World War One and Council Commitments

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title slide showing portion of handwritten letter
handwritten letters from early 19th century with staff photograph in background
collage of letters with poster of Earl Kitchener and photograph of the Marton Carnegie Library
collage of letters to and from Archibald Valentine Brown, Deputy County Clerk of Rangitikei County Council
letters from the New Zealand Prime Minister and Commemoration Pamphlet from Dannevirke
Letters from Manawatu Patriotic Society and fund raising organisations next to a list of Patriotic Societies in the region
Extracts from minutes and letters to and from Councils and constituents regarding the loss of loved ones
New Zealand Post Office Telegraphs announcing the armistice of World War One with a souvenir program of the Marton Peace Celebrations
Photograph of the Weraroa Memorial Gates, the Feilding Fallen Soldiers Memorial and a list of memorials constructed in the region

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