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Contains survey and legal plans either produced by Waitotara County Council or annotated by the Council for its own purposes. At least one plan (aac:247:250) seems to have originated from the Wanganui Waitotara Board. Part of this series has been incorporated into the City Council plan series 168, plan no.s 7500-7587 and 6601-6718 (bridge plans). See also Series 260 Survey Plans (Unregistered).

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created by (RiC-R027): Waitotara County Council
Running number system with a few miscellaneous plans.
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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2 plans Kauarapaoa Road left bank and stream showing junction with Wanganui River (C/WCC 185) WDC 00247:0:185/b
2 Plans of Brunswick Railway Station at intersection with Great Western Line. Names: D Taylor and
J Wilkie. 2 sheets. (C/WCC 172)
WDC 00247:0:172
2 Plans of road through Rangitatau and Oamarunui blocks Block VI Nukumaru Survey District (C/WCC 188) showing Upper Pakaraka and Makokako Roads and Kurenui No.2 Trig; A Simpson & R P Greville surveyors. WDC 00247:0:188 1892-1909
3 Plans Brunswick Line Nukumaru Survey District (C/WCC 186): 1 & 2) Junction of Kowhatunui Road with Brunswick Line; JA Thorpe surveyor; 3) Plan of Kai Iwi Block Block XII Nukumaru Survey District (WD 1378); Richardson Reardon surveyor. WDC 00247:0:186
3 plans fixing of corner in Russell Road Section 44 Block XIII Nukumaru Survey District and Nukumaru Native Reserve (B/WCC 196); R Garrett, JR Annabell surveyors. WDC 00247:0:196 1889-1917
3 plans Livingston Road Stanley Road RBWR DP381 Block II Westmere Survey District (C/WCC 187); HJ Lewis, John Annabell and Wall & Bogle, surveyors. WDC 00247:0:187 1887-1920
3 plans showing: Part Sections 65 and 66; Sections 72 and 73 RBWR Block XIV Waipakura Survey District, J Annabell surveyor 1902; from trig sheets Westmere and Waipakura Districts, values from Mt Stewart (C/WCC 222). WDC 00247:0:222A 1902
4 Plans showing proposed Kauarapaoa Road Deviation, Sections 4A and 24 Block X Waipakura Survey District (C/WCC 206). John Annabell, AG Muir and AM Roberts surveyors. WDC 00247:0:206 1882-1909
6 plans showing junction of Ahu-Ahu Valley Road through Sections 1 & 3, Block XII Momahaki Survey District with the Puketotara Block Block IX Tauakira Survey District (C/WCC 220). WC Wall surveyor. WDC 00247:0:220 1911-1913
Air Bottles details of tractair compressor WDC 00247:0:234
Archers Bridge WDC 00247:0:851
Block V Waipakura Survey District (C/WCC 120) WDC 00247:0:120 1882-1916
Block XV Nukumaru Survey District, Block I Westmere Survey District, Subdivision of Kai Iwi 6J block, Block XI Nukumaru Survey District, and land taken for Patea Manawatu Railway Brunswick Contract  (C/WCC 168) WDC 00247:0:168 1906-1912
Blueskin Highway No 509 Areas for removal of topsoil (B/WCC 279) showing "A" Taylor's Corner,
"B" Bennett's Corner, "C" Hedges Corner. WI Gardiner & MJ Fletcher surveyors
WDC 00247:0:279
Blueskin M.H. reconstruction Brunswick Road Junction (C 369) (3 sheets) WDC 00247:0:369 1954-1958
Blueskin Road realignment (B/WCC 254) (9). W I Gardiner & S Stevenson surveyors WDC 00247:0:254 1949
Brunswick Road proposed cattle underpass (B.812); name: CS Caseley WDC 00247:0:812
Brunswick Road reconstruction contour plan (B/682) showing proposed substation site & McKee's Pit WDC 00247:0:682 1971
Brunswick Road sketches & plans proposed Road Trial line (A.666) (9 sheets) Payne, Sewell & Partners surveyors WDC 00247:0:666
Brunswick Road Tokomaru West to Rangitatau East (B/700) (7 sheets) WDC 00247:0:700
Cadastral Maps, Momahaki Survey District plans (B/WCC 9) WDC 00247:0:9 1920
Contour maps Westmere (A.665, 4 sheets) Aerial Plan No. 88 L&S Dept. WDC 00247:0:665 1959
Contour plans proposed deviation & new access Kowhatanui block (A/715) (3 large sheets) WDC 00247:0:715
Deeds plan no. 298 and 301 Aramoho (C/WCC 211) showing Aramoho Native Reserve and Jowett Trig WDC 00247:0:211
Deviation of Handley Road through Kai Iwi 6A and 6B1 and 2 Blocks, Block XV Nukumaru Survey District (B/WCC 31) WDC 00247:0:31 1938
Drawings from SO plan 183w/22 (C/WCC 44) WDC 00247:0:44 1896-1911
Fitzherbert to Bamber Street longitudinal section (B/707) (2 sheets) WDC 00247:0:707
Fox & Mosston Roads, Springvale, Wanganui, showing culverts & drains (B.850) Payne Sewell & Ptnrs surveyors WDC 00247:0:850 1980
Francis Road formation (C/497) WDC 00247:0:497 1961
Francis, Tayforth, Seafield Road Junction (B/712) (2 sheets) names: RC Roskruge, JW Edwards, WAT Page,
RJ Deane, A McBeth
WDC 00247:0:712
From plan of Kai Iwi 5E No.1,2,3, blocks, Blocks XI and XV Nukumaru Survey District (Plan WD2444; C/WCC 203); shows part Brunswick-Kai Iwi Road, Kai Iwi Stream, Ohohia Stream & Pipe Line. EA Marchant surveyor. WDC 00247:0:203 1913-1914
From plan of Mowhanau Village Block XV Nukumaru Survey District (C/WCC 19). Survey drawing shows sections, Alexander trig point. WDC 00247:0:19 1902
From plan of part of Manganui-O-Tahu Block, Block XV Momahaki Survey District DP3644 (C/WCC 190); showing Manganui-O-Tahu Stream, Motupuna Creek & Okarakia Creek. WDC 00247:0:190
From plan of road connections Rangitatau Block, Block III Nukumaru Survey District (C/WCC 182) showing Upper Pakaraka, Junction and Rangitautau East Roads. Land taken under PWA Gazette 1903 p2032, Survey Office Plan 183/9W; H E Girdlestone surveyor. WDC 00247:0:182 1902
From Plan of Watershed Road, Manganui-o-Tahu block, Blocks XV & XVI Momahaki Survey District, DP3644; (C/WCC 190/A); showing junctions with Piraunu & Kauaropaoa-Manganui-o-Tahu Roads. JR Annabell surveyor. WDC 00247:0:190/a 1892
Grange Estate Westmere - sale poster (B/WCC 178) WDC 00247:0:178
Grazing reserves Nukumaru & Wainui (Wai Inu) (B/554) (3 sheets) WDC 00247:0:554 0000
Hamilton to Woodville State Highway 3 - Improvements (B/529) (WGR 1312) WDC 00247:0:529 1962
Handley Road Block XIV Nukumaru Survey District reformation and metalling (B/WCC 143; 2 sheets). longsection and cross-sections. Names Marahau Estate, JG Alexander. WDC 00247:0:143 1939
Handley Road sealing extension at Maxwell (C/508) WDC 00247:0:508 1962
Hawera to Wanganui S.H. 11 Okehu deviation (B/438) (3 sheets) WDC 00247:0:438 1959
Hawera to Wanganui state highway reconstruction (C/WCC 128; blueprint). Shows intersection state highway and Rapanui Highway; names Meads, Power, J Donald; approx 1941. WDC 00247:0:128
Heads Road/Clarkson Avenue C/WCC 180 WDC 00247:0:180
Highway Information Sheets, Highway District No8 (C/323) (8) incl Wanganui River, Blueskin, Rapanui, Heads-Mosston, Springvale-Francis, Rangitautau East-Watershed, Waitotara Valley Main Highways. WDC 00247:0:323
Intersection Springvale Road Parsons and Grey Sts Springvale-Francis Hwy proposed road realignment WDC 00247:0:68
Jackson Road extension (B/622) (5 sheets - sheet 2 very long); showing levels, drains, description of terrain WDC 00247:0:622
Kai Iwi 1A to 1J Blocks. Block XV Nukumaru Survey District (C/WCC 167) WDC 00247:0:167 1935 (year approximate)-1942 (year approximate)
Kai Iwi Valley Road (B/596) (14 sheets) WDC 00247:0:596 1965-1966
Koatanui Farm Settlement Block XII Nukumaru Survey District (B/725, 2 sheets, plan M.212). WDC 00247:0:725 1974
Koatanui Farm Settlement new access road (B/597) (Plan M.212) (6 sheets) showing Kowhatunui and Currie Roads. Names: DJ Johnstone, Mrs Currie, RC Gallien, P Sherriff, EH Forsyth WDC 00247:0:597 1965