Subdivision and Town Planning Applications

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This series contains applications to the County for subdivisions and town planning applications. The files predominately start in 1975, but some earlier papers can be found in the series. Each application has it's own file, legal descriptions and the names of applicants have been recorded for each file.

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Records in Subdivision and Town Planning Applications

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Application for Planning Consent, Eketahuna County Council (establishment of refuse tip) TDC 00599:3:83 1986-1988
Boundary Adjustment, Bengston Street, Tararua Electric Power Board TDC 00599:3:81 1987-1987
Boundary Adjustments, Escourt Road, Lewis Estate and White Family TDC 00599:1:38 1981-1981
Boundary Dispensation, Settlement Road, R G Crafar TDC 00599:2:47 1982-1982
Building Dispensation, D B Schnell TDC 00599:2:56 1984-1984
Conditional Use for subdivision, Coach Road, F W Kelsall TDC 00599:1:31 1979-1980
Conditional Use, A G Van Der Wiel TDC 00599:2:67 1984-1984
Conditional Use, Chemicca BTB Ltd TDC 00599:3:91 1989-1989
Conditional Use, Eketahuna Minstrel and Arts TDC 00599:1:34 1980-1981
Conditional Use, F J Atkins (Tararua Packers) TDC 00599:3:79-2 1986-1986
Conditional Use, Smith and Snelgrove Ltd TDC 00599:1:20 1978-1979
Conditional Use, Tararua Packers TDC 00599:2:78 1986-1987
Conditional Use, Waiwera Timber Mills TDC 00599:2:54 1983-1983
Offer of Land as Public Reserve, Hukanui Reserve, P J Davies TDC 00599:1:1 1967-1977
Planning Consent Application, P W and N G Wolland TDC 00599:2:68 1984-1985
Proposed Subdivision - C Manderson (formerly Hukanui Reserve, P J Davies) TDC 00599:1:2 1978-1979
Proposed Subdivision, A K McLachlan TDC 00599:1:29 1979-1979
Proposed Subdivision, C J Nagel and B J Lochore TDC 00599:1:6 1976-1977
Proposed Subdivision, Estate of D G S Dick TDC 00599:1:9 1977-1978
Proposed Subdivision, GR Hill TDC 00599:1:27 1978-1979
Proposed Subdivision, N H B and M I Avery TDC 00599:1:30 1979-1980
Proposed Subdivision, Newman Road, Gordon Drysdale TDC 00599:1:8 1976-1977
Proposed Subdivision, R P and P M Trail TDC 00599:1:5 1976-1978
Proposed Subdivision, Stanley Street, T J Trail TDC 00599:1:16 1977-1977
Proposed Zoning Change, R Duncan, F G and J O Bryant TDC 00599:1:7 1977-1977
Specified Departure, 4 Alfredton Road, M R and M F Stevens TDC 00599:2:69 1984-1985
Specified Departure, 4 Jackson Street, Eketahuna, Mr T Trevethick TDC 00599:1:4 1975-1977
Specified Departure, 91 Stanley Street, A and P M Batts TDC 00599:1:32 1980-1980
Specified Departure, A R Allsworth TDC 00599:1:10 1977-1977
Specified Departure, Bright Street, R Howey TDC 00599:1:13 1977-1977
Specified Departure, E F and C R Diamond TDC 00599:1:28 1979-1979
Specified Departure, Eketahuna County Council TDC 00599:1:3 1971-1971
Specified Departure, F and J Bryant TDC 00599:1:24 1976-1978
Specified Departure, J O and D I Tait TDC 00599:1:35 1977-1979
Subdivision, 1 and 4 Herbert Street, New Zealand Railways TDC 00599:3:87 1987-1988
Subdivision, A Davidson TDC 00599:2:61 1984-1984
Subdivision, A E and E J Darlington TDC 00599:1:39 1981-1982
Subdivision, B J Lochrie TDC 00599:2:45 1980-1982
Subdivision, B L Timmins TDC 00599:2:57 1984-1984
Subdivision, Bank of New Zealand TDC 00599:2:51 1982-1982
Subdivision, C G Houlbrooke TDC 00599:2:42 1981-1982
Subdivision, C J Webb and Davidson TDC 00599:1:37 1981-1982
Subdivision, Church Street, Tararua Electric Power Board TDC 00599:2:74 1984-1988
Subdivision, D C and S A Collins TDC 00599:2:41 1982-1982
Subdivision, D C and S Collins TDC 00599:2:49 1982-1982
Subdivision, D J Rasmussen TDC 00599:2:58 1983-1983
Subdivision, DP Ryan and Eketahuna Golf Club TDC 00599:1:18 1977-1980
Subdivision, E I and B R McKay TDC 00599:2:63 1985-1985
Subdivision, E J Howard and D A Houlbrooke TDC 00599:3:90 1988-1988
Subdivision, F M O'Neil TDC 00599:2:65 1985-1985