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A G Bignell was Board Chairman 1904-05 and 1917-29. The series includes a significant number of reports on harbour development as well as printed reports on observations concerning Wanganui River and Harbour dating back to 1865.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui Harbour Board
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Annotated copy of Harbour Board Bill WDC 00044:0:35 1904-1905
Bignells report re development scheme WDC 00044:0:46 1929
Bignells report re development scheme WDC 00044:0:47 1929
Copy of Wanganui Harbours Act, Analysis WDC 00044:0:31 1904
Cost of Lighteridge Home Boats in Roadstead WDC 00044:0:22 0000
Estimate of cost of construction works for Harbour Board WDC 00044:0:40 1912
Export of Farm Produce from Wanganui from 1910 WDC 00044:0:28 1910
General Correspondence WDC 00044:0:2 1924-1926
Holmes Report on Harbour Works WDC 00044:0:1 1911
Leaflet on Port of Wanganui, gateway to a progressive region WDC 00044:0:11 1961
Legal Opinion on whether the Board comes under section 148 of the Harbours Act 1878 WDC 00044:0:27 1904
Legal Report on Bill empowering Harbour Board to borrow 100,000 pounds WDC 00044:0:20 1907
Letter from Harbour Secretary (Redwell) to S Fitzherbert re Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:15 1905
Letter from Secretary re Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:33 1905
Letter re records and documents sent to House of Representatives with Wanganui Board Empowering Bill 1904 WDC 00044:0:19 1904
Letter re Wanganui Harbour and District Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:24 1912
Letter re Wanganui Harbour Empowering Bill (from JT Hogan MP) WDC 00044:0:18 1905
Letter reporting financial position of Board WDC 00044:0:43 1909
Letter reporting that a special meeting will be held re Harbour Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:44 1904
Letter resulting from public meeting held on the issue of the Harbour Board Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:32 1905
Letter to Harbour Secretary re Harbour Board Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:26 1912
Letter to Murray from D Willis indicating progress of Bill WDC 00044:0:34 1905
List of Lighteridge Charges for Board WDC 00044:0:21 1902
List of Railage miles and rates from various destinations to Wellington WDC 00044:0:30 1912
Meeting of Legislative Committee re change to rating boundaries WDC 00044:0:42 1912
Memo for Board re Wanganui Harbour Bill WDC 00044:0:36 0000
Memo for Harbour Board from S Fitzherbert re introduction of Wanganui Harbour Bill WDC 00044:0:16 1905
Memo to Harbour Board Chairman re interpretation of Wanganui Harbour Bill WDC 00044:0:17 1905
Note recording items deposited at Wanganui Magistrates Court WDC 00044:0:45 1904
Printed reports and observations concerning the Wanganui River and Harbour WDC 00044:0:10 1865-1896
Report on Harbour by J.B. Mason WDC 00044:0:5 1921
Report on Harbour Works by J.B. Mason WDC 00044:0:3 1919
Report on Harbour Works by L Reynolds WDC 00044:0:4 1905
Report on introduction of the Wanganui Harbour Board District and Empowering Act 1911 WDC 00044:0:12 1911
Report on Wanganui Harbour by L Hassell WDC 00044:0:9 1885
Resolution concerning advertising of the Harbour Bill in local newspaper WDC 00044:0:29 0000
Sample farm in rating area - balance sheet WDC 00044:0:39
Statements of rateable values within Harbour District WDC 00044:0:38 1912
Sworn Statements relating to legal matters, various Harbour legislation WDC 00044:0:37 1904
Telegraph re tracings and plans required for Wanganui Harbour District and Empowering Bill WDC 00044:0:25 1912
Unsigned letters re proposed harbour works WDC 00044:0:41 1912
Unsigned memo to Board Chairman re Wanganui Harbour Bill WDC 00044:0:14 1905
Wanganui Harbour Board and Reynolds report WDC 00044:0:7 1895
Wanganui Harbour Board District Empowering Bill (draft hand written copy) WDC 00044:0:13 1911
Wanganui Harbour District Empowering Bill 1912 estimate of increased revenue to be derived from from proposed works WDC 00044:0:23 1912
Wanganui Harbour Improvements WDC 00044:0:6 1899
Wanganui Harbour report by L Reynolds WDC 00044:0:8 1894