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WDC 00260
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Includes section plans, property plans, survey plans and cadastral maps. See also Series 247 Legal and Survey Plans.

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created by (RiC-R027): Waitotara County Council
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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Brunswick Hall rating area annotated to show names of property owners, boundaries Karemu Stream, Tokomaru East Rd, Katikara Stream, Blueskin Rd WDC 00260:0:18 0000
Data planning map WCC showing Waitotara county/Wanganui city boundary, Otamatea Community boundary Mosston - Springvale - Francis Roads area WDC 00260:0:12 1976
Index map of Waitotara County, annotated to show ridings (large roll plan on batten) WDC 00260:0:23 1921
Lots 1 and 2 being subdivision of Lot 1 DP 53656 and Lot 2 DP 50427 Block II and V Westmere Survey District (Western Line - Westmere Station Road - Great Western Line area) . John Harrison surveyor. WDC 00260:0:5 1985
Maps, District planning for Waitotara County District Scheme WDC 00260:0:20 1957-1963
Maps, Planning Data for Waitotara County District Scheme WDC 00260:0:19 1957-1963
Nukumaru Survey District (cadastral map with registration district boundaries outlined). WDC 00260:0:9 1958
Papaiti Road longitudinal section and cross-sections (3 sheets) WDC 00260:0:11 1971
Photocopy of aerial photograph 3285 C6 Nukumaru RWS WCC showing pipelines. Name: GW Reid WDC 00260:0:14 1982
Plan of Part Kai Iwi Blocks 6F4A2, 6F4A3, 6F6A and Part Section 76 Mowhanau Village and road to be closed, Block XV Nukumaru Survey District. Wall Bogle & Payne surveyors WDC 00260:0:3 1967
Plan of part of the land in plan A/877 being Part Section 122 RBWR Block XIII Waipakura Survey District (parts of Western Road and Brunswick Line) Name: RA Brownlie. Wall Bogle & Payne surveyors. WDC 00260:0:4 1967
Plan of Parts Section 7 Block X, Waipakura Survey District, Raorikia Part B and road to be closed (Kauarapaoa and Mangaiti Roads) Service Harrison Rich & Gilberd surveyors. WDC 00260:0:6 1978
SH3 Hamilton - Woodville via New Plymouth - proposed deviation from Nukumaru to Wanganui - overlay for aerial photographs (2 sheets) WDC 00260:0:13 1965
Survey plan Puketarata 4G nos 1 and 2 Block X Waipakura Survey District (Kauarapaoa Rd area). AG Muir surveyor WD2290. WDC 00260:0:1 1911
Topographical map annotated to show county boundary. 6 maps joined, torn at bottom and edges. Scale 1:63360 (1 inch/mile) WDC 00260:0:24 1965-1967
Unidentified survey plan - diagram to accompany plan 20057 WDC 00260:0:2 0000
Valuation assessment plan 12820 sheet 3 annotated to show names of property owners Nukumaru and Wairoa Survey Districts WDC 00260:0:15 1980
Waipakura Survey District (cadastral map with registration district boundaries outlined). WDC 00260:0:8 1960
Wairoa Survey District (cadastral map with registration district boundaries outlined). WDC 00260:0:10 1957
Waitotara County cadastral map NZMS 15, sheets 1 & 2 joined, annotated to show scenic reserves, public domains & Crown land alongside Wanganui River (outsize plan kept in triangular box). WDC 00260:0:21 1957
Waitotara County cadastral maps NZMS 15 sheets 1 & 2 WDC 00260:0:16 1957
Waitotara County showing ridings, and dates when county and riding boundaries defined and altered (outsize plan kept in triangular box). WDC 00260:0:22 0000
Westmere aerial plan no. 88 sheets 3 and 4. From Wanganui City standard survey. Scale 5 chains/inch (2 sheets). WDC 00260:0:17 1959
Westmere Survey District (cadastral map, annotated) WDC 00260:0:7 1953