What's New at Archives Central

Archives Central has undertaken a full redevelopment of its digital repository. Continuing our open-source roots, we have migrated from Kete to the Islandora8 framework and are utilising other open-source services with a large, international pool of developers.

New features of the Archives Central site include:

  • Mobile and tablet-friendly platform;
  • Advanced search functionality that returns relevant items. These can be filtered according to Council, Record, Content and Media type and Date Range;
  • Easy browsability via listings for Agents, Accessions, Series and Records. These can be accessed at any point via the mustard-coloured ribbon at the top of the site;
  • A modern, web-based viewer for digitised items via OpenSeaDragon. Better viewing and crystal-clear images are maintained via Cantaloupe dynamic image server;
  • The creation of a new ontology via the Records in Contexts Conceptual Model (RiC-CM);
  • To better exploit RiC-CM, a dedicated Triplestore database utilising; Blazegraph has been created, allowing a range of relations to be built between Agents, Series and Records over time and convey the benefits of Linked Data and the Semantic Web;
  • Updated licensing via the use of Creative Commons 4.0 and Rights Statements.

Over time, Archives Central will add further features and platforms in order to empower users 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us here.