County Centennial (Associated Papers)

WDC 00020
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Material pulled from the archives for use in the writing of the Countys Centennial. As the original location of these documents cannot be found they will be retained in this artificial series until further research can be undertaken.

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created by (RiC-R027): Waitotara County Council
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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Awards re assets, severance Waitotara and Wanganui Counties WDC 00020:0:6 1884
Balance sheet of the Waitotara County WDC 00020:0:5 1892-1893
Copy of annual report (1984) sports day badges, programme for Centennial Banquet. WDC 00020:0:8 1984
Draft History of Wanganui and Waitotara Highway Disticts WDC 00020:0:2 1872-1933
Heavy Traffic Bylaws WDC 00020:0:3 1905
Letters of Congratulations from Prime Minister (and speech notes) WDC 00020:0:14 1984
Marriage Certificate for David Murray (married 1879) WDC 00020:0:9 1879
Mosston Primary School: Centennial Publication WDC 00020:0:12 1978
Newspaper clippings re Waitotara Centennial as well as anniversaries for Mosston, Matahiwi and Wanganui High School WDC 00020:0:7 1978-1983
Newspaper supplement and articles WDC 00020:0:17 1984
Photo album - centennial parade, county staff, Council Chambers WDC 00020:0:18 1984
Photo album - schools, halls, churches, road construction, outside depot staff 1983, Okehu 1904, historic houses and hotels. WDC 00020:0:19 1904-1983
Photographs. 42 items, incl. colour snaps, reproductions from Turnbull Library collections, 1 greeting card. Some images used in publication "Bush people and pasture". WDC 00020:0:15 0000
Primary School drawings relating to Centennial WDC 00020:0:13 1984
Report on Wanganui Harbour Board by Morrison-Maxwell WDC 00020:0:1 1877-1913
Service of remembrance and unveiling of memorial plaque, Maxwell, Anzac Day 1952 WDC 00020:0:16 1952
The Mosston Story (project funded by Council) WDC 00020:0:10 1980
Waitotara Centennial Committee report WDC 00020:0:11 1984
Waitotara County and Henry J.K. Roe Award WDC 00020:0:4 1906