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Items have been stored together in a box and type of papers indicate that they largely concern legal matters, some papers are numbered but not enough to show a pattern.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui Borough/City Council
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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Acknowledgement of payment between Wanganui Hospital Board and Wanganui Borough Council (St Georges Gate) (25) WDC 00082:0:24 1895
Agreement between IRH Archer and Wanganui Council for the purchase of land WDC 00082:0:34 1963
Agreement between Roman Catholic Archbishop of Wellington and Wangnaui Borough for occupation of land (Hope Gibbons & RMGatenby) WDC 00082:0:14 1958
Agreement for Exchange of Drill Hall Site and the Blue Gum Plantation WDC 00082:0:49 1933
Agreement re purchase of Sections 23 and 24, river bank, Mrs Hylton and Wanganui Borough Council, 9 September 1903 (28). WDC 00082:0:11 1903
Agreements between Wanganui Borough Council and Gonville Town Board re supply of gas, gas lamps, and main sewer (119) WDC 00082:0:3 1908-1912
Agreements between Wanganui Borough Council and Gonville Town Board re: sewer from Wanganui River to Smithfield; supply of gas; erection of gas lamps; water supply (23) WDC 00082:0:5 1908-1920
Agreements offer and acceptance of land (various) WDC 00082:0:28 1972-1974
Appointment of Edward Hardcastle as Wanganui District Court Judge; includes covering note gifting the item (appointment letter) Sept 1948 WDC 00082:0:1 1879
Carlton Terrace plan and copy of resolution and dedication (122) WDC 00082:0:17 1907
Castlecliff Town Board Bylaws WDC 00082:0:2 1913
Clayton Son and Co. Contract for Resheeting No.3 Gas Holder WDC 00082:0:6 1937-1938
Concerning grant of land to freemasons (85) WDC 00082:0:27 1881
Conditions for sale of leases of lands belonging to H Sarjeant WDC 00082:0:21 1923
Consent to Drain Kent Road and Bristow Street WDC 00082:0:25 1950
Contract between Londons Wax Museum and Wanganui Council for the loan of 60 wax figures in the Sarjeant Art Gallery WDC 00082:0:33 1957
Contract for erection of gas holder and steel tank by Clayton & Sun Co. and NZ Centennial Exhibition Co. share certificate (170) WDC 00082:0:13 1938
Conveyance Deed between Wellington Province and Wanganui Borough re allocation of Hospital sections (62) WDC 00082:0:23 1874-1875
Copies of lease agreements between Wanganui Harbour Board and Council at Lot H Castlecliff (85) WDC 00082:0:20 1925
Copy of counterpart lease re land on riverbank, Sec 23, Mrs Marianne Hylton to George Frederick Walker, 28 June 1894 (29). WDC 00082:0:12 1894
Copy of Grant of Wanganui College Estate (60) WDC 00082:0:32 1852
Deed of Adjustment (re lands severed) with Counties of Wanganui and Waitotara (142) WDC 00082:0:18 1928
Deed of Adjustment between Kaitoke Road District and Wanganui Borough (41) WDC 00082:0:9 1910
Deed of Adjustment between Purua Road District and Wanganui Borough (50) WDC 00082:0:8 1910
Deed of Adjustment beween Waitotara County and Wanganui Borough (75) WDC 00082:0:7 1909
Deed of Agreement between Wanganui Borough Council and Gonville and Castlecliff Tramway Board 1910 and 1922 (81) WDC 00082:0:4 1910-1922
Deed of Covenant and Supplement Deeds between Mayor and others with Mary Parke re roads footpaths and kerbings (168) WDC 00082:0:38 1915
Deed of Covenant between Trustees of the Wanganui Fire Brigade and Wanganui Borough re section in St Hill St (21) WDC 00082:0:10 1882
Deed of Covenant between Wanganui Council and Main Highways Board re Taylorville Bank (146) WDC 00082:0:29 1928
Deed of covenant Wanganui City Council with Waitotara County Council re Okehu pipeline WDC 00082:0:51 1924
Deeds of Consent and Covenant between Mayor Councillors and Burgesses of Wanganui with Castlecliff Railway Co (133) WDC 00082:0:31 1903-1932
E Rabbidge Ltd Contract for Re-sheeting Gas Holder WDC 00082:0:43 1936
Grant (under Crown Grant Act 1882) to Wanganui County for reserve Guyton Street (40) WDC 00082:0:39 1903
James Alderton gasworks; building of side walls of vertical retort house - Contract and Specifications (97) WDC 00082:0:47 1921
John Strauchan Grant of Land to Borough of Wanganui WDC 00082:0:36 1903
Land Sale Agreement between William Benefield and Wanganui Council on right bank of river WDC 00082:0:22 1956
Memorandum of Grant of Easement part Lot 12 Rangitatau Block Wanganui Corporation to Mary Alexander and others (163). WDC 00082:0:37 1905
Memorandum of transfer by way of easement Wairere Rd Mt View Rd Part Lot 1 DP 21999 Part Section 61 Block V Ikitara Survey District. RM and DM Stieller to Wanganui Corporation. WDC 00082:0:50 1963
Messrs Gibbons Ltd. Deed of Covenant and Contract for vertical retorts work (98) WDC 00082:0:48 1913
National Electrical and Engineering Co. (contracts and agreements) WDC 00082:0:45 1920-1923
Papers in connection with purchase of sections for signal station Durietown WDC 00082:0:16 1875-1877
Report of HC Field re potential government lands for endowment as a borough (2 tracings) (34) WDC 00082:0:26 1879
Resolution passed at special meeting of Wanganui Borough Council re new public highway WDC 00082:0:44 1907
Todd Brothers Grant re drainage at Westmere Lake also Covenant and Release with JC Meyer (183) WDC 00082:0:40 1912-1922
Wanganui Borough Council contracts and arrangements with C Reardon (Gas Producing Plant) (99) WDC 00082:0:46 1920-1921
Wanganui Borough Council Liverpool Street extension special order (plan enclosed) WDC 00082:0:35 1911
Wanganui County Council Deed of Adjustment (74) WDC 00082:0:30 1910
Wanganui Harbour Board Agreement to lease land on right bank of river to Wanganui Council WDC 00082:0:19 1934
Wanganui Public Museum original lease of site (Savage Club) WDC 00082:0:41 1894
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board; Council sale of electrical undertaking WDC 00082:0:42 1924