Woodville Public Office Correspondence files

TDC 00605
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This series contains the files of the Woodville Public Office created in the course of administrative work carried out by that office from 1989 to 1995. Some papers from the Woodville District Council file system were carried over into this series.

Only a small number of files are held, others may have been carried over into a replacement file system. Some of the information in these files will be duplicated by the main Council file systems.

This was originally treated as one big file system from series TDC 00604 to TDC 00612. These have now been identified as unique series in their own rights and have been separated.


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created by (RiC-R027): Tararua District Council
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Records in Woodville Public Office Correspondence files

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Buildings: Council Owned Property, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.B/10 1990-1991
Cemeteries: Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.C/16/2 1991-1992
Community Boards: Woodville Community Board TDC 00605:1:T.C/18/1 1990-1991
Estimates and Budgets TDC 00605:1:T.E/5 1990-1990
Health: Properties, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.H/12 1990-1992
Leased Lands: Woodville and Eketahuna TDC 00605:1:T.L/4 1989-1993
Licensing: Liquor, General TDC 00605:1:T.L/3 1992-1994
Miscellaneous: Hillary Commission TDC 00605:1:T.M/9 1989-1992
Miscellaneous: Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council TDC 00605:1:T.M/13 1989-1992
Oxidation Ponds: Sewerage, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.O/7 1990-1992
Pensioner Housing, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.P/11 1991-1992
Public Offices: Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.P/16 1990-1992
Ranging: Dog Control and Hydatids, General Correspondence TDC 00605:1:T.R/1 1991-1995
Refuse: Waste Management, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.R/12 1991-1992
Reserves: Hall Boards, Woodville District TDC 00605:1:T.R/17 Pt1 1990-1992
Reserves: Halls Not Administered By Council TDC 00605:1:T.R/17 Pt2 1984-1992
Reserves: Woodville Recreation Park TDC 00605:1:T.R/16 1989-1992
Staff: General, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.S/1 1987-1992
Staff: Housing, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.S/1/5 1991-1991
Swimming Pool, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.S/10 1990-1992
Tararua Enterprise Trust TDC 00605:1:T.T/17 1991-1992
Tararua Roading Limited TDC 00605:1:T.T/16 1990-1991
Town Planning TDC 00605:1:T.T/2 1989-1991
Waireka Home Inc TDC 00605:1:T.W/9 1989-1991
Water Supply, Woodville TDC 00605:1:T.W/13 1988-1992
Woodville Voluntary Fire Brigade TDC 00605:1:T.S/9 1992-1992