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Creating Agency
created by (RiC-R027): Tararua District Council
created by (RiC-R027): Dannevirke Borough Council
created by (RiC-R027): Dannevirke County Council
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Creating Agency Box Item # Title Notes Start Date End Date Format
Dannevirke County Council 1 1 Photographs: Roading Division   1975 1990 Photograph
Dannevirke Borough Council 1 2 Contract: High Street Beautification   1985 1985 File
Tararua District Council 1 3 LATE Investigation Trip, Duffel Watts and King, Dunedin, Worleys Auckland 1990 1990 File
Dannevirke County Council 1 4 Rural Water Supplies   1982 1982 File
Tararua District Council 1 5 Circulars   1992 1992 File
Tararua District Council 1 6 Maori Advisory Committee agenda Duplicate? 1991 1991 File
  1 7 Video of Kiritaki-Maharahara Centenary   Undated Undated Video
Tararua Library Trust 2 8 Artwork for Tararua Library Trust Logo Doesn't include the winning entry?      
Tararua Library Trust 2 9 Photograph of Library Trust Members   1992 1995 Photograph
Tararua Library Trust 2 10 Slides for presentation regarding the future of the library trust Includes a run sheet with related text      
Dannevirke County Council 2 11 Deeds and Legal Agreements returned from the office of Lloyd Dodson and Pringle.      


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