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This series contains the Deeds and Legal Agreements of the Tararua District Council. Some earlier agreements from the Councils predecessors have been carried over into this sequence. Retention and Disposal work was carried out prior to transfer to Archives Central, so there are gaps in the numbering for those agreements that were not retained.

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Deed: Abattoir - Memorandum of Mortgage; Certificate of Title; Certificate of Insurance TDC 00654:1:89 1986-1986
Deed: Agreement - Corner Queen and Cadman Streets TDC 00654:1:3 1929-1929
Deed: Agreement - Drivers Licences Issuing Agents TDC 00654:2:99 1983-1983
Deed: Agreement - Land for Public Refuse Transfer Depot TDC 00654:4:394 1998-1998
Deed: Agreement - Railway Land Kopua and Pipe under line at Norsewood Road TDC 00654:2:107 1920-1986
Deed: Agreement as to Maintenance of Level Crossings TDC 00654:1:55 1973-1973
Deed: Agreement Between Crime Prevention Unit of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and TSCC TDC 00654:3:308 1995-1995
Deed: Agreement for Definition of River Mouths and Land ward Boundary of Coastal Marine Area TDC 00654:3:254 1994-1994
Deed: Agreement For Sale and Purchase TDC 00654:3:319 1996-1996
Deed: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Land TDC 00654:4:527 1984-1999
Deed: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate TDC 00654:4:476 1999-1999
Deed: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate - Princess St Subdivision TDC 00654:3:256 1994-1994
Deed: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Timber TDC 00654:3:233 1993-1993
Deed: Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Timber TDC 00654:3:249 1994-1994
Deed: Agreement for the Establishment of a Community Centre in the Old Dannevirke Public Library TDC 00654:3:215 1992-1992
Deed: Agreement for the New Line in Modem TDC 00654:2:134 1990-1990
Deed: Agreement for the Renewal of Licences TDC 00654:2:116 1987-1987
Deed: Agreement for the Use of the Domain Cricketing Facilities TDC 00654:1:76 1980-1980
Deed: Agreement in respect of Jones Street Drain TDC 00654:3:279 1995-1995
Deed: Agreement re Crusher TDC 00654:3:274 1974-1974
Deed: Agreement re Dissolution of the Trust TDC 00654:4:387 1997-1997
Deed: Agreement re Ownership - (Section 1 - Block V - Makuri Survey District) TDC 00654:4:423 1998-1998
Deed: Agreement re Te Uri Road TDC 00654:2:110 1948-1948
Deed: Agreement re the Issue of Government Stock TDC 00654:3:214 1968-1969
Deed: Agreement to Lease Deed of Grant of Plant and Equipment Contract for Swimming Services TDC 00654:3:287 1993-1997
Deed: Agreement to Lease Premises at Pahiatua 58123 TDC 00654:2:196 1992-1992
Deed: Agreement to Occupy Tahuokaretu and Towai Road Sites TDC 00654:2:151 1991-1991
Deed: Agreement to Provide Assistance in Developing a Carpark TDC 00654:1:91 1986-1986
Deed: Agreement to Provide Services by the Health Protection Section and Health Services Section TDC 00654:3:271 1994-1994
Deed: Agreement to Supply DCC Water and Service a Watermain for Ratepayers TDC 00654:1:67 1978-1978
Deed: Agreement to Supply Water to a New Water Service Known as the Western Water Supply TDC 00654:1:90 1986-1986
Deed: Agreement to Supply Water to Ratepayers Previously Served by the Riverdale Road Water Main TDC 00654:1:73 1980-1980
Deed: Agreements and specifications - Papahau and Mangakoho Rd Bridges TDC 00654:2:108 1907-1907
Deed: Agreements For Sale and Purchase of Shares in Tararua Roading Limited and Tararua Forests Limited TDC 00654:4:456 1997-1997
Deed: Akitio Camping Ground Sale and Purchase of Real Estate TDC 00654:3:303 1995-1996
Deed: Annual Report for Year Ended 30 June 1991 TDC 00654:2:161 1991-1991
Deed: Assignment of Musical Instruments TDC 00654:1:9 1915-1915
Deed: Assignment of Musical Instruments TDC 00654:1:10 1922-1922
Deed: Bond for Stage 1 of the Subdivision Guy Street TDC 00654:1:58 1975-1975
Deed: Bonds - Consent to the Sale of Sections Prior to Sealing of Streets TDC 00654:1:77 1981-1981
Deed: Certificate of Exemption From Interest And Dividend PAYE TDC 00654:3:320 1990-1990
Deed: Certificate of Title, Princess Street TDC 00654:2:144 1991-1991
Deed: Certificates of Title - Rural Housing Loan - Completed TDC 00654:2:162 1991-1991
Deed: Charge and Wholesale Term Loan [includes Deed 529] TDC 00654:4:528 1999-1999
Deed: Committed Cash Advance Facility Agreement TDC 00654:4:454 1999-1999
Deed: Communication Pole Site Licence TDC 00654:4:524 2000-2000
Deed: Compliance Certificate - Deed of Charge re: Rates and Rates Revenue - Deed Poll etc TDC 00654:4:537 2000-2000
Deed: Confidentiality Agreement TDC 00654:4:588 2001-2001
Deed: Consenting to the dedication of Land for a Road to Scenic Reserve TDC 00654:2:113 1916-1916
Deed: Contract 05D/91 Bevan Street Stormwater TDC 00654:2:176 1991-1991