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1 1 Photograph, Woodville Borough's Treatment Works Photograph attached to board showing Woodville's Sewerage Treatment Plant. Back of the board includes an inscription stating "Woodville Borough Wastewater Treatment Works, circa 1910". c 1910 c 1910
1 2 Photograph, Public Library, Woodville Photograph of the entrance of Woodville Public Library. Mounted on board. Inscription on reverse reads, "Donated by Dannevirke Gallery of History" c 1980 c 1980
1 3 Mounted Photographs of Woodville Photographs include those of the Woodville Swimming Baths; a plaque to commemorate the opening of the Baths; McLean Street; Station Street; Vogel Street; and an aerial photograph of Woodville prior to 1966 c 1955 c 1965
1 4 Mounted Photographs, "Cleaning Up After 1941 Flood" and "Home Guard Clearing Up After Flood 1941". Two photographs mounted on either side of a board.

Obverse photograph shows 10 individuals cleaning up with carrying cans in a rural setting after 1941 flood. Inscription states, "At Jim Cheyne's Raspberry Orchard... Flood mark half way up window". Individual's names are included: Bill Norman; Doreen Cheyne; L Armistead; and Dave Brown.

Reverse photograph shows 22 individuals standing in a group for photograph. Carrying cans and wheelbarrow sit in the foreground. Inscription states, "At Cheyne's Raspberry Orchard". Individual's names are included: Dave Brown; Ron Robb; Mr Grey; (Mrs Nance Hutchin's Father); Bill Millar; Robin Davis; Ian McKay; Bill Kemp; Bill Norman; Peter Wilson; Cedric Poulton; Peter Wilson; John Christian; Frank Fountaine; D Mabey; C Armistead; Bert Dobson.
1941 1941
1 5 Mounted Photographs, Woodville Intake Eight mounted photographs of a river intake near Woodville and show ongoing construction. Photographs are labelled 1967 (extension) and 1972/1973. 1967 1973
1 6 Mounted Photographs, Woodville Community Centre  Four mounted photographs showing the Old Drill Hall, Demolition, construction of cranes and Mayor Ted Cheer in front of the partially constructed new building. Others in the demolition photograph show Chris Harris; Richard Cieosnik; Phil Dillion; Graeme Ladd; Phil Brunskill. Construction by Brunskill and Ladd Builders. 1982 1983
1 7 Mounted Photographs, Woodville Water Treatment Plant Six mounted photographs showing the Woodville Water Treatment Plant and operations. One photograph includes two individuals: Laurie Coburn and Gary Hann (Town Clerk). Loose photograph of Twin Head Chemical Pump is stamped with "Dannevirke Evening News Photograph" 1967 1967
1 8 Mounted Photographs, Woodville Borough Council Earth Dam Eight mounted photographs showing the construction of an earth dam at an unknown location within the Woodville Borough area. Photograph series runs from December 1985 to August 1986. 1985 1986
Roll 1 9 Plan of the Borough of Woodville Plan shows the entirety of the Borough of Woodville. Major features include Mangaatua River, Woodville Junction Station, Railway Line. Plan bounded by Woodland Road, Mangaatua River, Nelson Street and Pinfold Road, and Sowry Road. Scale is 4 chains to 1 inch. Accredited to H T McCardell, Chief Draughtsman, New Zealand Lands and Survey Department, Wellington. Dated 1911. 1911 1911
Roll 1 10 Plan of the Township of Woodville, Hawkes Bay Original copy of plan. States, "Subdivision of suburban section 38, to be sold by auction at Napier on November 5, 1884. By Banner & Liddle". Plan shows 36 quarter acre sections along Vogel, Fergusson, Bowen, Hall, Weber, Ormond, Ross, McLean, Pollen and Grey streets. Printed by Robert Price and published as a supplement to the Daily Telegraph, Wednesday, October 29, 1884. 1884 1884
Roll 1 11 Plan of Woodville Town Sections Original copy of plan. States, "Suburban section No 35. To be sold by public auction at the Hawke's Bay Wool Stores, Napier on Wednesday 5 August, 1885 at 2pm. C B Hoadley & Co, Auctioneers." Plan shows subdivision of lots between Vogel, Pollen, Bowen, Hall, Weber, Fergusson, Grey, McLean, Ormond and Ross streets. Plan also shows local businesses in surrounding area. Surveyor is listed as T Hallett. Supplement to the Hawke's Bay Herald Thursday, July 30, 1885. 1885 1885
Roll 1 12 Plan of Woodville Town Extension Original copy of plan. States, "Plan of Woodville Town Extension. To be sold by Public Auction at the Criterion Hotel, Napier on Wednesday the 28th March 1883 at 2pm." Shows subdivision of lots between Vogel, Pollen, Bowen, Hall, Ormond, McLean and Grey streets. Includes a proposed railway line, local businesses and a locality plan. Auctioneers listed as Hoadley, Lyon and Co. Scale is 2 chains to 1 inch. Supplement to Hawke's Bay herald, Wednesday March 21, 1883.  1883 1883
Roll 1 13 Plan of the Township of Woodville, 70 Mile Bush, Province of Hawke's Bay Plan entitled, "Map of the Township of Woodville, 70 Mile Bush, Province of Hawke's Bay. Shewing town of suburban sections." Plan shows 81 suburban sections under 2 acre and 43 larger rural sections. Streets shown include Richardson, Fergusson, Bowen, Ross, Atkinson, Vogel, Pollen and Bowen streets. No Scale. c 1880 c 1880
Roll 1  14 Plan of Woodville Town Extension Original copy of plan. States, "Plan of Woodville Town Extension to be sold by public auction at the Hawke's Bay Wool Stores, Napier, on Monday, 12th October 1885 at 2pm 1885 1885
Roll 1 15 Plan, Woodville Survey District Plan of the Woodville District showing Block and section numbers. References include Land District, Survey District, Survey Block, Crown Government District, Settlement, and Railway boundaries, as well as trig stations.  Scale is 1 mile to 80 chains. Surveyed by A J Wattie. Printed by E V Paul, Government Printer. 1947 1947
Roll 1  16 Plan of Woodville Rural Section 63 Original copy of plan. States, "To be sold in subdivisions by Public Auction at the Criterion Hotel on Thursday, 27th August, at 2pm". Plan shows subdivisions around Main Road, Terminus Street (possible Lovell Road), Railway Reserve and "Road 100 links wide". Prices paid, buyers and calculations have been written on plan in pencil. Auctioneers listed as Brooking & St Clair. Printed and published as a supplement to the Daily Telegraph, Monday, August 24th, 1885.

Includes a newspaper clipping dated 25 August 1885 tallying prices paid for individual lots and buyers names.
1885 1885
Roll 1  17 Plan of Section Allotted to Member of the Woodville Small Farms Association Original plan entitled, "Plan Shewing sections allotted to Members of the Woodville Small Farmers Association. Seventy Mile Bush. Hawke's Bay." Plan shows the total size and boundaries of each individual section with the owners surname included. "Mr Thomas" is written along the top corner. "H P Horne" is written along the bottom left corner. Scale is 20 chains to 1 inch. Undated. c 1870 c 1870
Roll 1  18 Plan, Rural Lands For Selection on the Optional System, Ahuaturanga Block Plan showing rural land sections for selection on the optional system as part of the Ahuaturanga Block, Hawke's Bay Land District No 298. Plan shows lots 1 to 12 with acreage along Range Road, intersected by Priest, as well as owners of other properties bordering sections. Road includes a locality plan, date of auction (Tuesday, 22 July 1913) and terms of sale. Scale is 10 chains to 1 inch. Printed by John MacKay, Government Printer. 1913 1913
Roll 1 19 Plan of Woodville County Plan showing properties within Woodville County with a prefix of ridings and number for each property. Includes New Zealand Forest Service boundary, roads and rivers. Ridings include Woodville (W - 1133), Manga-Atua (M - 1134), Kumeroa (K - 1135), and Maharahara (Mh - 1136). Prepared by T J Hynes & W J Hutchings of MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry), Dannevirke. No scale, undated. c 1970 c 1970
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