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Files containing applications for consent under the Town and Country Planning Act 1953 and the Resource Management Act 1991, for: conditional use, specified departure, change of use, resource consent. The files contain correspondence, notices, newspaper clippings, plans, statutory declarations etc. During current usage, the series was arranged alphabetically by street name, to match the property files. This is reflected in the title entry for each item. Most file titles include the legal description, but for a few it was not available.

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Alma Road and Moore Avenue corner. Specified departure application Gonville Clothing Co. Single storied addition 450 sq ft for storage. Lot 5 DP 6807 being part Section 9. WDC 00438:0:12/5/56 1969
Alma Road no 119. Resource consent application Leslie Wilson. Operation of video games. Lot 1 DP 13949. WDC 00438:0:4/101/48 1993-1994
Anzac Parade (riverbank). Conditional use application JCL Higgs. To construct and operate a kiddi-kart track on Kowhai Park adjacent to BMX track. Lot 1 DP 34222. WDC 00438:0:3/30/32 1983
Anzac Parade (riverbank). Conditional use application JCL Higgs. To construct and operate a motorised cart track for children. Lot 1 DP 34222. WDC 00438:0:3/30/22 1982
Anzac Parade, Kowhai Park between mini-golf and Dublin Street Bridge. Conditional use application Henne Duijn. Windmill Restaurant licensed restaurant and coffee bar. Part Lot 1 DP 34222. WDC 00438:0:3/30/218 1988
Anzac Parade, Kowhai Park. Conditional use application Wanganui City Council. To erect a custodians residence. Lot 5 DP 12357. WDC 00438:0:3/6/254 1979
Anzac Parade, riverbank adjacent to River Jet Tours. Specified depature application Whitlock Marine. Marine showroom and workshop. Part Section 492 LBWR. WDC 00438:0:3/7/84 1972
Anzac Parade. Specified departure application Thomas Kenneth McKay. To erect and operate a licensed restaurant. DP 9349. WDC 00438:0:3/7/101 1973
Argyle Street no 12. Specified departure application David McMurray. For permission to erect a dwelling on an undersize section. Lot 25 DP 49. WDC 00438:0:3/7/102 1973
Bamber Street no 43B. Resource consent application Ratana Orakeinui Trust. To provide 24-hour residential care and accommodation for people with disabilities aged 15 years and over. Part Section 227 Town of Wanganui Lot 21 DP22420 and Lot 1 DP 32248. WDC 00438:0:4/101/39 1992-1993
Bates Street no 1, corner Somme Parade and Park Place. Conditional use application Barlow Radio-Telephone Service. To erect premises for Barlow and two other tenancies. Lot 1 and 2 DP 3727. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/58 1968
Bates Street no 6. Specified departure application Wanganui Veterinary Club. For veterinary clinic and sale of medicines and drugs, dental surgery and offices. Sec 91 Town of Wanganui. WDC 00438:0:3/7/95 1972
Bates Street no 9. Resource consent landuse application Wanganui Veterinary Club. To erect a storage shed. Part Lot 89 and Part Lot 90 Wanganui City. WDC 00438:0:4/101/4 1991-1992
Bedford Avenue no 42. Conditional use application Rivercity Y Gym Club. To operate a gymnasium for gymnastic activities. Lot 11 DP 5586. WDC 00438:0:3/30/229 1988
Bedford Avenue no 42. Conditional use application Wright Stephenson and Co. Cleaning dressing grading and storage of seed. Part Section 10 Lot 11 DP 5586. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/59 1968
Bedford Avenue no 42. Resource consent application Craig Prior, Signature Aviation. 10 unit residential development. Lot 1 DP 65712. WDC 00438:0:4/101/447 2000
Bedford Avenue no 42. Tribunal evidence for specified departure application F Szedlak. To establish a ten-pin bowling alley (see also file 3/30/154). WDC 00438:0:3/30/154A 1986-1987
Bell Street no 118. Conditional use application WL Walker. Petrol service station and commercial garage. Lot 1 and 2 DP 10655, all DP 11760. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/30 1965
Bell Street no 18. Resource consent application New Horizons Group. Mental Health Consumers Community Centre. Lot 2 DP 20153. WDC 00438:0:4/101/218 1997
Bell Street no 2. Conditional use application AM Oliver. New and used car sales yard. Patt Section 89 Town of Wanganui. WDC 00438:0:3/6/253 1979
Bell Street no 20-22. Conditional use appplication CD Shand. Retail shops and storage of materials for sale. Sec 114 and part closed road. WDC 00438:0:3/6/203 1976-1977
Bell Street no 22-24. Conditional use applicatin Ballins Industries. To provide carparking in conjunction with the bottlestore. Part Section 114 Town of Wanganui. WDC 00438:0:3/30/16 1982
Bell Street no 24. Conditional use application Dalgety NZ Loan. Erection of a wholesale liquor store. Lots 2 and 3 DP 2222. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/4 1962
Bell Street no 5. Specified departure application R Ward. Professional and administrative offices. Lot 7 DP 25178. WDC 00438:0:3/30/175 1986-1987
Bell Street no 74. Specified departure application Gay Spooner. Business of a ladies hairdresser. Part Section 528 Lot 8 DP 24981. WDC 00438:0:3/7/91 1972
Benefield Street no 33. Application for planning consent Aqua Akers Angoras. To build and operate a three-shed angora rabbit unit. Lot 1 and part Lot 5 DP 18713, Lot 1 DP 20137. WDC 00438:0:3/30/184 1987
Bignell Street no 10. Specified departure application DL Forester. Erect a shed for purpose of badge manufacture. Lot 85 DP 2243. WDC 00438:0:3/7/69 1970
Campbell Street no 51. Conditional use application St Marys Convent School. Swimming pool and dressing shed. Part Section 841. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/41 1966
Carlton Avenue no 2. Conditional use application Commodities Ltd. To erect a warehouse. Lot 16 DP 16786. WDC 00438:0:3/7/144 1977-1978
Carlton Avenue no 21. Conditional use application Manawatu-Wanganui Area Health Board Creche Committee. To use property as an educational establishment. Part Section 11 RBWR. WDC 00438:0:4/23/44 1991
Carlton Avenue no 58-62. Resource consent application Shell NZ Ltd. To construct and operate a modern service station with ancillary shop and carwash. Lot 1 DP 44027, Lots 6 and 7 Deeds Plan 304. WDC 00438:0:4/101/85 1994
Carlton Avenue no 68. Resource consent application Kerry Lyn Turner. Hairdressing salon. Lot 1 DP 70939. WDC 00438:0:4/101/272 1998
Castlecliff Beach near North Mole. Specified departure application JP Lynch. To construct a small-boat marina involving major excavation. WDC 00438:0:3/30/246 1989
Church Place no 18. Conditional use application Ridgway Hire Service Ltd. Storing and hiring of equipment. Part Section 114 and part closed road. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/25 1965
Churton Street no 14. Conditional use application Wanganui Cooperative Taxis Society Ltd. A service station to retail compressed natural gas. Lot 2 DP 33004. WDC 00438:0:3/6/267 1980
Churton Street no 3. Conditional use application Wanganui Promotions. Convert a building into dance hall and associated facilities. WDC 00438:0:12/2/1/42 1966
College Street no 27. Resource consent application Michael Lund. Relocate dwelling onto property. Lot 1 DP 54198. WDC 00438:0:4/101/2209 2001
Collingwood Street no 24 and Tipai Street. Specified departure application SAM Lamb. Establish premises for the storage hiring sale and repair of caravans. Lot 1 DP 6249 and part Lots 1 and 2 DP 7641. WDC 00438:0:3/7/85 1972
Consent Application, Lot 11 DP 5586 (42 Bedford Avenue) WDC 00438:0:3/30/154 1986-1987
Consent, 223 London Street WDC 00438:0:4/101/174 1996-1997
Consent, 99 St Hill Street WDC 00438:0:3/30/39 1983
Consent, Lots 1, 6 and 7 Deeds Plan 304, Lot 1 DP 33668 (4 Jackson Street) WDC 00438:0:3/30/226 1988
Consent, Part Lot 2 DP 3191, Lot 3 and Part Lot 2 DP 3191, Part Sec 298 and 299 Town of Wanganui (142 and 156 Guyton Street) WDC 00438:0:3/7/105 1973
Consent, Part Lot 39 DP 31919 (30 Purnell Street) WDC 00438:0:3/30/209 1987-1988
Consent, Part Section 34 containing 6.8p and right-of-way and part Section 34 containing 24.88p (12 Trafalgar Place) WDC 00438:0:3/7/61 1970
Consent, Section 16, Part Section 17, Block IX, Lot 1 DP 48420, Block V, XV Waipakura Survey District (Tokomaru East Road) WDC 00438:0:4/101/35 1992-1993
Cooks Street no 17-19. Planning application A Faulkner. To erect several office suites and possibly a warehouse. WDC 00438:0:3/30/124 1985
Cornfoot Street no 55. Specified departure application Mrs JT Firmin. To install a chiller to collect and store game for dispatch to processors. Lot 11 DP 202. WDC 00438:0:3/7/96 1972
Dublin Street no 10-12-12A. Specified departure Independent Design Partnership (for MCB Green). 6 shops, new TAB offices, re-model garage. Lots 4, 5, 6, 7 DP 24982. WDC 00438:0:3/7/138 1976
Dublin Street no 10. Specified departure application MCB and G Green. Professional offices. Lot 7 DP 24982. WDC 00438:0:3/7/140 1976-1977