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WDC 00292
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Assorted unregistered plans on various topics. Includes both flat plans plus some roll plans in boxes.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui Borough/City Council
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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Bastia Hill water tower (26 sheets, mainly blueprints, comprising incomplete set of copies of 168:915 aaf). WDC 00292:0:3 1925
Farm location map of the Wanganui District, produced by Wanganui Jaycee Inc. WDC 00292:0:21 1971
Housing survey plan no 1 (relates to 292:1 survey statements). Large roll plan held in triangular box. WDC 00292:0:16 1938
Housing Survey statements (CN Annabell). Relates to 292:16 - housing survey plan. WDC 00292:0:1 1938
Map of city showing town belt reserves, City Council reserves and properties, domains held by Crown, and trust lands (10 sheets on single board, top sheets torn and discoloured) WDC 00292:0:17 1942
Map of Gonville Town District showing water reticulation WDC 00292:0:18 1912
Map of the settlement of Wanganui New Zealand showing the land purchased from the Wanganui and other tribes as finally completed by Mr McLean May 1848 (photocopy, 2 copies) WDC 00292:0:15 0000
Municipal Chambers and calculation sheets WDC 00292:0:2
Old Town Bridge. Original plans drawn in London, 1869. (c. 4 plans on linen plus three on paper). Roll plans held in triangular box. *RESTRICTED*. WDC 00292:0:11 1869
Plan of Ladies Rest plus letter Town Clerk to Mayor of Tauranga WDC 00292:0:19 1936
Plan of the Town of Petre in the District of Wanganui, traced from very old map of Wanganui. Indistinct date looks like 1848 (photocopy, 2 copies) WDC 00292:0:14 0000
Plan of Wanganui water and drainage system. A Gilmour, Foreman of Works. Shows area within Ingestre St, Riverbank, Taupo Quay, Wilson St and Asylum Road (now Purnell St). Large roll plan held in triangular box. WDC 00292:0:13 1899
Powerhouse and tramway plans WDC 00292:0:5 1912-1922
Proposed new Town Bridge (WG Morrison) WDC 00292:0:8 1952
Reserves - folder of 49 plans (53 sheets). WDC 00292:0:22 1973-1985
Standard survey of Wanganui, city plan 400 (large folder of plans by J Annabell). Also 292:6A - first 2 sheets joined together. Spare copies held separately. WDC 00292:0:6 1883
Town Bridge. Blueprint copies of original 1868 plans as well as 1913 repairs (11 sheets). WDC 00292:0:7 1868-1913
Urban renewal study - folder of 18 plans plus 2 overlays (WCC 3380, TP 260). WDC 00292:0:23 1968
Wanganui 1919 showing parks and open spaces (294). Roll plan held in triangular box. WDC 00292:0:9 1919
Wanganui District Soldiers Memorial Durie Hill - designs by John C Brodie (2 sheets) WDC 00292:0:20
Wanganui East Shopping Centre - folder of plans icluding two photographs (WCC 3666). WDC 00292:0:12 1971
Wanganui Town Bridge plans - prints. Wrapper states "Prints drawn 1898 in Westminister, London". Are copies of original 1869 plans. (10 sheets, including 2 of sheet 3; sheet 4 is missing). Roll plans held in triangular box. WDC 00292:0:10 1869-1898
Wanganui water supply (Okehu Stream bridge plans) WDC 00292:0:4