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Includes some plans from Whangaehu Highway Board which must have been inherited at one stage. Part of this series has been incorporated into the City Council plan series aaf:168, plan no.s 6666-6702, 7588-7639, and 6601-6718 (bridge plans). See also Series 341 Unregistered Maps and Plans.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui County Council [I]
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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7ft road drag WDC 00248:0:33 1925
Airport M.H. deviation (9 sheets) GW Bousfield surveyor WDC 00248:0:188 1949-1954
Alterations to Whangaehu Valley Road; names: Rhodes, Dillon WDC 00248:0:36 1927
Auckland - Wellington highway (Wanganui - Whangaehu) contract 123 showing intersections with Paure Road, Union Line & Warrengate Road WDC 00248:0:124
Auckland - Wellington via Taranaki Highway (12 sheets) Wanganui County Council plans, longitudinal and cross sections from 2 miles 6 chains from GPO Wanganui to the Wangaehu River. Surveyor: LF Rowe WDC 00248:0:112 1929
Concord Line junction with SH No 12; PQ Palmer surveyor WDC 00248:0:245 1957
Concord Line Junction with SH No.12 showing Longitudinal sections for Concord Line and SH 12. PQ Palmer, surveyor WDC 00248:0:247 1957
Creek diversion & filling at boundary between Sections 3 & 2 Block VIII, Mangawhero Survey District, Mangamahu Creek Road. WDC 00248:0:61
Culvert & embankment at Waipakura in the Whangaehu District - SH No.28; Wangaehu Board WDC 00248:0:223 1875
Eastern Line of road LBWR Whangaehu Highway District to be closed under Public Works Act; Block VI Ikitara Survey District; names: Alexander Higgie, Alfred Symes, Mrs MJ Soulby, Jno McGregor. R Garrett surveyor. WDC 00248:0:225 1885
Kaimatira Road Junction with SH 28. PQ Palmer surveyor WDC 00248:0:244 1957
Kaitoke Road District Ikitara Survey District; boundaries: Wanganui River, No.2 Line, Whangaehu River and coastline. WDC 00248:0:210
Kaitoke Road longitudinal & cross sections (2 sheets) WDC 00248:0:86 1922
Kaitoke Road special rating area being Blocks V, VI, IX & X Ikitara Survey District. WDC 00248:0:155
Kaiwhaiki Pa Road, longitudinal & cross sections (3 sheets) PQ Palmer surveyor WDC 00248:0:243 1957
Kaukatea Road No 3 Line, longitudinal and cross sections WDC 00248:0:85 1920
Land to be dedicated as road being part of Church Mission Station part of Putiki Native Reserve Block V Ikitara Survey District, showing junction of Great North Western Road and Mission Street. Annabell & Marchant surveyors. WDC 00248:0:154 1925
Legalised Roads, Putiki Native Reserve WDC 00248:0:76 1906
Legalized roads Putiki Native Reserve WDC 00248:0:54
Makirikiri Valley Road (6 sheets) WDC 00248:0:81
Mangahowhi Road 6-foot track formation to R Neilsons boundary Block 16 Tauakira Survey District (5 sheets) WDC 00248:0:75
Mangamahu - Turakina Cross Road cross sections for contracts 1 & 2 (2 sheets) Wanganui County Council; copies of specifications WDC 00248:0:72 1912
Mangamahu Road Board specification of works Mangamahu Valley Road extension contract & plan of Cross and Longitudinal sections WDC 00248:0:62 1911
Part plan of Longacre Valley Road showing deviation in Section 367 LBWR. Names: Thomas Anderson, Robert Gray. Surveyor: Roland Garrett WDC 00248:0:43 1889
Plan of Access Road Newton Lees Farm settlement Kaitoke, Wanganui (7 sheets) WDC 00248:0:189
Plan of Cross Road Fields Track to Whangaehu Valley Road Blocks X XI & XII Ngamatea Survey District. Surveyor: Wall & Bogle. WDC 00248:0:98 1919
Plan of deviation Bartons Line Block XI Waipakura Survey District showing Ashcrofts deviation. WDC 00248:0:79 1881-1924
Plan of Deviation Wanganui - Airport Highway showing longitudinal & cross-sections; WG2955 WDC 00248:0:159
Plan of land to be acquired for road widening being part Lot 3 DP2870, part Sections 170 & 171 LBWR, showing River Bank Road & bridge over creek. Wall Bogle & Payne, surveyors. WDC 00248:0:145
Plan of land to be taken for Gravel Reserve under PW Act, part Waipakura No.7 Block, Block XV Waipakura Survey District showing Makirikiri Road. AH Bogle surveyor. WDC 00248:0:152 1934
Plan of land to be taken under the Public Works Act for a metal reserve being part of Rangiwaea 4F14D3A Block, Block XIII Karioi Survey District, on Wangaehu River Road. Waimarino Metal Pit. Annabell & Marchant, surveyors WDC 00248:0:141 1923
Plan of Mangawhero Road Block IX Mangawhero Survey District showing junction with Parapara oathe Mangawhero River deviations 1, 2 & 3. Names: WS & GC Glenn, D Ferras, WJ Polson, GC Wells. WDC 00248:0:136
Plan of Morikau Farm road, longtidudinal sections & (cross-sections copy of PWD plan 98193) (11 sheets) WDC 00248:0:131
Plan of Newton Lees Farm Settlement road joining Kaitoke Lake Road & Pauri Road (5 sheets) WDC 00248:0:194 1955
Plan of Okoia and Matarawa Roads showing junction with No2 Line. WDC 00248:0:122
Plan of Otamoa Road and deviations Bartons Line Block VIII Waipakura Survey District; Surveyor: John Annabell. WDC 00248:0:52 1883
Plan of part of Pungataua Block, Block VIII Ngamatea Survey District and Block V Maungakaretu Survey District. EA Marchant surveyor. WDC 00248:0:163 1939
Plan of part of road (Fields Track) through Parapara No. 2 Block, Blocks X & XI Ngamatea Survey District. WDC 00248:0:98 1944
Plan of part of the Wiritoa Estate Number One Line Road also 8 acres of the Paori Lake to be sold by auction 1899 by Messrs FR Jackson. R Garrett, surveyor WDC 00248:0:134 1899
Plan of Parts Lot 21 DP 470 being Part Section 5 LBWR Block V Ikitara Survey District showing part Marybank Road. Wall Bogle & Payne surveyors. WDC 00248:0:165
Plan of parts of Lots 2 and 3 DP 979 Block X Ikitara Survey District LBWR showing Pauri Road. Wall Bogle & Payne surveyors. WDC 00248:0:241 1952
Plan of portion of Wanganui East Borough merged in Wanganui County and included in Mangawhero and Kaukatea Ridings; Block II Ikitara Survey District. WDC 00248:0:161 1912
Plan of proposed deviation of River Bank road Wanganui; name: Dr Grace. R Garrett surveyor WDC 00248:0:233
Plan of proposed subdivision Wicksteed Estate at Fordell; names: T Bamber, Death. Muir & Bogle surveyors WDC 00248:0:232 1912
Plan of road to be closed under Public Works Act 1908, Blocks VIII and IV Ikitara Survey District. Names: Berkley Tyerman & Jane McLeod, C Casey, NJ Bason, William Nielson. AG Muir surveyor. WDC 00248:0:162 1914
Plan of roads to be closed in Blocks VII and VIII Ikitara Survey District. Names: TN Howie, D McGregor, A Burnett, W Duncan. Surveyor: Walls, Bogle & Payne. WDC 00248:0:53
Plan of Sections 23-30 Block X Mangawhero Survey District, Section 2 Kohanga Village & Sections 7, 13, 15 & 16 Mangamahu Village Settlement, Mangawhero Survey District. (SO plans 22864, 23017, 14919 & 13513). WDC 00248:0:157
Plan of subdivision of part Lot 1 DP822 (part Wanganui Harbour Board Endowment) being part of Lot J LBWR; Wall Bogle & Payne, surveyors. WDC 00248:0:151 1933
Plan of subdivision of Part Sections 94, 95, 109, etc LBWR Blocks I & II Ikitara Survey District (DP1867) showing River Bank Road & Kaimatira Road. Dix & Marchant, surveyors. WDC 00248:0:138 1907
Plan of subdivision of Parts of Sections 56-59a, 112 LBWR Blocks VI & VII Ikitara Survey District (2 sheets); surveyor: Dix & Marchant. WDC 00248:0:96 1908