Tararua District Council

Tararua District Council logoThe Tararua District Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of the Woodville District Council, Dannevirke District Council, Eketahuna County Council, Pahiatua County Council and Pahiatua Borough Council. The Tararua District Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier road boards, boroughs and counties that operated within the current district boundaries from 1876-1989.

 The types of records found in the Tararua archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Building permits;
  • Cemetery maps and records;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering plans,
  • Letter books;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls;
  • Regional maps and plans;
  • Wage records


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Title Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates Sort descending
Ribbon for Caretaker TDC 00659
Pongaroa Cemetery Plot Index TDC 00241
Woodville Road Board Minutes of meetings TDC 00061 1876-1901
Woodville Cemetery Cash Books TDC 00087 1878-1973
Minutes of meetings of the Woodville Library Committee TDC 00081 1878-1952
Pahiatua Road Board General inward and outward correspondence TDC 00188 1878-1888
Transcript lists for RSA, Lawn, Old Gorge and Kumeroa Cemeteries and public memorials TDC 00273 1879-1988
Cemetery Acts TDC 00116 1882-1912
Woodville Cemetery Register (Old Gorge) TDC 00272 1883-1918
Alfredton Road Board Minutes of Meetings TDC 00467 1884-1893
Dannevirke Borough Council General Ledgers and Dannevirke Town Board General Ledger TDC 00385 1885-1980
Minutes of Board Meetings TDC 00064 1885-1897
Woodville Borough Council Minute Books and Woodville Town Board Minute Book TDC 00419 1885-1987
Minutes of Board Meetings TDC 00065 1885-1901
Plan of Deviation of Road through Sections 10 and 11 Block IV Makuri TDC 00189 1885-1885
Minutes of the Pahiatua Borough Council and minutes of the Pahiatua Town Board TDC 00495 1886-1989
Eketahuna Road Board Minutes of Meetings, Eketahuna County Wages Book, Eketahuna County Heavy Traffic and Traction Engine Licence Register TDC 00466 1886-1907
Minutes of the Meetings of the Board TDC 00505 1886-1891
Ormondville Town Board Minutes and Ormondville Cemetery Plot Register TDC 00506 1886-1937
Dannevirke Borough Council Rate Books and Dannevirke Town Board Rate Book TDC 00393 1886-1964
Map of Dannevirke Town District TDC 00511 1886 (year approximate)-1886 (year approximate)
Domain Correspondence files TDC 00535 1887-1989
Minutes of various Pahiatua Committees: Pahiatua Licensing District Committee, Makakahi Island Domain Board, Pahiatua Public Domain Board, Pahiatua Public Cemetery Trustees TDC 00203 1887-1971
Akitio Road Board Meeting Papers TDC 00236 1887-1899
Kumeroa Road Board Correspondence TDC 00068 1887-1888
Portraits, Mayors of Woodville Borough TDC 00522 1887-1989
Correspondence files TDC 00560 1887-1987
Dannevirke Borough Council Letterbooks and Dannevirke Town Board Letterbook TDC 00378 1887-1927
Pahiatua County Council Minutes of Council Meetings TDC 00480 1888-1989
Cash Books TDC 00481 1888-1930
General Ledgers TDC 00482 1888-1963
Woodville Road Board Letterpress Copybook of Outward Correspondence TDC 00062 1888-1901
Charitable Aid Committee TDC 00175 1888-1926
Eketahuna Road Board Balance Sheets TDC 00143 1888-1899
Akitio County Council Outwards Correspondence Letter books and Akitio Road Board Outwards Correspondence Letterbook TDC 00239 1888-1927
Portraits of Chairmen TDC 00621 1888-1989
Minutes of Board Meetings TDC 00067 1889-1901
Finance Committee Minute Book TDC 00174 1889-1919
Works Committee Minute Book TDC 00176 1889-1926
Norsewood Rate Books TDC 00320 1889-1936
Eketahuna Road Board Inward Correspondence TDC 00142 1890-1895
Kaitawa Cemetery Trustees Minute Book TDC 00206 1890-1947
Minutes of Board meetings and Cash book TDC 00558 1890-1924
Map of Kumeroa Road District TDC 00514 1891-1891
Kaitawa Public Cemetery Burial Register TDC 00499 1891-1943
Letterpress Copybooks of Outward Correspondence TDC 00177 1892-1920
Pahiatua Borough Council Minutes of Committee Meetings TDC 00496 1892-1987
Dannevirke Borough Council Meeting Minutes TDC 00365 1892-1987
Kaitawa Cemetery Trustees Cash Book TDC 00210 1892-1964
Portraits, Mayors of Dannevirke Borough Council TDC 00670 1892-1959