
Specified Departure Johnstone; Mills; Vowell; Karaitiana; Fees
Speedy's Bridge  
Staff Miss Bradbury; Gore; Wilton; Cox; Fawns; Pugh; Fawns; Lyons; Fawns; C McKinlay; Garth; Garth; Golding; Burlace; Burlace; Wilton; Robinson; Mrs McLeod; Watkins; Anderson; Liddicoat; Liddicoat; Watkins; Liddicoat; Coldbeck; Coldbeck; Social; Union Fees; Union Fees; Coldbeck; Coldbeck; Coldbeck; Social; Coldbeck; Brown; Coldbeck; Lowe; Lowe; Lowe; Christmas break-up; Lowe; Lowe; Break-up; Lowe; Alternative housing; Possible vacancy; Y Lowe - Seminar; Christmas Function; Retirements; T Wilton; Clark 35C Operator; N Duncan; Replacements; Evening meetings; Garth; Easter holidays; G L Malton; Supervision; Miss D Olsen; McLean T; Christmas function; Shortage; Exam pass; Robinson; Temporary office [assistance]; McNeil; McNeil; Todd; Vacancy, Appointment, Accommodation
Staff Training Courses - Inside and Outside Staff Lowe; Clark 35C
Stock Surplus; Tree stock
State Highway 2 Oringi; Name change to Old Gorge Road; Oringi Intersection; Oringi Intersection
Stock Loading Ramps Beatson; Beatson
Stock on Roads and Stock Droving By-law and Stock Routes Martin; Kemp; Sowry Road; Martin; Droving of stock; Stock droving by-law; Special order; Rivers
Stubbings Bridge  
Subdivisions Druce and Stewart; Section 20 etc Tahoraite; G S Bradley; Dunford and Ramsden; Pt Sec 11 and 17 Tahoraite subdivision; Matthew Bros; R J and S B Stratford; L B Beardmore; Armistead Bros; D F W Walker; Estate A H Karaitiana; W C and A H Charmley; Bishop K C and M A; Paterangi Farms Ltd; Coe; Bishop; Te Ture; E R Wade; Maraenui Ltd; J H Bradley; A L Barnes; Mrs S Kaukau; F J Stubbings; B Coe; New Zealand Forest Service; Estate A D Hall; R D G Powdrell; E S Klein; M P Power; R Harris and G Kendrick; J A H Inglis; G R Beale; E D Vowell; Druce; P G Webb; Last R W; Cammock S; Boyce W L R and K; Cunningham W B: Mrs BC; Cammock Estate; Cunningham Mrs B C; Faulkner W J; Squires N; Horne E C Mrs; Geling T J; Dunford Family Trust; Te Ture Q G; P W T Poulton; Arends K; Hutchinson Farms Ltd; Barrow C P; New Zealand Pig Development Co Ltd; Trotter R J; Perry K R and J L; Horn H P; Bayley M C; Ramsden G F; Gimblett G F
Subsidies Noxious weeds
Subsidised Work Programme 80/81; 80/81; 80/81; 81/84 estimates; 81/84; 82/85; 83/84; 83-86; 83/86; 82/83; 84/85; 84/85; 85/86; 84/85; Revision 1985/86; 85/86; 85/86; 86/87; 85/86; 86/87 forward programme; 85/86 mid year review
S Miscellaneous S [1 + 2] Sundry Debtors Outstanding:1968, 1969, Dalrach; State Highway 50; Settlement Road; Short N B: Price Road; Surf Lifesaving: Foxton; Surplus Funds; Smedley Station: Advisory Board; Subsidy Test Check; Service Charges and Discounts; Silver Fern Motor Rally; Saddle Road Pit; Sealing Widths: failure; Safety Course; Shingle Permits etc; Signing of Ratebook; Simpson Road: Griffiths; State Highways; Swimming Baths: Tararua, Tararua; Stanley Street Drain; Stock Race: Mabey; South East Ruahine Control Scheme: Inspection; Simpson G N: rural housing loan; Statutory Land Charge: Hermansen; Special Finance - Noxious Weeds: Coull; Surplus Supplies; Sale of Parts and Vehicles; Share Finance and Works Meeting; Section McLean Street; Sport and Recreation: subsidy, see Recreation and Sport; Sturdee Bridge: County Engineer; Seminar - Grader: continued on separate card "Seminars"; Special Meeting: Pacific; Soundproofing; Statutory Declaration: Woodville County District Scheme; Southern Hawkes Bay Outdoor Advisory Committee; Southern Hawkes Bay Federated Farmers: Ruahine reg
S Miscellaneous S [3 + 4] Stratford R J and S: rural housing loan; Stylemaster Garage; Sawmilling; Seminars: local government, Massey, Land Use Advisory Council; grader; data processing, continued on separate card; Seasons Greetings; Spicer P A; Stubbings Bridge: transferred to separate card; Sealing Documents; Steam and Sand Ltd; Short P H and M J; Service Allowance; Staff Housing Loan; Submissions; Stocktaking; Salvation Army; Smith R W; Sandblasting of Bridges; Stratford Mayor of; Soil and Water Resources Council; Strathallan County Council; School Leavers; Standards Association of New Zealand; Stock Ranger: see Ranger; Sealing Patches; State Forest Land; Subsidised Works Programme: 1984/85; Southern Hawkes Bay Pest Destruction Board; Sewerage Line Troup Road; Stock Droving By-law: continued on separate card; Swimming Pools: fencing; Security AlarmSystem and Services; Southland County Council: flood; Speedy S J; Shingle Supplies; Spraying of Roadside; Sourness F: Papatawa Bridge timber; Sandbrook C L
Tararua College  
Telephones Directory; Directory; Directory; Listings; Listing; Listing; Directory
Temporary Employment Scheme  
Tenders - Bridges Grainger; Makairo; Ballantrae and Sturdee
Tenders - Sealing Extras; Extras; 75/76; 76/77; 78/79; 78/79; 79/80; Increase Price; 78/79; 80/81; 80/81; Sign document; Sign document
Tenders - Vehicles and Plant Grader; Truck; Chainsaw; HT and LT; Heaters; Number 10; New tractor; Chainsaw; Truck; Not accepted; Emulsion/sprayer, not accepted
Top Grass Road Trees; Trees; Deviation; Automobile Association Signs; Stock route; School bus; Stock on road, letter of thanks to Mr R Terry; M Cammock and A Mill; C Sandbrook; R Terry
Totara Road Poulton; Sealing
Tour of Inspection Leases
Town and Country Planning Oroua County Council; Oroua County Council; Oroua County Council; McPeak; Oroua County Council; Oroua; Mills; New Zealand Railways; Change number one; Change number one; Pahiatua County Council; Change number one; New Act; Change number one; Pig farms; Freezing Works Tribunal; Review number two; Hawkes Bay Farmers Meat Co re-zone; Falloon; Dairy products
Traffic Counters De Neefes
Transport Committee Traffic counters; Meeting
Trees on Roads Harding and Bluff; Top Grass; Power; Powdrell Road; Saddle Road; Whariti; Priest, Oxford; Davey; Fairbrother Road
Training Courses Overseer; Explosives; Overseer; Pugh; County Clerk
Troup Road Bridge; Seal; Complaint; Pigs; Potholes; Potholes; Road closure; Railway crossing; G R Beale; W J Pryde and P W Rutten - Complaints; Inspection; Noxious Plants; Troup Road West; Cable laying; New Zealand Forest Service; Transfer of portion of Troup Road
Tyre Supplies Dunlop, Woodville Motordrome; Tyre problems; Stocks
T Miscellaneous T [1 + 2] Tar Sprayer: cancelled; Traffic Scales; Timesheets; Transport Act; Terry R T; Territorial Local Government Council; Traffic Engineer; Truck Colours; Tenders - House Maintenance; Traffic Tallies; Trolley Derby (Lions); Tree Society; Toilet - Hopelands; Top Town; Treasury: rural housing loan, direct credit of wages, report; Term Deposits; Toilets - Pattisons Bush; Taylor T C; Trade Publications; Tawadale Farm; Typewriter Hire of; Tauranga County Council; Trotter Mr R J: subdivision, election as Chairman; Thanks: M Hickey; To Ahu A Turanga Marae; Tar Patching Equipment; Timber Suppliers: J & H; Treasurer: 1984/85 Subsidised Works Programme, 1985/86 Subsidised Works Programme; Tenders - Lease Land: Tawadale withdrew; Tenders - Misc: drain clearing, drains; Traffic Officer; Takapau; Triennial Ward Dinner; Traffic Counters; Trackweld Ltd; Terry R; Township Road
T Miscellaneous T [3] Te Ahu a Turangi Marae Committee; Transitional and Training Advisory Committee; Tourism
U Miscellaneous U University of Hawkes Bay Trust Board; University of Auckland; United Council; UDC Finance Ltd; Unemployed Scheme; Union Membership; Urban Transport Council; Unformed Legal Road; Unions
Valley Road Bradley; Culvert; Briar; Culvert; Bridge erosion; Bridge sign; Culvert; Cows; Seal
Valuation Department Printing demands 1.25 per 100; at meeting
Verge Work Roadbroom; PEP; General
Vice Regal  
Vowell E D Elected; Rural housing loan; Fence; Planning consent; Nominal Occupier; Presentation
V Miscellaneous V Victoria Domain; Vehicular Turnaround; Valuers Report; Vehicle Maintenance; Vibratory Roller; Voting: manner of; Vouchers Certifying; Vandalism; Valediction; Valuation Equalisation Meeting; Vehicle Valuations; Visibility Hazard
Waiaruhe No exit; Seal Old State Highway; School; Trees Mrs McNicol; Pollution; Pollution; Footbridge; Bridge; School; Bridge; Railway crossing; Railway reserve; School; Fencing Old State Highway and Bridge; Railway crossing; New intersection; New intersection; New intersection; Level crossing; Railway crossing; Railway crossing; Old Main Highway
Waipukurau District Council Arts
Waireka Home  
Wairewa County Council Grader
Ward 8 Lunches; Uniform penalty date; Ward dinner; 
Ward Dinner  
W E C Waterman Transferred from "W" Miscellaneous
Water Tables  
Wharite Road Agreement; Agreement; J D Worboys; J D Worboys; Agreement; No exit sign; Agreement; Water table; Litter; Reserve; Road reserve boundaries; J Inglis; Forestry Project
Woodlands Road School - Public Hall  
Woodlands Road School New Zealand Electricity Department; Fraser; Give Way sign
Woodville Borough Council Out work; Stanley Street; Outside Works Agreement; Station Street; Refuse tips; Sowry Road; Governor General Account; Joint Meeting; S/D work; Boundary Roads; Meeting; Civil Defence; Civil Defence Committee; Recreation and Sport allocation; Works order; Library; Assistant to Clerk; Library; Decoration of Fence; Drain Woodlands Road; Fence; Nominal Occupier; Paper copier; Civil Defence; Administration Assistant; Maternity Annexe; Saddle Road rubbish; Water reticulation; Library; Rubbish; Community centre; Mini-computer, Saddle Road rubbish; Community centre; Recreation and Sport; Fence; Saddle Road Rubbish; Library; Community centre; Nominal Occupier; Recreation and Sport; Planning application East Coast Fertiliser [Co]; East Coast Fertiliser Co; Opening of Community Centre; Estimate 84/85; Water supply; Dam; Dam; Subdivision reservoir; Water rights; Water rights; Contribution; Contribution; Road sealing; Returned Services' Association Cemetery, Christmas dinner
Woodville Borough - Joint Committee On costs; Water supply; Rates etc; Dump; Community Centre; Union; Agreement; Union; Agreement; Agreement; Union; Account; Meeting; Kerb channel cemetery continued; Union; Cemetery; Union; Union; Union; Discuss problems; Amalgamation; Amalgamation
Woodville Branch of Plunket Society $15; $20; $20; $20; $30
Woodville Community Centre Rotary Club; Opening
Woodville Domain Board Transferred from "W" Miscellaneous
Woodville Fire Board  
Woodville Free Ambulance Donation; $10; $10; $15; $20; $100; $20; $30.00; $50
Woodville Maternity Annexe  
Woodville and Pahiatua Racing Clubs Photo; Drain; Drain; Stylemaster Garage
Woodville Public Library Country; Woodville Borough Council; Woodville Borough Council
Worboys J D Building permit; Application for rural housing loan
Works Superintendent Transferred from County Engineers Card; Appointment as Ranger; Report; Leading hand; Leading hand; Outside works; Salary review; Duties; Overexpenditure; Outside works; Meal expenses; Meal expenses; Subsidised Works Programme; Reassessment of duties; Ford digger report; Charmley's Bridge - repair contract; Completion shape correction works; First coat sealing 1984/85
Works Programmes 76/77 - Estimates; 7% all increase; 76/77; 4% increase; 83/84; 82/83; 85/86
W Miscellaneous W [1 + 2] Water and Soil Conservation; Wellington Car Club; Walkways; Weighing Pits; Woodville Centennial; Willows: Powdrell Road; Water Rights: D Harris; Wellington Acclimatisation Society; Waterman W E C: health hazard; Water Rights: Burlace; Watkins J D: appointment, first meeting, salary, County Engineer appointment, vehical seminar; Woodville Lions Club: toilets; Water Supply Schemes; Wage Adjustment Regulations; Woodville Anglers; Warrant and Certificate of Fitness; Wages On costs: National Roads Board; Woodville Club; Wandering Stock; Woodville Borough Treatment Strip; Walker A D; Wairoa County Council; Woodville Rotary Club: number 5356; Weight Pits; Wellington Regional Employers Association: wage seminar; Wairuhe School; Waipawa District Council; Woodville JayCee; Woodville Police; Waste Land Kiritaki; Wellington and Hawkes Bay Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment: new colours; Woodville Plunket: $20, $20, $30; Wairarapa Hospital Board; Wage Seminar; William Road; Woodville Young Farmers Club
W Miscellaneous W [3 + 4] Works Superintendent: separate card Works Superintendent; Wilton Mr Tom; Wharite Contractors Ltd; Wairarapa Ragional Development Council; Water Cart; Williams Mrs J A; Water Tanks; Woodville Plant Hire; Woods W; Woodville Progressive Association; Woodville Domain: transferred to separate card; Workshop; Wren N T; Wellington Regional Employers Association; Waituna Road; White K: house renovations; Woodville Returned Services' Association Cemetery; Woodville Scout Group; Woodville Association Football Club; Woodville Motordrome; Waipa County Council; Waitomo District Council; Mrs Y M Whakatutu; Woodville Returned Services' Association; Wairarapa Dealers; Woodville Triathlon Club; A G Winn (Engineer) Ltd; Woodville Marae Committee; Woodville Little Theatre
Yard Dispensation McPeak; McLaren; Houston; Henson; Fountaine and Son; Nicholls: Woodville Jockey CLub; Harris; Barnes; Mulvaney
Y Miscellaneous Y Yard County: Floodlight; Young Farmers Club: Old Gorge Road

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