Portraits, Mayors of Woodville Borough

TDC 00522
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A series of portraits of past Mayors of the Woodville Borough. These were collected by the Council as a record of past office holders.

The set is incomplete and is missing the following Mayors:

  • E A Haggen (1895)
  • E J Gothard (1895-1898)
  • D G McKibbin (1910)
  • John Elder (1932-1935)

It is unknown if portraits ever existed for them.

The last Mayor of the Borough also served as Mayor of the Woodville District for 1987-1989.

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created by (RiC-R027): Woodville Borough Council
created by (RiC-R027): Woodville District Council
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Records in Portraits, Mayors of Woodville Borough

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Portrait of Mayor Beale, E E TDC 00522:2:16 1959-1965
Portrait of Mayor Burnett, H TDC 00522:1:3 1891-1909
Portrait of Mayor Cheer, E T TDC 00522:2:18 1977-1986
Portrait of Mayor Crawford, W G TDC 00522:1:9 1894-1911
Portrait of Mayor Forbes, C TDC 00522:2:14 1943-1953
Portrait of Mayor Grant Esq, James TDC 00522:3:10 1912-1914
Portrait of Mayor Hall, Charles TDC 00522:3:2 1889-1890
Portrait of Mayor Horne, H P TDC 00522:1:11-1 1914-1938
Portrait of Mayor Horne, H P TDC 00522:1:11-2 1914-1938
Portrait of Mayor Johnstone, R R TDC 00522:1:13 1938-1943
Portrait of Mayor Lanham, N H TDC 00522:2:17 1966-1977
Portrait of Mayor Motley, J TDC 00522:1:6 1898-1901
Portrait of Mayor Mountfort, R J TDC 00522:2:19 1986-1989
Portrait of Mayor Pilcher, L G TDC 00522:2:15 1954-1954
Portrait of Mayor Sowry Esq, Joseph TDC 00522:1:1-1 1887-1889
Portrait of Mayor Sowry Esq, Joseph TDC 00522:1:1-2 1887-1889
Portrait of Mayor Taylor Esq, James TDC 00522:1:7 1901-1902