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WDC 00378
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Represent a sample of County Health Inspectors own filing system. Mike Sigley was Health Inspector for both counties in the 1980s. File contents relate to water supply, sewerage schemes, repair notices, waste disposal. Partly working papers but also contain outward letters that probably belong more properly on the main County series, ie series 3 and series 21.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui County Council [I]
created by (RiC-R027): Waitotara County Council
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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Drainage Putiki Drive WDC 00378:0:1 1987
Fox Rd mushroom farm WDC 00378:0:2 1982-1990
Imlay disposal Airport Rd WDC 00378:0:3 1982-1987
Jerusalem Marae WDC 00378:0:4 1985
Josephs - Atene - repair and closing order WDC 00378:0:5 1984
Mowhanau Beach effluent disposal WDC 00378:0:6 1984-1987
Mowhanau sewerage scheme WDC 00378:0:7 1987-1989
Offensive trades and septic tank disposal - Allens Waste Disposal WDC 00378:0:8 1981-1992
Putiki water general WDC 00378:0:9 1985-1989
Worsleys and Allens septic tank sludge disposal WDC 00378:0:10 1984-1987