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Item # Agency Title Notes Start Date End Date Format
1   Joseph Dinsdales Diary of His voyage to New Zealand Photocopy 1878 1878 Document
2   Woodville and District Jubilee Celebrations, correspondence invitation thanks   1925 1925 File
3   Street Number Index for Woodville, recoding names of all owners   1981 1981 Document
4   Parliamentary Character Sketch, Mr Charles Hall, member for Waipawa Photocopy     Document
5   Newspaper Article about the Southern Hawke's Bay Rabbit Proof Fence Titled "Barbarians at the gate" and has been laminated. 2000 2000 Document
6   Letter Book of Hubert Burnett Burnett was Woodville Mayor for 1891-1895, this is his business letter book used in his work as a solicitor. 1894 1895 Bound volume
7 Woodville Borough Council Diary of David Keay, Town Clerk of Woodville   1938 1938 Bound volume
8 Woodville Borough Council Diary of David Keay, Town Clerk of Woodville   1944 1944 Bound volume
9 Woodville Borough Council Municipal Accounts for Woodville Borough   1963 1964 Document
10 Woodville Borough Council General Bylaws 3 Copies 1922 1922 Bound volume
11 Woodville Borough Council The Licensing Laws of New Zealand Copy signed by Hubert Burnett 1888 1888 Bound volume
12 Woodville Borough Council Token of Esteem to H P Horne, former Mayor of Woodville Signed by members of the community. Includes a newspaper article about the presentation of this and a lyric book titled Corblimey and other Pious Pieces. 1931 1931 Document
13 Woodville Borough Council Album of Woodville Borough Mayors A mix of copies of portraits already held and new photos. Not all mayors are present. 1882 1987 Bound volume
14 Woodville Borough Council Closing of Gasworks Leaflet explaining why council is going to close the gasworks.   Document
15 Woodville County Council Woodville County Photos Includes: Photo of Ballance Bridge Opening, newspaper photo of Queen being welcomed to Woodville, aerial of Woodville Racecourse by Paul Legg, unidentified group photo, envelope of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation doubles floats in Procession, group photos of Woodville County and Community Board 1904 2001 Photograph
16   Portraits of Mr Jimmy Parminter and wife nee Caroline Drinkwater Back of portraits has considerable information recorded about them. Circa 1881 Circa 1881 Photograph
17   Greek Certificate recognising the military service of L A Pilcher Certificate is written in Greek. Pilcher was a Mayor of Woodville. 1981 1981 Document
18   Portrait of MacFarlane, J D   1916 1917 Photograph
19   Portrait of Srawdel, A Masonic Lodge Photo 1897 1897 Photograph
20   Portrait of Moore, G Masonic Lodge Photo 1886 1888 Photograph
21   Portrait of Leigh, E H Masonic Lodge Photo 1913 1914 Photograph
22   Portrait of Hartstone, W P Masonic Lodge Photo     Photograph
23   Portrait of Turvey, Harvey Masonic Lodge Photo 1911 1912 Photograph
24   Portrait of McKinlay, Jas Masonic Lodge Photo     Photograph
25   Portrait of Cartwright, J Masonic Lodge Photo 1912 1913 Photograph
26   Portrait of Motley, J Masonic Lodge Photo 1903 1904 Photograph
27   Portrait of Horne, H P Masonic Lodge Photo 1907 1908 Photograph
28   Two newspaper articles about Woodville Jubilees   1949 1949 Document
29   Photos of Centennial parade   1981 1981 Photograph
30   Oblique Aerial Photo of Pahiatua Whites Aviation no 18079 - National Library hold negatives. 1948 1948 Photograph
31   Photo of G G Taylor presenting subscribed Bren Gun Carrier   1940 1940 Photograph
32   Three photos of the official opening of Tararua College   1961 1961 Photograph
33   Photo of remains of Commercial Hotel following fire       Photograph
34   Photo of Mangamaire Station, Tutaekara Station       Photograph
35   Photo of Pahiatua Town Bridge Prior to 1932     Photograph
36   Photo of workman employed by Borough water reticulation - Tararua Street   1904 1904 Photograph
37   Pahiatua Centenary 1881-1981 Registration Roll   1981 1981 Bound volume
38   Operation Invitation 1972, presented to the Mayor of Pahiatua 25th October 1972 Photo of army unit. 1972 1972 Photograph
39   Gardner and Veomans Sawmill, 3miles north of Pongaroa on Alfredton Weber Road   Circa 1899 Circa 1899 Photograph
40   Oblique Aerial Photo of Pahiatua Undated, but probably 1930s. 1930s 1930s Photograph


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