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WDC 00251
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Various, covering a wide range of the Board’s activities including harbour and river works, dredging, land holdings and buildings.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wanganui Harbour Board
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Whanganui District Council Archives
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2 survey plans showing the realignment of Karoro Road WDC 00251:0:287 1972
3 plans of Wanganui WDC 00251:0:65
3 Small Plans Lots 1-4 Being Subdivision of Part Lots 1-2 DP 822 Part Lot 1 DP 9954 WDC 00251:0:300
Alterations to house 44 Thatcher Sreet. WDC 00251:0:7 1987
Castlecliff (Survey Plan) WDC 00251:0:99
Castlecliff station yard. Aerial plan showing harbour basin (2 sheets) WDC 00251:0:310 1973
Compiled plan Lot 1 being subdivision of part Lot 1 DP 822. WDC 00251:0:191 1985
Construction Plan of Proposed Reclamation (81/94) WDC 00251:0:208 1983
Copy of Plan Showing Zoning of Wanganui Harbour Board Land Leased to Pitzac WDC 00251:0:149
Customs searching shed Wanganui (fragile) WDC 00251:0:74 1871
De'Ville Contractors Ltd. boat building and repair yard WDC 00251:0:120
District Planning Map City of Wanganui WDC 00251:0:146 1971
Drawing of engineers plan cabinet WDC 00251:0:62
Dredging Plan Port of Castlecliff WDC 00251:0:154 1951
Dredging Plan Port of Castlecliff WDC 00251:0:185
Early plan of Wanganui Township WDC 00251:0:77 1886
Entrance Groyne (offsets for curve) (19/21/2) WDC 00251:0:180
Extension of transit shed No. 3 Wharf WDC 00251:0:44
Floor plan Wanganui Harbour Board Administration Block WDC 00251:0:104
General Maps of Wanganui City (46 sheets) WDC 00251:0:171
Graph of flood in cusecs. WDC 00251:0:92
Graph showing Wanganui population 1891-1921 WDC 00251:0:36 1921
Groyne extension south mole jetty WDC 00251:0:68 1953
Harbour Board Reserve Sedgebook WDC 00251:0:26 1910
Harbour works plan of electric lighting system at Heads WDC 00251:0:41 1916
Harbour works showing berthages, sheds, railway yards, sidings and reserves WDC 00251:0:52 1914
House units Castlecliff WDC 00251:0:10
Kahanui arrangement of steam and exhaust pipes for auxiliaries in pump room WDC 00251:0:311 1926
Kahanui hydrostatic curves - TS Tug no. 121 WDC 00251:0:39 1927
Kahanui pipe arrangement steam exhaust and feed arrangement. *RESTRICTED* WDC 00251:0:313 1926
Kahanui rudder and stern post WDC 00251:0:312
Kirk St elevation/Morrison St elevation (additions/alterations Tenderkist Meats Ltd) WDC 00251:0:134 1978
Land in Block V Ikitara Survey District taken for purpose of a rifle range. WDC 00251:0:50
Landguard Battery Reserve WDC 00251:0:21 1932
Large photo plan of Castlecliff (2) WDC 00251:0:173
Large Plan of Castlecliff WDC 00251:0:190
Loading hoppers conversion to mobile unit final arrangement elevations Wanganui Harbour Board (5 Sheets) WDC 00251:0:166
Locality Plan WDC 00251:0:124
Longitudinal Section on line (279) WDC 00251:0:94
Map of New Zealand Showing Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone WDC 00251:0:160
Map of Wanganui and suburbs WDC 00251:0:34
Modifications to Wanganui Harbour Board pontoon for servicing Waipipi Iron Sand anchors WDC 00251:0:125 1973
Modifications to Wanganui Harbour Board pontoon for servicing Waipipi Iron Sand anchors (404) WDC 00251:0:127
Modifications to Wanganui Harbour Board pontoon for servicing Waipipi Iron Sand anchors (427) WDC 00251:0:126
New fish processing factory for M. Boaler Castlecliff Wharf WDC 00251:0:117 1981
Outline Plan Proposed Pilot Launch Wanganui Harbour Board WDC 00251:0:175
Part Wanganui Harbour Board Endowment Block J LBWR (6/4/5) WDC 00251:0:234
Part Wanganui Harbour Board Endowment Block J LBWR (6/4/6) WDC 00251:0:235
Photocopy motor drive for engine WDC 00251:0:60
Photographic Plans of Castlecliff WDC 00251:0:114