Photo Boards and Documents from Woodville Museum

Creating Agency
created by (RiC-R027): Woodville Borough Council
created by (RiC-R027): Woodville County Council
Has beginning date
1886 (year approximate)
Has end date
Descriptive Note

 This is an unprocessed accession, some inaccuracies may exist and the quality of the listings are variable.

Item # Agency Title Notes Start Date End Date Format
1 Woodville Borough Council Common seal of Woodville Borough    1881 1881 Artefact
2 Wooodville County Council Common seal of Woodville County   Circa 1901 Circa 1901 Artefact
3   Book cover with loose pages containing letters as well as documents on memorial services, clubs and societies and events concerning the royal family,    1886 1985 Document
4   Lease agreement between lessor Edward Groves and lessees John Richards, Edwin Thomas Randle, James Harvey Morgan, Enoch Walker, Edward Groves, Harvey Fox, George Smith, Elijah Mills and Henry Lyall Palmer for Pt Sec 15 Blk XII Woodville Survey District Includes plan showing sections allotted to the members of the Woodville Small Farms Association, shows names, section numbers and acreage. 1891 1891 Document
5 Woodville Borough Council Envelope of film contact prints for construction of road, culverts and weirs for the Woodville Borough water treatment plant Includes photos of oxidation ponds and staff. Includes note on earth dam and community centre     Photograph
6 Woodville Borough Council Film contact prints of the construction of the treatment plant and Ruahine Pensioner Flats   1966 1966 Photograph
7 Woodville Borough Council Opening of Borough Council building   1957 1957 Photograph
8   Group photograph of attendees of Woodville Pioneer's Day 1940 Photographer J Milne Allan 1940 1940 Photograph
9   Article regarding the New Zealand Jubilee celebration in Woodville   Circa 1890 Circa 1890 Document
10   Plan of subdivision of Woodville Rural Section 63, covers Terminus Road (now Lovell Rd) and Main Road (now Napier Road/ State Highway 2)   1885 1885 Map/Plan
11   Four photos showing the tunnels, tracks and bridges of the Manawatu Gorge under construction as well as Ballance Bridge and the Gorge Township   1886 1889 Photograph
12   Map of Woodville Survey District   1885 1885 Map/Plan
13   Photo of Mr and Mrs Edward Wade, William George, Sarah Harriet and Fredrick Wade, Mrs Wade was the first to ride in coach through the Manawatu Gorge   1880 1880 Photograph
14   Group photograph of attendees of Woodville Pioneer's Day 1940   1940 1940 Photograph
15   Group photograph of the Woodville Tennis Club; on reverse photo of Gorge Village and bridge   Circa 1876 Circa 1876 Photograph
16   Photograph of a large group of people and their instruments captioned Picnic Party, Upper Manga-atua Valley; on reverse photograph of Mary and Matthew Quillinan       Photograph
17   Photograph of the Hawkes Bay District Committee The purpose of this committee is not known 1968 1968 Photograph
18 Woodville Borough Council Notice regarding water supply   1936 1936 Document
19   Photograph of band rotunda at Fountaine Square; on reverse photographs of Jimmy Pearson's engineer's workshop in Grey Street, Mark Smith's Shoeing Forge sign being erected, four men       Photograph
20   Photograph of Manawatu Gorge, road, railway, tunnel and bridge under construction   1903 1903 Photograph
21   Photograph of the Duke of Gloucester's visit to Woodville, taken at Woodville Railway Station   1935 1935 Photograph
22   Group photograph captioned Jubilee of Its foundation February 1925, Woodville   1925 1925 Photograph
23   Board containing 13 photographs of the various versions of the Ballance Bridge       Photograph
24   Photograph of a workman in a cage during construction of the railway line in Manawatu Gorge; on reverse group photograph of the opening of the Ballance Bridge   1888 1904 Photograph
25   Three photographs of the Woodville School Centennial; on reverse photographs of Woodville streets, businesses and the opening of the Woodville water supply   1886 1977 Photograph
26   Timeline of events for Woodville Borough       Document
27   Four group photographs of a school jubilee; on reverse two photographs of the old Balance Bridge and one of the Gorge   1902 1939 Photograph
28   Photo of Manawatu Gorge showing railway, road and bridge Photographer E S Pegler 1903 1903 Photograph
29 Woodville Borough Council Aerial photograph of Woodville



30   Film of the Woodville Centennial, Woodville 100 Years Filmed by Guy Burgess     Moving Image, 16mm film